Easy Gift Idea: Embroidery Hoop Quote Hanger

Do you love quotes and inspirational sayings as much as I do? Quotes that can make a person smile, pick someone up, or power them up for a super-charged day are the perfect things to use as gifts for friends and family! Hoop Quote Gifts are simple to make, interchangeable, and will make anyone smile.

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It’s Melanie from Reasons To Skip The Housework, and I am so thrilled to be posting here for Mallory and Savannah. I am a total blog stalker of these girls and am honored to be here, sharing some of my own ideas with you. There are so many gift ideas you can use for special people in your life, but these Hoop Quote Gifts can be made in no time and they’ll make just about anyone smile!

Hoop Quote GiftsMaterials:

Embroidery Hoops

Fun Fabric

Baker’s Twine

Mini Clothespins

Quote Cards (I used stickers that I found in the scrapbooking/planner aisle)

Fun cardstock

Embroidery hoops are only a few bucks at the craft store, and you can use any fabric you have to make your Hoop Quote Gifts.

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To pull apart the embroidery hoops, unscrew the top brace until you can pull the inner ring apart from the outer ring. Hoop Quote Gifts 004

Once the hoops are apart, place the fabric right side up over the inner ring. Place the baker’s twine where you want it on the fabric, then, place the outer ring on top of the inner ring, and put the screw back in and tighten it up. As you tighten, keep the fabric taut and pull all of the wrinkles out.

Hoop Quote Gifts 005
Once you have the screw tight, flip over the hoop and cut off the excess fabric. Hoop Quote Gifts 006

Hoop Quote Gifts 007Once your hoops are ready, you’ll need to get your quotes ready. I found mine in the planner section at Michael’s. They are meant for the life planners, but they’re perfect for this project since they’re stickers and they were cute shapes!

Hoop Quote Gifts 008

Hoop Quote Gifts 009

I stuck a few of my favorite quotes onto fun scrapbook paper, then cut the stickers, leaving a small a paper background!

Hoop Quote Gifts 011


Hoop Quote Gifts 012

You can use mini clothespins to add them to your hoops, and the cool part is, you can customize each of your Hoop Quote Gifts for the person you’re gifting them to. Add one or add ten, and you’ve got great Hoop Quote Gifts to give to all of your loved ones.

Hoop Quote Gifts


Hoop Quote Gifts 030

Hoop Quote Gifts 025


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Hoop Quote Gifts really are a perfect gift to make someone’s day happy – and they’re simple and inexpensive to make. Who wouldn’t love a reminder that today is a perfect day to be happy?

Come visit me at Reasons To Skip The Housework for so many more reasons to leave the dishes dirty a little bit longer! Maybe you need ideas for Handmade Gifts for Kids or you might just be inspired by these Snowman Cookies for your cookie exchange party!

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  1. I just love this idea! So easy and can totally work in any space just by changing out the fabrics to make it work. I think I have a new project to decorate my office with! Thanks for sharing this wonderful tutorial.

  2. I am also not a fan of buttercream frosting and always substitute for a cream cheese frosting. I’ll always use the buttercream recipe add-ins though. Love this idea and am excited to see what comes next.

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