Teacher “Survival Kit” Gift Idea

It’s time for back to school which means to time to meet the new teachers. My mom ALWAYS sent me with a little gift on the first day of school or on meet the teacher day. And I know without a doubt that it would give me the edge even before school started. I came up with this cute teacher gift / teacher survival kit that is easy to put together and that is very fun.

Teacher Gift Edited

Materials needed are:

  • Jar
  • 2 boxes of Colored Pencils or crayons
  • hot glue gun
  • goodies for the inside
  • Cute label or tag

Inside of mine I had…

My favorite crystal light energy packets, gum, Advil, lotion, gift card (for a few extra supplies) Tide to go pen, Wipes, Sanitizer, and chapstick.

You really could put anything you wanted in here. I think its the thought that counts. I started by hot gluing all the colored pencils onto the jar. I went through almost two boxes of the 24 count colored pencils. I finished in only about 10 mins. Make sure that the labels are either all facing out of in so that it all matches.

Teacher Gift 1

Teacher Gift 2


Teacher gift 4

Don’t you think it turned out super cute!?!? I just think it’s so darling!

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DIY Wooden Silhouette Artwork

Hi Classy Clutter readers! I am Carrie from Lovely Etc. and I cannot wait to share my latest project with you all!

At Lovely Etc. I love to share DIY projects that are both beautiful and inexpensive. My very favorite projects are the ones that are personal and meaningful – that truly help our home reflect us as a family. Today’s project is the perfect example of that.

DIY family silhouette

This DIY wooden silhouette is pretty easy to make. It is a bit time-consuming but totally worth it – I mean, look how awesome it looks! Plus I now have a huge, completely personalized piece of art for only $15!



Plywood – I used a precut 4’x4’ piece of plywood but you could use any size

Large photo printout





Clean lint-free cloth


family photo

This whole giant piece of art started with a family photo I loved. I knew it would make a great family silhouette! I chose to print my photo on my home printer because I was feeling very impatient. For my 4’ x4’ sign, I set my printer up to print the photo on 16 sheets of paper or 4 sheets x 4 sheets. Before printing, I cropped out the extra background and changed the photo to black and white so I wouldn’t waste my color ink.

printed photo

Another option would be to order your photo as an engineer print or a blueprint from a local print shop. This is an inexpensive way to get gigantic black and white photos.

pencil transfer

Once I had my giant photo, I used the oldest and simplest transfer method there is – the pencil transfer. Basically, you color the back of your photo with a pencil and then trace the edges. Everywhere you trace will transfer as a pencil line onto the wood. (If you would like more info about this process, you can check out this tutorial.)

Staining a picture with a small brush

To make the silhouette, I stained inside the pencil drawing. Working in small areas, use a small brush to apply stain around the outline and then fill in with a larger brush. Two coats of stain was all it took to give a nice even finish. (And, yes, in case you are wondering – I definitely took this opportunity to make my own silhouette a smidge skinnier. But that can be our little secret.)

stained silhouette

Once my stain had dried, it was time to fill in the background. I knew I definitely wanted a pop of color but I also didn’t want to hide the beautiful wood grain with paint. So I chose to use a colorwash. But first I used a scrap piece of plywood to test some different colors and paints.

color test

I chose to use a robin’s egg blue color and mixed some blue paint with a white glaze and water. Working in small areas, I brushed it on. After the paint had a few seconds to soak in, I used a clean rag to wipe away any excess paint. I ended up needing three coats.

You could also get a similar look with a colored wood stain or simply using watered down paint.

And then it was ready to hang! I love the pop of color it gives to our family room.

DIY family silhouette artwork

And I love that it looks like a high end art piece but its my family; it’s more than just something pretty to hang on the wall. It’s a beautiful moment in our family’s history that we get to look at and remember every single day.

DIY wooden silhouette

It looks right at home with the vintage fans I’ve collected from yard sales and our oversized arrow growth chart.

Anyone have a special family photo that you are thinking will make a great silhouette art piece? I’m already itching to make another – maybe with a white silhouette this time.

