Boutique Rugs BEST DISCOUNT CODE & Review!


You know how passionate we are about rugs and their ability to elevate any room! We are always switching things up and looking for new ways to bring a fresh design to the space we are working on.

We just did an amazing reveal for Mallory’s entry which made me want to give a little love to mine as well! The easiest and best way to switch up a room is with a brand new rug.

All of the options are from Boutique Rugs which we have been LOVING! Their selection is and prices are unbelievable and we are so excited to be working with them! They gave us an amazing discount code to share with you – use code CLASSY55 for 55% off your rug! YES, MORE THAN HALF OFF!

Savannah’s Rug:



Rug corners / Grip Tape

Double sided tape

Here are a couple of our favorite neutral rugs from Boutique Rugs




They have SO many amazing rugs on their site so pop over and check them out and use CLASSY55 for 55% OFF! HUGE savings with our code!

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  1. I love everything about you all just amazing best friends. Such a special friendship you all have.♥️
    I also love how the projects are heartfelt- the wall you did in butterflies because of your sister. just made me cry and the nursery’s you did for your cousin .

    Love all the rugs but love #3

  2. I had a hard time deciding between #1 and #3, but I’ve finally decided that I like #1 the best! The black in it makes everything else in the entryway pop! So pretty!!

  3. Definitely love rug #1 very much my style! I hope I win, I’ve never won anything before and this would go perfect in my new home!

  4. I am loving on rug #3! It just exudes that “homey” comforting feel with the hints of black to tie in the frames and door. But truly it’s such a beautiful space already that any of these rugs will just be perfect! Can’t wait to see which one you get! ?

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