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F*R*I*E*N*D*S!  Why you ask?? Confession: I. am. Obsessed.
 I own every season/episode!  Crazy? Maybe. Perfection? Yes! (“Because for me.. gum is perfection!”) Okay, I’ll stop. 😉
See that amazing, fun, bright, colorful, french painting behind Rachel… ahem… I mean Jennifer Aniston?  This hung in Monica and Rachel’s apartment on the hit sitcom FRIENDS! Do you watch FRIENDS? Do you looooove it?? Phoebe refers to this as “the french poster with nothing coming out of it”. Any idea why? If you do know, we can be best friends forever! 
Since as long as I can remember, I have LOVED that painting and thought that one day I should have it in my home.  
That day has come! 
My sweet hubby bought me the print for my birthday! SAWEET!!!! One of the zillion reasons I LOVE that man! 
The issue arose… How on Earth/where can I get a GIANT and I mean GIANT frame for it and not cost me a gillion dollars!?!? It is 48×52″ for crying out loud! I searched Michaels, HL, Walmart… and even with coupons, it was gonna cost me… well… A LOT!!! 
Then I thought, why don’t I just make a frame?? So I loaded up my little ones and headed to the Home Depot for some supplies. 
I started with some particle board cut to size of my painting
Then, my partner in crime Savannah and I Mod Podged it onto the board! I was nervous about putting the Mod Podge on the paper but it worked really well. 
Then I took some basic moulding like this…
Spray painted it black with this… 
….but I used a Satin sheen. I’m not a fan of flat paint. I hardly EVER use it.
Then Savannah’s dear husband nailed the moulding to the board with his handy dandy nail gun and it was done!
You can see how it all comes together here. I will be painting the side of the board black to match but I am still deciding if I need a chunkier frame!
“I like em BIG… I like em CHUNKY!” Name that movie. It’s my 2 year olds favorite movie of all time! haha!
So… this has become my inspiration for my living/ room decor. I love the colors and pretty much, well everything about it! The only issue is trying to make the rest of the space as awesome as this picture! 🙂 Any ideas/input would be great!!!!
Jouets means “Toys” in French or so I am told. This was painted to be a sign for a french toy store. I AM IN L.O.V.E. 🙂 Let’s count how many times I’ve said “love” in this post. Whoops!
Are you a FRIENDS fan?? Do you like how my picture turned out?? I don’t hate comments – hehe! 🙂
I’m linking up to the CSI Project Challenge!

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  1. I also have ALL the seasons of FRIENDS and I love them and for the LIFE OF ME I cannot remember the name of the woman coming out of the picture that you are referencing! I am going to have to watch from episode 1 until I find it!!!

    I love your picture…could it BE any more amazing?

  2. Phoebe says it because she is giving Monica a picture of “Gladys” a half a girl dummy coming out of the frame… Rachel says she should put “Gladys where the French poster is” and Monica says she likes the poster and Phoebe says “But theres nothing coming out of it”

    Did you know you can buy replicas of the stuff in the apartment :

  3. Oh and I like how your picture turned out but I am gonna have to say a bigger chunkier frame would look awesome!! =)

  4. Oh, I think we might be F.R.I.E.N.D.S soul mates. I too have every season on DVD. And yes, gum would be perfection if you were “some guy” stuck in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre.

  5. PS: Did you know they removed the poster and stuck the camera through the open space to get shots of the kitchen?

  6. Love it…beautiful project.

    But…It would probably make more of an impact with a bigger, chunkier frame…but, wait until you find moulding on the cheap…it’s not that big of a deal, and really looks great as it is!

  7. I absolutely LOVE Friends too, and it drives my boyfriend crazy! LOL I love what you did with the frame, excellent idea!

  8. I am a first-time reader and this post really spoke to me. YES, I definitely know whay Phoebe said that…ha ha, classic! My sister and I always joke that everything in life relates to “friends.” We are always able to quote it no matter what the situation is. Anyway, the print is amazing! All you need now is a frame on your peep hole and you’ll be all set. “It’s not that common, it doesn’t happen to all guys, and it IS a big deal!” Ha ha. I love that one 🙂

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