Thanks so much for sharing this with us Carrie! Looks amazing! Don’t forget to follow Carrie on PinterestFacebookInstagramTwitter, and Google+

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Chalkboard Potluck Dish Tags

Poluck Dish Tags

Hi Classy Clutter friends!  I’m Katie from Made to be a Momma and I am beyond excited to be here today!  As the girls mentioned yesterday, I am one of their new craft contributors and I can’t wait to get to know you all!   I had the pleasure of meeting both of these sweet girls at the Snap Conference for a few brief moments and they are ever bit as sweet in person as they are online!

Over at Made to be a Momma I try to focus on simple recipes, projects and crafts and what I wanted to share with you today is so simple it’s almost embarrassing!  I wrestled with sharing this project because of how quickly it comes together but I think these potluck dish tags are just perfect to share for the picnics going on this weekend!

  How many times do you go to a picnic and you just aren’t sure what a certain dish has in it or what it is?  Well….wonder no more!  These chalkboard dish tags are JUST the solution!  For those of you, who are like me and just like to have cute tags no matter how obvious the food is than these are great for you too! :)



Paint ( optional)

Wooden Chalkboard labels ( I found mine at Walmart)

If you can’t find the labels with the chalkboard already done for you just buy a bottle of chalkboard paint and paint some yourself…I promise, it’s worth the extra step!

If you want to paint your clothespins, do this step right now.  I decided to spray paint (1) pink, (1) yellow and the last one I just left alone.  Once your clothespin are dry, hot glue your wooden chalkboard label to your clothespin.

Materials I used a fun chalkboard marker to fill out my tags but of course you can use the old school chalk :)


I hope you all have a wonderful Fourth of July!

Thanks so much for sharing these Katie! SO cute and useful!

Don’t forget to follow Katie on PinterestFacebookInstagramTwitter, and Google+

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DIY Rhinestone License Plate Frame

DIY Rhinestone License Plate Frame - Great gift idea! - www.classyclutter.net

Since pretty much the beginning of time, I’ve loved anything sparkly. Ask anyone. I always loved having a sparkly rhinestone license plate but we only have one family car. Lucky for me, my husband just rolls his eyes and lets me do it. He’s awesome like that. If you love everything sparkly like me, you’ll be excited for the tutorial I have for you today!

DIY Rhinestone License Plate Frame - Great gift idea! - www.classyclutter.net


  • License Plate Frame that fits your vehicle – Make sure to get one that is legal in your state. I’ve heard that some states are super picky about the frames covering any graphics or text on the license plate. These thin silver frames are the best!
  • Rhinestones - I used 20ss size in “Silver Night” for the color. I purchased them from this shop on Etsy.
  • E6000 – the ONLY glue I’ll rhinestone with.
  • Crayon (preferably white) or wax – I used orthodontic dental wax
  • Wooden skewer
  • Syringe – most pharmacies will give you these or they come with most children’s medicine.

DIY Rhinestone License Plate Frame - Great gift idea! - www.classyclutter.net

First, get your materials ready. If you are not using a crayon, make a pea size ball of wax and stick it on the end of your wooden skewer. You could stick it on a sharpened pencil if you have that on hand.

I love this tip. Fill your syringe with glue! The E6000 tube is terrible about leaking everywhere if you squeeze it and don’t put the cap right back on. The syringe allows me to use just what I need without making a mess.

DIY Rhinestone License Plate Frame - Great gift idea! - www.classyclutter.net

Squeeze a small amount of glue onto a 1/2″ – 1″ section of your project. If you do too large of a section, the glue will dry before you get to it. Lame.

DIY Rhinestone License Plate Frame - Great gift idea! - www.classyclutter.net

Use your crayon or wax ball to pick up your rhinestones and carry them to your project.

DIY Rhinestone License Plate Frame - Great gift idea! - www.classyclutter.net

Place your rhinestone onto the glue and it will come right off of the wax ball. It’s basically the best, most efficient way to rhinestone anything. This allows you go do this project SUPER fast instead of fiddling with tweezers or trying to do it with your fingers and thus gluing your fingers together. Not that I’ve had that happen ever… ;)


DIY Rhinestone License Plate Frame - Great gift idea! - www.classyclutter.net

Work your way all the way around your frame and Ta-da!! That’s it! This is sooo easy and looks stinkin’ cute on your car. Also makes an awesome gift.

DIY Rhinestone License Plate Frame - Great gift idea! - www.classyclutter.net

Hope you enjoyed this little blinged out craft and you’ll make your own DIY Rhinestone License Plate Frame!

