Beaded Jewelry Tutorial

I never met an accessory I didn’t like.  These days, in my 7th month of pregnancy… accessories are kinda the only thing I can still buy and be guaranteed they’ll actually FIT!  So… I wanted to share a couple I made recently that make me happy EVERY time I put them on.  Best part is that both of these took no time whatsoever! Easy jewelry #forthewin!

beaded jewelry how to

For the bracelets, you’ll need this thick elastic (8 mm) and whatever beads strike your fancy.  I fell in love with these dainty fluorescent beads and then liked the idea of incorporating some little ‘gold’ accents.

8 mm beading elastic

beads before

The bracelets are super easy… just string your beads as long or as short as you’d like.  I wanted a double strand when wrapped so  needed about 10 inches?  To finish each one off, I tied 3 knots and then placed a dab of super glue to hold it tight.

stringing neon beads

pair finished bracelets

LOVING how light and cheerful these guys are… I haven’t taken them off since I made them. Nothing like a little neon to brighten a gal’s day… Also somewhat hopeful that an arm covered in neon might distract people from the width of my midsection. Ha!

bracelets with belly

bracelets after

The necklace makes me very very happy and was even simpler than the bracelets.  (Confession: the only things that really cover my stomach these days are men’s t-shirts so I’ve been trying to dress them up!)  I had these beads and tassels on hand, but you can grab the beads here (affiliate link) and the tassels were from this awesome etsy shop.

wooden beads


I use this flexible wire for my necklaces… super strong and easy to string. Our local bead store turned me onto these springy thingies… they pinch the end of your wire to prevent the beads from falling off!

beading wire

spring clasp

Once I’d strung about 10″ of my wooden beads, I looped the wire through one of the tiny leftover neon beads and then through my tassel so that the tassel would fall the right way. I got carried away and added 6 colorful tassels… I mean, go tassel or go home, right?

tassel detail

tassels with beads

To finish this one, I didn’t really need a clasp because it’s long enough to slip over my head so all I needed were these tiny little crimp rings. I looped the wire through each one, and then used my needle nosed pliers to crimp the ends pinching and holding the wire in place.

necklace collage

Because these beads are so light weight, this necklace is easy breezy but still so fun and colorful. Like I said… makes the basic men’s tee look a teensy bit more feminine!

beaded necklace with tassel

tassel necklace

Thank you for indulging my beading 101 tutorial today. You’ve read the extent of my beading prowess… despite my status as a novice, I get SO much pleasure out of all my simple beaded necklaces!

beaded assorted DIY

xo Charlotte

Want an idea for storing all your rad new necklaces?

Jewelry Organization

How about these upcycled thrift store bangles?

bangles horizontal

Last but not least, another necklace I made with some craft store beads and a fun brass pendant!

necklace finish

DIY Birthday Gift Tags

Hello friends! It’s Courtney from Paperelli and I am so excited to share these printables with you! I thought it would be so FUN to create these DIY Birthday Gift Tags. These colorful printables are so easy to print and make your own!

Do It Yourself Birthday Gift Tags


Free Printable Birthday Tags

All you need to do is download, print, and cut out. Then the fun begins!

DIY Birthday Tags on Classy Clutter | Designed by Paperelli


There are so many unique ways to stack and arrange these tags to make them your own! Stack a few of the blues, greens, and yellows to create an cool boy gift tag! Or stack a few pinks, purples, and aquas to make a girly gift tag! Add in ribbon, twine, paper clips, etc for even more creativity.

DIY Birthday Tags on Classy Clutter | Designed by Paperelli

DIY Birthday Tags on Classy Clutter | Designed by Paperelli

I can’t wait to see what you do with your printables. Feel free to share on Instagram and tag @PaperelliDesigns and @ClassyClutter.

DIY Birthday Tags on Classy Clutter | Designed by Paperelli


Be sure to check out Courtney’s shop here!


Our favorite throw pillows

Hi friends! Today I’m excited to share with you a few of our favorite throw pillows! Some are DIY projects and totally awesome and others are our favorites that you can buy. This post contains affiliate links to purchase some of our faves. Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 9.00.20 AM

DIY Greek Key Pillow by Sarah Dorsey via Houzz

Furry Throw Pillow

Mongolian Faux Fur Pillows

Living Room Pillows

Designer Leopard Print Pillow – You’ve probably seen this one around my house in various photos. It’s my fave.

Plain to Pattern Pillow from The Lovely Drawer – Could you just die over the dots paired with the pom poms? LOVE it!

  Master Bedroom Pillows

Navy and White Striped Pillows – We DIYed these in a hurry since we didn’t have time to order them but it would cost you the same to just purchase them.

