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Hey everyone! It’s Courtney from Paperelli and I am beyond excited to share these back to school printables with you. Summer is coming to a close and school is just around the corner. Preparing to go back to school should be fun and easy!


8 adorable (and totally useful!) Back to School Printables -

Thinking back to my school days, my absolute favorite part of going back to school was school shopping. Who doesn’t love brand new fall clothes and a fresh stack of unused school supplies? Make your back to school shopping a little simpler with this organized Back to School Checklist.

Back to School Printable - Checklist


Another great way to get the kids excited to go back to school is by getting them involved in planning school lunches. I remember eyeing the food in the fridge and pantry that we were supposed to save for school. Knowing that the food was off limits, except for school lunches, made me even more excited for school to start!

Check out these school lunch food labels I made for you. Perfect labels to help your children remember what foods they can and cannot eat and keep them excited for school lunch making time.

Back to School Printable - School Lunch Labels


This next printable is not only fun, but also makes those crazy school mornings a little less crazy. I have designed for you these days of the week clothing labels. Laying out school outfits the night before, or even the week before can help save you from rummaging through drawers and laundry baskets on Monday morning looking for a matching outfit.

Back to School Printables - School Clothes Tags


Needing to send money to school with the kids feels like a weekly occurrence. No more worrying about the money getting lost in their backpacks. Keep it simple and teach the kiddos to stay organized with these school money labels. Toss the label in a sandwich bag, staple to an envelope, or paste directly to dollar bill (haha, just kidding!) Then, just toss it in their backpacks or homework folder and you’re all set!

Back to School Printable - School Money Tags


Back to School Silly Stories is the final back to school printable and my possibly the most fun. Enjoy some playtime with the kids and get their creative juices flowing. Fill out these “silly stories” about their school and teacher, then watch them giggle as you read them out loud.

Back to School Printables - Silly Stories


I hope you all have a great rest of your summer and a fun and easy transition back to school!

Thank you Courtney for sharing your amazing printables with us! Savannah and I both have little ones starting Kindergarten and Preschool this year so these are SO perfect! Don’t forget to check out Courtney’s Etsy shop, Paperelli and follow her on Instagram, and Pinterest!

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  1. I can only access the shopping checklist link. The rest say page not found or open a blank page. I could really use these this fall too! Thanks. 🙂

  2. I LOVE these ideas for organizing before school starts. It’s great to get the kids involved too. Awesome ideas!

  3. I love the “Please Do Not Eat” sign for in the fridge! If only I could get the husband to obey that one! 😉

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