DIY Rhinestone License Plate Frame - Great gift idea! - www.classyclutter.net


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Easy USA Cake Mix Cookies

USA Cake Mix Cookies | www.classyclutter.net

Today we are teaming up with over 100, yep 100! amazing bloggers to bring you the Ultimate Red, White and Blue inspiration for the summer! This goes for 4th of July all the way through Labor Day! Won’t you join us to celebrate the USA all Summer long!?! 110 amazing Red, White and Blue projects, crafts, recipes, printables and more! | www.classyclutter.net


  • Stars & Stripes Funfetti Cake Mix (See image below for what to look for in the grocery store.)
  • 1/3 cup of vegetable oil
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/4 cup of flour (optional)


Image via Pillsbury

USA Cake Mix Cookies


  • Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
  • Spray cookie sheet with cooking spray.
  • Mix cake mix, vegetable oil, eggs. Dough will be sticky. If it’s too sticky, add the 1/4 of flour.
  • Take a spoonful of the dough, roll it into approximately 1″ ball and place it on lightly greased cookie sheet.
  • Bake for 6-8 minutes. Watch carefully around 6 minutes and pull them out of the oven when the edges start to brown. Let sit on cookie sheet for 5 minutes before moving to a cooling rack.

Makes 1-2 dozen depending on how big you make your dough balls.

Easy USA Cake Mix Cookies - www.classyclutter.net

To easily pin your favorites, check out the Red, White and Blue Pinterest Board!

Follow The Cards We Drew’s board Three Cheers for the Red White and Blue ULTIMATE Round Up of Patriotic Ideas from Top Bloggers! on Pinterest.

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Father’s Day Gift Idea + Free Printable Gift Tag

Father's Day Gift Idea + Free Printable

Father’s Day is coming right up! We love to spoil Dad on Father’s Day! We usually make him his favorite meals, give him a gift and squeeze in all the Daddy play time that we can. My boys can’t get enough of their Dad and they basically beg him to “wrestle” on the trampoline or play Wii with them and he is such a good sport! They really have the BEST Dad!

Today I’m sharing this super easy, super quick (I”m talking 5 minutes tops!) Father’s Day gift idea and free printable gift tag! You could add this to a tie or any gift for Dad and he can take the jar to work (or school in our case!) to enjoy throughout the week.

Father's Day Gift Idea + Free Printable 2


Nuts about you Dad



 You can also download the printable here.

Nuts about you Dad Printable



Father's Day Gift Idea + Free Printable 3

Don’t forget to check out our friends’ Father’s Day projects! Click on the images below to visit their blogs!

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100+ Summer Activities for Kids

I don’t know about you but I am only a week into summer and I have already heard “I am Bored” at least 50 times. I am already so tired of it! This being the case I have collected these awesome ideas to help with the keeping your kids busy this summer. I love all of these ideas because all different and pretty easy to do with kids. And I mean with 101 different ideas you are bound to find some that your kids will enjoy.

101 Summer Activities for kids

Homeade GAK

1.  Homemade Gak! I love this stuff!

2. Bake Cookies

3.  Do puzzles

4. Play board games


5.Gooey Monster Cookies


6. Fruity Pebbles Popsicles

7. Color

8. Make and send homemade cards to family

9.  Do watercolor paintings

Painter's Tape Spider Web 10. Painter’s tape spider web 

11. Write a pen-pal letter

12. Use tape and make a hopscotch court


13. Makes Deviled Egg Boats

14. Have a play date

15. Have a “camp out” in the living room

Mess Free Finger Paint 16. Mess free finger painting -  My kids loved this one!

17. Go to a children’s museum

18.  Play legos

Build a teepee

19.  Build a teepee or a fort

20. Make and play in a ball pit!

Balloon Ping Pong

21. Balloon Ping Pong

  Velcro Sticks

22. Velcro sticks – have fun making them and making shapes and letters out of them.

DIY $1 Book Ledges 23. Read to your kids. Read with them. Teach them. Love them.

24. Make Ollieblocks and play! These have been on my “to do” list for a long time.

Tape Race Track 25. Masking tape race track – source unknown.

If anyone knows where to find the original source, please let me know in the comments! Love this idea and my kids had a blast!

