Totally Inspired Monday by Savannah

This past week and a half or so my hubby has been very, very busy redoing the front yard. My hubby redid the sprinkler system and laid sod (I will be showing a before and after post of the yard later this week) We did not do a planter box, but after the sod went in, the husband and I knew it was missing something. We need more color. I have been on the look out for a great planter window box, but I have not had luck. So I have been inspired to do make my own check out a few DIY planters I have found.

I already went to Home Depot to find the right supplies and they don’t carry the lumber I want in stock. So this week its my goal to add some color to my front yard one way or another. I am excited to share my new yard with all of you. 
It’s all about the curb appeal!

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