DIY Gold Foil Teacher Gift

DIY Gold Foil Teacher Gift

Minc 1

Hey friends! I am super excited to share this cute little teacher’s gift idea with you today! Since the school year is ending so soon (PS. How did that even happen??) I wanted to create a super cute little gift for my daughter’s teacher.

If you haven’t heard of Heidi Swapp’s Minc machine… A. You will DIE when you see what it does. B. You need to stop what you’re doing after you read this post 😉 and go buy one… like yesterday! and C. You will likely gold foil everything you can get your hands on.

First, I’ll tell you a little about this magical machine. You know we like to keep you in the know, right? The Minc Foil Applicator is really reasonably priced, especially because of it’s capabilities. The machine itself is $149.00, the foil is $9.99 and the accessories range from $2.99 – $12.99. The Minc Foil Applicator and accessories are available at Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann, as well as locally owned craft stores and online shops. The Minc is a pretty light weight and compact. It measures about 19.5” x 5” so it doesn’t take a ton of storage space which is great if your craft space is lacking storage, right? Here are a few of the features of what it does.

    • Ability to accept a 12” wide sheet
    • Four pressure rollers (most laminators have two) to evenly distribute pressure across a 12×12 surface.
    • A heating element that covers the entire 12”, as opposed heat focused at the outer edges (also common in every day laminators)
    • Adjustable heat settings that allows for foil transfer on sensitive materials like vellum, all the way to more robust chipboard and even thin wood veneer.

Now I’ll show you what I did to create this super cute gold foil print in my own home.


Minc Foil Applicator and Starter Kit 

Minc Transfer Folder

Minc Foil in Gold 

Laserjet Printer – **NOTE** It will not work with an InkJet printer.

Printable – You can make these on PicMonkey, Photoshop or similar editing software

Gift Card and Chocolate (optional but you should do it! 😉 )

First, you’ll want to print off your design on a laser printer.

Minc 2

Take your print and apply the foil over the entire part that you want to be foiled. Place it in the Transfer folder and run it through your machine. Setting 3 or 4 should work well on this project.

Minc 3

Once it is complete, remove the folder and the left over foil and your design is completely foiled. Wait, pause. Can we just rewind and see how easy that was to make a GOLD (!!!) foil print at home!? Okay, carry on!

Minc 4

See how the foil is applied as I peel it back? Am-a-zing!

Minc 5

I can’t believe it took a semi-boring black and white print to incredibly glam in like 2 minutes!

Minc 6

Minc 7

I paired this print with a gift card and some chocolate to real spoil our teacher! She deserves it!

Minc 8

Minc 9

Hope you’ll try it out! Check out Heidi’s demo of the machine!

Minc 10

We have a few more projects lined up with this beauty so get one and play along with us!

Much Love sign-2

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