Couples Halloween Costumes

Every Year I try to find an awesome couples costume and I find myself looking very very early on in the season. Here are a few of my favorites so far!





Ken and Barbie photo-8-768x1024

Col. Sanders and Chicken


Hunter and Her trophy


Pac Man


Old People


Lego Men





Circus Master and Giraffe



Sophia Grace and Rosie



Where’s Waldo and Carmen San Diego


Wreak it Ralph and Sergeant Calhoun


Cruella Deville and her pups

Couples Halloween Costumes

Do you know what you are going to be yet?… My costume for this year is already in the works and I cant wait to share all the details about you!

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10+ DIY Fall Wreaths

Fall is only 12 days away! Time to kiss summer goodbye and get ready for the BEST season of the year. There’s just something so special about the leaves changing and the holiday season. To get you ready, I’m sharing some of my favorite DIY Wreath Ideas!
11 beautiful Fall Wreath ideas
Which one is your favorite!?!
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Wickedly Awesome Halloween Printables

Halloween Printables by Paperelli for Classy Clutter

The air is getting colder and I can totally feel FALL coming! It’s Courtney here, from Paperelli, sharing some Wickedly Awesome Halloween Printables that will help you and your family make the most of your Halloween season. I love Halloween, since it’s on the very last day of the month,

I have plenty of time to decorate and get the kids excited for trick or treating! I have created this wicked fun countdown to get your little princesses, ghosts, and super heroes ready for the big day! Just download, print, & use your favorite washi tape, chalk or paint marker to mark off the days.

Chalkboard Halloween Countdown Printable


I just love this next printable, an adorable mini “Boo” banner to put wherever you please! It would look perfect hanging on your favorite fall wreath, the wall, your front door, or the corner of any frame. All you need to do is download the printable here, print, cut, hole punch & hang on your favorite twine! I would love to see what you do with your Boo Banner Printable. Tag me on Instagram @PaperelliDesigns and show me how you used yours!


My kids would probably agree with me when I say that Trick or Treating is the best part of Halloween. Even though my three year old gets more candy than he could ever need in his lifetime. Enjoy this Trick or Treat printable for framing and adding to your Halloween décor.

Halloween Printable - Halloween Sign


Have you ever heard of the You’ve Been Boo’d tradition? It’s a wonderful way to spread some Halloween cheer to your neighbors and friends. My family loved ding dong ditching Halloween treats and surprising our neighbors.

You've Been Boo'd


Halloween is totally coming and I am counting down the days! What part of Halloween are you most excited for?

Thanks for sharing Courtney! We are obsessed with these darling Halloween Printables!

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Faux Cross-Stitch Skull and Crossbones Halloween Art

Hi friends! While I play catch up on life, after having the baby and having some huge projects in the works, we’ve invited some guest bloggers to share their talents with us a few times this month! Please welcome Shelly from Dolen Diaries today!

Faux Cross Stitch Skull & Cross Bones Art {Dolen Diaries for Classy Clutter}

Hello Classy Clutter readers! I’m Shelly from Dolen Diaries where I share my love of all things creative! I had the pleasure of meeting Mallory and Savannah at SNAP! last April at a table full of boy mamas! I have 3 boys who adore Halloween. My middle son, Ash, loves the creepy, scary stuff and me not so much. I’m always looking for the balance of cool boy and mama pleasing Halloween. I think I hit the mark with this Faux Cross Stitch Skull and Cross Bones Art!

I adore this cute {I mean tough} sweatshirt I got at Target for my little guy. Doesn’t the skull & cross bones look happy!?! The boys all thought he looked cool so he was the perfect inspiration piece for some Halloween wall art.

First, I placed a piece of parchment paper over the sweatshirt and traced the skull and cross bones with a pencil.

Here’s my completed tracing.

Second, I cut out the skull and cross bones to create a template.

*Little tip! Did you know that Hobby Lobby carries black canvases? Instead of buying a white one and painting it black you can just get one of these! Love it when you can skip a step!

Arrange your skull and cross bones on your canvas & trace around the templates.

Now you’re ready to start faux cross stitching!

Draw small x’s with a silver Sharpie.

Faux Cross Stitch Skull & Cross Bones Art {Dolen Diaries for Classy Clutter}

Fill in between the lines with lots of little x’s.

Faux Cross Stitch Skull & Cross Bones Art {Dolen Diaries for Classy Clutter}

It only takes a minute or two to fill in the skull and cross bones. Isn’t he glamourous and cool!?!

Faux Cross Stitch Skull & Cross Bones Art {Dolen Diaries for Classy Clutter}

All of my boys {the Mr. included} love our new Faux Cross Stitch Skull and Cross Bones Art!

Faux Cross Stitch Skull & Cross Bones Art {Dolen Diaries for Classy Clutter}

I’ll add a few more Halloween touches to this shelf over the next couple week so pop on over to Dolen Diaries to check it out! Thanks SO much for having me girls!

