My Best Purchases of 2020! | Amazon & More!

It was so fun to put this post together! I went through all of my Amazon purchases and previous blog posts to find my top purchases of 2020! These are some of my favorite items that I discovered this year and would buy over and over again!

  • Tool Free Hangers – These are AMAZING! You just push them into the wall and hang your photo!
  • Rug Corners – I have these on every rug in my house. You need these!
  • Upholstery Cleaner – Pets and kids have taken a toll on my furniture! This gets stains out sooo easily. Must have!

Snack Container

I have been prepping snacks in here for my kids for ready, healthy options! They LOVE this and so do I!

The Frame TV + My new Deco Frame!

I have had my frame TV for 2 years but my new frame is from a company I learned about this year – Deco Frames! How amazing is this gold frame around my TV?!

And yes, this is my family television! If you have any questions about the frame and how it works – check out this post I did all about The Frame TV!

You can use the code CLASSYCLUTTER for a discount on your frame!

Echo Show

These are a must have in my house! All of my kids have them and use them as alarms. There a neat feature where you can “drop in” to another room with an Echo Show. When my kids are doing their online classes, I can “drop in” to check on them. They also use it to video chat with family!

Affordable Converse!

Need I say more?

Painting Tools

Painting just got a WHOLE lot easier with these two new tools! This paint sprayer is cordless and is the best of the best. We have used a million sprayers and this one wins for sure!

The edger is less than $5 and means less taping! I’m ALL IN on this one.


  • Game Organizer – I put alll of our family board games on these. I love them so much and they save so much space.
  • Tree Storage Bag – All of my trees go in these bags to keep them safe and accessible for next year.

Art Light

I used these in my house and my sister’s house this year for an elevated look! Another Amazon find that I LOVE!

Hair Waver

This is such a fun way to style your hair. I’ve had this tool for months and it has become one of my most used hair tools!

Red Aspen Nails

This has been a GAME CHANGER this year! $13 manicures that last 1-2 weeks?! I haven’t been to the salon all of 2020!

Weighted Blanket

I’ve tested them all and I can’t be without this weighted blanket! Don’t waste your dollars on other blankets before you try this one!

My Favorite Rugs!

Both of these rugs are now staples in my home!

You can use the code CLASSY60 for 60% off both of these rugs!

Leopard Rug

Paisley Rug

What were your best purchases of 2020? Tell me in the comments!


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    Nisha Batel
    January 25, 2021 at 12:52 am

    Wow! really a helpful Blog. Thanks for sharing it.

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    A Web Revolution
    February 19, 2021 at 12:31 am

    How amazing is this gold frame around my TV?!

    And yes, this is my family television!

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