Jello cookies

 26. Jello cookies – this recipe makes DIY colored play dough AND colorful Jello Cookies


27. Water Bucket Sponge Fight

28. Go Swimming

29. Fly kites

30. Go to the park


31. Homemade Bubble Maker

32.  Draw with sidewalk chalk

33.  Do puzzles

34. Have a water balloon fight


35. 60 Days of Summer Tutorial with Printables

36. Jump on the trampoline with the hose

Newspaper Snowball Fight - Gross motor game for kids (1)

37. Newspaper Snowball Fight

39. Play in the sprinklers

Rainbow Slime (1)

40. DIY Rainbow Slime

41. Go to the beach

41. Make cookies 

42. Go to the movies.


43. Edible Water Beads

44. Play with blocks

45. Paint pictures

ice volcano 1

45. Ice Volcanoes

46. Write a cousin pen-pal letter.

47. Make homemade popsicles

PicMonkey Collage ice 48. Pretend Melting Ice Cream

49. Play hopscotch

50. Visit grandparents

Frozen Water Beads (1)b

51. Water Beads in a Water Balloon

52. Go on a scavenger hunt

Color Mixing with Ice (1)

53. Color Mixing with Ice

54. Paint rocks

55. Go to the zoo with your Zoo passport

56. Play in a sandbox

57. Pick flowers

58. Have a tea party (with fruit punch!)

59. Go on a road trip

60. Go hiking


61. Marshmallow Shooters

62. Ride bikes


63. Water Balloon Games

64. Jump rope


65. Drive In Movie Night

66. Go bowling

Play Dates {Pool Noodles} (11)

67. Pool Noodle Games

68. Go to an aquarium

69. Play on a seesaw

70. Build a fort


71. Ice Activity For Kids

72. Camp out in the family room

73. Visit a kid’s museum

How to make a recycled upcycled ladybug bug jar craft

74. Collect Bugs with this Bug Jar

75. Go to an ice cream/frozen yogurt shop

76. Play board games


77. Bouncing Bubbles

78. Have a movie marathon

79. Take a nap


80. Soap Boat Races

81. Make s’mores


82. Summer Activities Coupon Book

83. Tie dye t-shirts

Kool Aid Sand Paint (1)

84. Homemade Sand Paint

85. Color a picture

86. Make Jello play dough and cookies

87. Go on a family walk

88. Go fishing


89. Kiddie Car Wash


90.Painting with Water


91. ” I SPY” Neigborhood Walk

92. Catch bugs

busy bags

93. Busy Bags


94. Old Fashion Backyard Games

Sidewalk Chalk Paint Recipe (1)

95. Sidewalk Chalk Paint

96. Have a picnic

DIY Kite made from household materials (17)

97. Make a Kite

magnetic ice fishing

98. Summer Ice Fishing

99. Go to an arcade


100. Make a backyard water park


101. DIY Water Slide

Hopefully with this awesome list you will never hear “I’m bored!” again!

I hope you have the best summer EVER!

If you like this fun list.. Pin it!

101 Summer Activities for kids

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DIY Gold Scalloped Frames + Free Printable

DIY Gold Scalloped Picture Frames + Free Printable | www.classyclutter.net

I’m super excited to share with you a mini gallery wall of these DIY Gold Scalloped Frames I made using these incredibly cute frames from Cut it Out Frames.

DIY Gold Scalloped Picture Frames + Free Printable | www.classyclutter.net

They hang in this little reading nook in my bedroom. I love that it adds a little personal touch having my kids’ pictures in them. Let’s get started and I’ll teach you how to them yourself! They’re so fun and pretty easy! Yay!

Behr Canton Jade

I chose the “Parker” frames (they have a ton of cute ones but I loooove this one!) and my son’s name is Parker so that made it cuter! ;) The frames come unfinished so you can really get creative with you finish them. I decided to paint and draw on a gold design with a Gold Sharpie Paint Pen. Make sure to use a paint pen, not just a regular permanent marker.  I chose Behr’s Canton Jade which is my favorite shade of mint green.

Find the Center of the frame

Once it’s painted, you’ll want to find the center to draw on your design. This is where you will do your first scallop and work toward the sides then work your way down.