Thanks so much for sharing this cool artwork with us Shelly! Be sure hop on over to Shelly’s blog and check out her other projects!


Boo! Halloween Framed Decor

Boo! Halloween Framed Decor

Hi friends!  It’s Katie from Made to be a Momma here again! I just love visiting popping over here at Classy Clutter :) Now that the kids are back to school I wanted to share a fun and SUPER simple halloween idea!  I don’t do the whole crazy creepy decor.  I’m more of a Casper the friendly ghost type of girl :)  This framed art is so fun and adds a fun touch to any mantel, dresser or shelf!



Burlap scapbooking paper ( I found some at Joann in the scrapbooking section)

Black letter stickers


All you need to do is cut your back piece of polka dot burlap the size of your frame.  I then cut a smaller piece of plain burlap and glued it to the top of the polka dot piece.  I then added the letters B-O-O-! and put it in my frame!  Isn’t it so fun?!  Do you keep it simple for halloween or do you go all out crazy?!


This is so cute Katie! I’m not into scary decor either, I much prefer a cutesy Halloween!

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Front Porch Decor for Fall – BD Design Blog

Hi Classy Clutter readers! I’m Brandy from BD Design, a lifestlye blog filled with DIY projects, home decor ideas, thrift store makeovers, and anything else that inspired me! I’m so excited to be sharing a colorful tablescape for Fall that incorporates my FAVORITE materials:
leather, lace, wood, and gold chains.
I have to admit that my front porch usually gets the decorating shaft when fall rolls around. I don’t know why but it just does. So this year I made it a point to deck out my porch with beautiful fall colors and fun textures.
Right now I’m loving the trend of mixing different textiles and colors together. I am a fan of juxtaposition-essentially creating contrast with materials that don’t necessarily at first glance go together! This was my inspiration behind all of the materials used in this project. It’s where HARD meets SOFT.

– a stained wooden crate. I used Jacobean from Minwax

– a gold chain (I found a spool of it in the ribbon section at my craft store)

– faux leather stripes

– pretty lace and ribbon in fall colors

– mini chalkboard

After fastening the mini chalkboard to the gold chain, I nailed 2 nails on each side of the crate for the chain to attach to. Isn’t that SO cute? I’m in love with this crate and all of its possibilities! Think Christmas time using sparkly ornaments or pine cones!!

You can totally be creative on how you incorporate your materials. I hot glued the faux leather to the bales of hay and used double sided tape on the candlestick. I want to be able to use it again without the leather :)

I mixed the pretty ribbon and burlap pieces throughout the whole table.

For the table runner, I just used strips of burnt orange burlap! Easy…easy! I love the rich color the burlap brings. Using the fruit adds the perfect pops of color and texture to your table which makes it more interesting! Yes, my door is purple and I love it, especially for fall and Halloween! But come November 1st, it will be getting a little makeover :)

Thanks Mallory and Savannah for having me over on your blog today! I have been a long time reader so this was a blast!!

Thanks so much for sharing your cute front porch with us Brandy! Be sure to follow Brandy on her blog BD Design Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter.


Chalkboard Menu Planner

Hello! It’s Carrie, visiting again from Lovely Etc. I have a project to share with you today that I have been needing to make for sooo long.

chalkboard paint menu planner


There is pretty much nothing I hate more than coming home from work and realizing that I don’t have any idea what we are going to have for dinner. By five o’clock on a week day, my brain is fried.

I can pretty much guarantee that any decision made at that point in time is going to be a bad decision. One that involves way too many calories and way too much money spent on an extra trip to the grocery store that I didn’t feel like making to begin with.

The really crazy part is that I actually do plan ahead before doing the grocery shopping for the week. I plan what we will have for dinner and make a shopping list and everything. But by the end of the week, I am wracking my poor exhausted brain trying to remember what I actually bought at the store and why and it isn’t pretty.

So it was more than time for a menu planner in the kitchen. I am in the middle of putting together a command center in our kitchen and this little menu planner is the first step.

I started with a hardboard clipboard. Mine has a little extra patina because it was a Goodwill find, but you can also get these anywhere that sells office supplies for just a couple of bucks.


hardboard clipboard


I painted the clipboard after carefully taping off the metal part with painter’s tape. I definitely wanted to use chalkboard paint, but instead of using regular black chalkboard paint, I went with a turquoise chalkboard paint that I am loving. (Did you guys know you can get chalkboard paint in pretty much any color? There are even recipes to make your own but I went with this kind which comes premixed.)


chalkboard clipboard


Once the paint was dry, I added a title – Let’s Eat! I drew the lettering on myself and then painted it in using a paint marker. You can also print out the words in your favorite font and then transfer them to the clipboard using a pencil. (You may want to check out these simple instructions for transferring something.)


painting a clipboard

For the days of the week, I glued some old metal scrapbooking letters I had onto the side of my clipboard. The letters I used aren’t available anymore, but there are tons of options in the scrapbooking section of your local crafts store. Or just paint on the days of the week using your paint marker.

chalkboard clipboard menu planner


Before you start using it, be sure to rub a piece of chalk all over the chalkboard paint and then wipe it off. You need to do this no matter what type of chalkboard paint you use to prepare the chalkboard for chalk.