DIY Envelope Pillow Tutorial from Vintage Revivals

Geometric Wool Pillow from A Beautiful Mess

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 9.13.08 AM

DIY Designer Inspired Pillow by Sarah Dorsey via Houzz

DIY Abstract Painted Pillows from A Beautiful Mess

DIY Leather (and pink!!) throw pillow from Vintage Revivals

Throw Pillows

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Pixelated Spring Art

Hi Classy Clutterers! It’s always a wonderful day in my neighborhood when I get to stop by and share a project with Mallory and Savannah! This year, more than ever, I’ve been eager to start decorating my home for spring. (Hello, 6-foot snowbanks.) My ultimate favorite Classy Clutter project is the b-a-n-a-n-a-s good pixelated wall treatment these ladies did for Creating With the Stars last year. I fell in love with them the minute I saw this. And then, more recently, Gwen from the Bold Abode posted an uh-mazing pixelated canvas. Needless to say, I’ve had pixelated projects bouncing around in my head for a while.

Pixelated Spring Graphic

Sometimes it takes the smallest little nudge to inspire, and this $3 thrift store frame did that for me. A spring quote on a handmade pixelated backdrop coming right up.

thrift store frame

I actually followed Gwen’s tutorial at first and grabbed an image online that I tried to pixelated with triangles in photoshop. Too bad I suck at photoshop so the final product was very pretty but not wildly helpful as a template. I ended up using my pixelated image more as a color pallet than anything else… I certainly wasn’t able to copy triangle by triangle, but ultimately just mixing colors and playing around got me a nice enough finished product!

pixel template paint

With my backdrop cut to size, I found a quote and set it up using my Cricut software. If you don’t have a Cricut than obviously a hand drawn quote will work JUST as well. I used a gold metallic market and let the Cricut take care of the rest.

cricut drawing quote

Aside from the impossible degree of difficulty involved in photographing anything with glass, I LOVE the way this turned out.

pixel quote art close

pixel spring art file cabinet

After I finished this project, I HAD to incorporate this into my spring house tour… it’s the perfect punch of color wherever I stick it!

spring tour pixel graphic

house tour pixel art

I love the contrast of the pixelated colors with the text overlay… I’m not sure that I have the patience but I’m a little hung up on the idea of creating a similar project in large-scale as a wall mural or something. Stay tuned!!

Here are some of my other projects that show a similar love for lots and lots of color!

Kids Herringbone Dresser
dresser after
Thrifted Green Bookshelf
shelves with elephant
Fabric Covered Side Table
fabric covered sidetable

DIY Paintbrush Statement Art

DIY Paintbrush Statement Art

This DIY Paintbrush Statement Art has us written all over it. We LOVE color and we LOVE to paint so this super fun hanging art was a really fun and simple project! It’s perfect for any craft studio! We love the movement and touch of whimsy it adds.

This project is pretty simple and while it may not be for everybody, it’s really cool and you can get creative and hang different objects the same way, not just paintbrushes!

Materials: (*affiliate links)

DIY Paintbrush art 1

First, tape off the wooden handle of your paint brush.

DIY Paintbrush art 2

Paint the wooden handle and the ends of your bristles. Latex paint takes longer to dry but works great. We used some latex and some acrylic, just whatever colors we liked in our stash.

Hang the paintbrushes

Last, (sorry we forgot to get a photo of this part) thread your fishing line through the hole at the end of the brush. We did a giant loop and strung them at different lengths to create the angle. You could do them all evenly or mismatched or create the angle like we did.

Colorful paintbrush art

Kinda crazy, really fun and unique, don’t you think?

DIY Paintbrush Statement Art - Click for tutorial

In our craft studio reveal, some people though the paintbrushes were painted on the curtain, I love that idea too!

Classy Clutter Craft Studio

If you missed it, check out the full studio reveal here, and the DIY INSPIRE Sequins Wall Art here. What do you think?!

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The BEST DIY Body Scrubs

So, if you’ve followed our blog for a while, you may have noticed that I’ve shared a few different DIY Body Scrub recipes with you. Especially sugar scrubs. Guys, they’re the best. They are so easy to make, take only a few minutes, few ingredients, make great gifts and leave your skin feeling baby’s bum soft. For reals. I love them. I kept this Apple Cinnamon Scrub on my bathroom counter all winter because the weather really takes it’s toll on my hands and lips (weird?) in the winter. The sugar scrubs are soothing and exfoliating. I love it for chapped, dry, peeling lips. Here are some of my favorites. Next time you need a quick gift, make one of these babies and throw it in a mason jar. Done and done.