Use lid as a guide

I used this old lid as my guide to do the scallops. Do your center scallop first by tracing about a third of the way around your lid.

Trace around the lid

You’ll work from the center to the sides then row by row going down. On your 2nd row, make sure to center it in the middle of the “V” at the bottom of the first row scallops.

Repeat Scallops all the way

Repeat, repeat, repeat! I did this on 4 frames and the whole project took about an hour.

I took a few pics of my little boys and had them printed out at Walgreens. They almost always have a coupon. Also, you may notice that I have 4 frames and only 3 kiddos! Well, until September… I decided I didn’t want to leave the 4th frame empty until “baby boy P” comes so I designed this super cute printable. I LOVE hot air balloons and the colors match my bedroom so it was fun to do something to match. It kind of looks like our link party logo huh? I used the same hot air balloons because they’re just so dang cute!

FREE Hot Air Balloon Printable - www.classyclutter.net

Click here to download the free printable.

Isn’t that fun? I love that saying! So perfect to accompany my little boys’ photos. These frames are so fun and Cut it Out Frames also has a TON of cute shapes and even the alphabet letters! Savannah will be showing you how she used them soon! They’re so stinkin cute and the frames come in single layer and double layer frames. The double layer look like two frames stacked on top of each other.

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 9.25.29 PM

Here’s the “Parker” in the double layer. Isn’t that cute!? I liked the simple single layer for this project but I could totally use the double layer for a couple hundred projects. ;)

The next tutorial I have in the works for you is this freakin cute DIY Macramé Hanging Planters! I can’t wait to show you how easy they are! I’m a little obsessed with them.

Macrame Planters

Here’s a mini tutorial for you to pin if you’d like! :)

DIY Gold Scalloped Picture Frames + Free Printable | www.classyclutter.net Can you tell we’re in love with gold and scallops lately? Be sure to check out our other scalloped projects!

Master Bedroom 8

DIY Wood Scalloped Wall Treatment

DIY Scalloped Sharpie Accent Wall

Mallory Bombshell Sig.png

**I was given these frames to review but all opinions are 100% mine**

DIY Patriotic Wall Art + 4th of July Blog Hop

DIY Patriotic Wall Art - www.classyclutter.net

4th of July is one of my favorite holidays! I love when summer hits and it is time for swimming, BBQs, parades, fireworks, etc! I love it all! My birthday is also in July (Savannah’s too!!) It’s an all-around great month! This year I wanted to decorate a bit inside for this awesome holiday to show my patriotism! Today, I’m going to show you how to make this DIY Patriotic Wall Art I created for the summer holidays.

We’ve also teamed up with some awesome bloggers to get you into the Patriotic Spirit with a 4th of July Blog Hop!



Cut out USA with jigsaw

First, draw the shape of the USA (or even your home state!) on a piece of plywood. We did this by “eyeballing” it but you can use a template of some sort if you choose. Then, use your sandpaper to smooth any rough edges.

Add D rings to the back

Next, flip your wooden shape over and add the D-ring so you can hang it when you’re done.

Paint wood

Paint or stain your USA! I chose a dark navy blue. It looks more cobalt in this picture while the paint was still not quite dry and it was out in the bright sun. I also used a small brush and painted the lip around the outside metallic gold.

Add Vinyl Lettering

Last, I added gold vinyl lettering that reads “Sweet Land of Liberty”. I love the phrase over the entire USA. I used gold vinyl and the font is Lavenderia. If anyone is interested, you can purchase the vinyl decal I used in my vinyl shop here.

Sweet Land of Liberty - DIY Wood Wall Art


I hung it up in my Gold Gallery Wall for the summer. The next step in decorating for summer is to do a Summer/Patriotic chalk art on my chalkboard and make some cute printables for some of the frames. It’s gonna be awesome! ;) Maybe I need some cute USA pillows on my couch too!


Do you decorate for Summer? I like doing Patriotic decor because it works for Memorial Day, 4th of July and through Labor Day!

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Now pop on over to the other blogs that are participating in this 4th of July Blog Hop and check out all their amazing stuff!


Geometric America Printable from Over the Big Moon

4th of July bingo

 4th of July Bingo from Our Thrifty Ideas


4th of July Sparkler Holder from Confetti Sunshine


Coconut Whipped Cream from One Sweet Appetite