Turquoise chalkboard menu planner


Lets Eat -menu planner


Then all that’s left is actually using it! This baby is going to be hanging on the wall in our kitchen very soon. I’m actually kind of excited about meal planning this week – and I’m pretty sure that’s the first time I have ever said that!


Wow, this is so smart and so cute Carrie! I despise meal planning too! What a great solution!

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Painted Paint Swatch Placemats

They say the first sign of an addiction is when you don’t even realize the severity of your condition. Folks… I think I’m there. My name is Charlotte (from Ciburbanity) and I’m an ombre-aholic. It’s gotten so bad that when I planned these paint swatch placemats, I didn’t even realize that they were teeecccchnically in the ombre category (duh). Well nevertheless, I love them. And I’m doing a little happy dance to share it with you lovely Classy Clutter readers!

Paint Swatch Placemats title

There are so many fun things you can do with ACTUAL paint swatches. Like here and here and here. But I love that this is a totally practical and easy way to decorate your table AND keep the dinner-time wreckage to a minimum. (Placemats for the win, amiright?)

placemat materials


  • canvas painter’s drop cloth
  • fabric glue
  • paint (pick the swatch you like, and get one sample pot per color)
  • thin tape (I used a waterproof floral tape)
  • Polycrylic to seal the paint and give the placemats some sheen for easier cleaning
  • iron

Decide what size you want your placemats and cut them at least 1/2″ larger to allow for the fold-over edges. Iron your edges and glue according to the directions. (I used fabric glue so squeezed a line of glue, let it sit for a few minutes, and folded down the edges.)

folded edge

glued edge

Divide your placemat into quadrants and tape off each section. (Or into fifths if you select a paint swatch with five colors!) Make sure to really rub in your tape edges here… you want those lines to be crispity crisp.

floral tape

pressing tape edges

I used cheap ol’ foam brushes for this, but anything will do… just be careful around those tiny little tape lines. Tip… I didn’t paint my colors in order because I didn’t want to be worried about painting over wet edges. Don’t be alarmed if your placemats get all wrinkled with the paint… they’ll flatten out with the Polycrylic!

paint foam brush

first stripes placemat

wrinkled placemats

Once these were dry, I went over the front and the back with 2+ coats of Polycrylic to help seal them.

placemats scattered

placemats table set

It’s that simple! From now on, I will be paint swatching everything… ombre is SO last month. And the month before that. But I’m totally over it.

paint swatch placemats

(Psst… I made those napkins a few weeks ago and they’re even EASIER than the placemats! Promise!)

These are soooo cool! You know how much we love paint and paint swatches!

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How to sew a pillow case

Alright, you guys. We’re going back to basics today. If you follow us on Instagram (and you should!!! @classyclutter) you may remember me busting out my sewing machine to work on some pillows for the boys’ superhero room makeover. Sewing pillow cases is super easy but when it comes to measuring and cutting, I’d rather have a tutorial with it all in front of me instead of trying to figure it all out as I go. Well, I did figure it out as I went this time but I thought some of you may want to have this tutorial handy in case you want your own custom pillow cases!

KB Cute Custom Quilt 3

I was going to buy sheet sets for my boys from Land of Nod that were super cute but at $70 each (and I need 2!) it just wasn’t gonna happen. I ended up buying $15 sheet sets from Target and adding this fun pillow because that’s really all that shows when we make the beds anyway.

How to sew a pillow case

First, cut out two rectangles 22 x 36″.

How to sew a pillow case

With right sides together, stitch around the two long sides and one short side.

Stitch around the edges

On the opening, iron and fold about 1/2″ hem.

How to sew a pillow case

Fold down 3-4″ and press with an iron. Stitch it along the folded edge.

How to sew a pillow case

How to sew a pillow case

That’s it! Seriously SO easy!!!

How to sew a pillow case

Superhero Room 4

I love the bright pillow cases on their beds! Check out the boys’ Modern Superhero Bedroom here.

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Free Fall Pear Printable

Free Fall Printable by Paperelli - Vertical

Hey everyone! It’s Courtney from Paperelli. I know, I know… Summer isn’t officially over yet, but I am already counting down the days till Fall begins. Cooler weather, leaves changing color, apple picking and warm tasty soups! This month I am sharing a Free Fall Printable to help you decorate for this beautiful time of year!

Fall Printable by Paperelli - Close Up (1)


Pears are one of my favorite things to decorate with in the Fall. The colors are always beautiful, eye-catching and classy.

Free Fall Printable for Classy Clutter

Print, frame, and place next to your favorite fall decorations.

What is your favorite part of the Fall season?

Thanks for sharing Courtney! Be sure to follow Courtney’s Etsy shop, Paperelli and follow her on Instagram, and Pinterest!

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