How to make a Frozen Crown

We are really loving the Minc Machine by Heidi Swapp. And just like almost everyone in the world my girls love the movie Frozen so when my told my little girl Millie that  I was going to use the Minc Machine to make her a Frozen crown she was really excited.Frozen Crown 7

I used….

1. Minc Starter Kit

2. Dotted paper from the Heidi Swapp collection

3.Teal Reactive Foil for the crown


4. Teal Washi Tape

5. Scissors or a cutting machine

You can either cut out your own snowflake and add a plain strip of paper in order to make the headband part to go around the head or you can do what I did and you can use a Silhouette Cutting Machine to cut out the crown. Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 12.08.53 AM

From there it’s very simple. I heated the Min Machine to a 4 and then I sent the already cut crown through the machine. Frozen Crown 2

I did use so washi tape to make sure it would stay together.Frozen Crown 6

How easy was that. My girl totally love them and they were excited that they could make their very own crowns. Frozen Crown 5

Frozen Crown 4

How to make a frozen crown 8

If you don’t already have a Minc Machine you should get one, it is such a fun machine to have.

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