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Well, hello! I’m super excited to share my super girly, pink, gold, sparkly office nook with you today. I decided I really needed a space in my craft room to sit and work. I needed a space that was “me” and that was somewhat secluded from the rest of the house. Well, we are moving in a few months so I didn’t want to buy any office furniture since we will likely be getting rid of most of our large furniture items prior to the move. I really didn’t want to buy something only to have to sell it or donate it in a few months.  I decided to use these two Target stools and a sheet of 2×4′ melamine I had lying around to make a little desk. The melamine is super heavy so it doesn’t slide around on top. I may secure it with some velcro stickers or some rubber furniture pads, just in case.

Gold Confetti Wall

Remember, my craft studio is my unfinished basement so the walls and floors aren’t exactly pretty. I knew I could disguise it enough to make it cute. At least the walls are white and the floor is painted grey. It makes for a decent space even though it gets really cold down there in the winter. Nothing a space heater can’t handle though. 😉

I cut some vinyl polka dots (available in my Etsy shop) I used the 1.5″ dots in Gold Metallic Vinyl. I made the banner out of some ribbon and hung it up to help disguise the uneven wall.

Pink Bookcase

I painted this laminate bookcase about a year and a half ago and it has held up remarkably well. You can find out how to paint laminate furniture here.

Filing boxes

Next I needed some organization. These boxes are full of my kids’ memorabilia. We save “special” coloring pages, art work, pictures etc. I have one for each kid and go through and downsize what is really “special” every few months or so. I used white ikea boxes and painted the hardware gold with a gold sharpie paint pen and added vinyl stripes and dalmatian spots. Straight up, Cruella Deville style.

Computer Desk

I used some gold foil washi tape to spruce up my desktop calendar. Gold. Foil. Washi. < The stuff that dreams are made of. They have it at Target, guys. Get some.

Pink and Gold Office Nook

I shopped my house to dress up my desk space with a lamp, chair, picture frames etc. I really love how it turned out. It’s totally “Mallory” and perfect for what I need right now.

Be sure to check out the rest of my craft space here. 

Mallory Bombshell Sig

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  1. Love it! You sure know how to glam up a basement into such a beautiful place. How nice to have your own private retreat to create! Do you know if hardware stores sell sheets of melamine? I’d love to get some to make a cutting table. Thanks for sharing

  2. Get out of here! I refuse to believe this is really a space in someone’s home, and not a staged scene at a store because it is BEAUTIFUL. Totally pinning this for inspiration for when I move this summer! Thank you!!


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