This Apple Cinnamon Scrub is my current fave. It’s totally edible so I use it for a lip scrub and may or may not lick my lips a little after. It gets all the dry yuckies (It’s a word.) off and leaves my lips smooth! Also amazing in the shower or bath.

Honey Brown Sugar Scrub from A Pumpkin and a Princess

Rosemary Mint Sugar Scrub from Good Life Style

Winter Mint Sugar Scrub from Jaco’lyn Murphy

DIY Coffee Sugar Scrub

Lemon Lime Sugar Scrub

Peppermint Sugar Scrub

You may also like this Warm Cocoa Bath Soak! It’s heavenly and takes your bubble bath to a whole new level!

BEST Sugar Scrubs and Bath Soaks

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Disney Inspired Motivational Print

Disney Art Print

Hello. It’s Courtney from Paperelli. Today I want to talk about The Happiest Place on Earth.  Growing up in Southern California, I have so many great memories at Disneyland. I also have amazing memories as a child, and as an adult watching Disney movies. There are tons of really great Disney movies out there. This week my family and I are going to Disneyland, so I have had Disney on my mind for a long time! I decided to make lots of new Disney Inspired Prints for all of you. I am here on Classy Clutter today to share one of them with you!

The Flower that Blooms Printable

I thought this Mulan quote was the perfect quote to share, in honor of all the spring flowers that are starting to bloom! “The Flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of them all.” Don’t you just love it? I think it is not only beautiful, but is the perfect motivational print to keep around. I have designed to versions for you, including one black and white version to coordinate with any decor set up.

The Flower that Blooms in Adversity

You could frame it and keep it in your own home or give it as a gift to a loved one who could use a little motivational pick me up! As always, I would love to hear about what you do with your printable! Be sure to tag @PaperelliDesigns and @ClassyClutter on Instagram or use #paperelliprintable.



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DIY Sea Urchin

A couple week’s ago, I flew to Arizona to help Savannah bust out a two-day office makeover for our new Classy Clutter office studio. One of the little decor elements we made for our Craft Studio was this cute little DIY Sea Urchin. We’ve seen these cute little statue-type things at a lot of popular home decor stores! If you’ve got some toothpicks and paint lying around (chances are, you do!) you can make this adorable DIY Sea Urchin to accessorize your home!

DIY Sea Urchin

DIY Sea Urchin_Materials2

  1. First, use salt dough (¼ salt, ¼ flour, 1-2 tablespoons of water) and roll into a ball and flatten the bottom to form the base.


DIY Sea Urchin_Step 1

2. Use dowels (or toothpicks) and stick them into the salt dough and bake at 200 degrees for 90 minutes. Allow to cool.

DIY Sea Urchin_Step 2

3. Spray paint the sea urchin and allow to dry.

DIY Sea Urchin on Bookshelf

Tada! You’re done! That was easy wasn’t it!? We can’t wait to show you the rest of the office space! It’s totally girl, totally organized, totally US! We hope you’ll love it as much as we do!

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Hello Spring Printable

Hello! It’s Courtney from Paperelli. Spring is almost here and I am CAN’T wait! Every year I swear winter gets longer and longer. It seems like the weather might be getting a little bit warmer and I absolutely have spring fever! How is your weather? Warming up?

Hello Spring Printable by Paperelli for Classy Clutter

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I still have all my Valentine’s Day decorations up, but you better believe that the day after I am pulling out the Spring decor! I can’t wait to add a little Spring sunshine over here. I thought it would be fun to share this Hello Spring Printable with all of you.

Spring Decor Printable - Paperelli

It is super easy. All you need to do is print, download, and add to an 8×10″ picture frame! As always, I LOVE seeing what you do with your printables. Be sure to tag @paperellidesigns and@classyclutter and show us what you decided to do with your Hello Spring Printable.

Spring Printables - Classy Clutters


Love Grows Wild Sign

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this sign. No joke I would have it up all year round. One thing that I love so much about this decor from my Valentine party is that it can be used for different events like a garden party, wedding, and list goes on and on. I thought of the idea of having a focal point and a theme of the party in one would be fun and this sign is what I came up with. I wanted the sign to have great texture and I think I was able to accomplish that.

To start the base of the board is just a piece of plywood that I had the guys at Home Depot cut down to a 4 x 6 feet sheet and then I painted it solid black so that the words would really pop.


The L-O-V-E letters are from the very talented Heidi Swapp. The letters are from Michaels. They were $12.99 each and they are 100% perfection! Each letter is individual lit by its own set of battery powered lights. I simply sprayed the letters with Krylon Gloss Watermelon spray paint.


Grows Letters

To do the G-R-O-W-S letters I purchased the wooden letters at Joann’s. I used the Krylon Spray Paint in this green color and then I used the 3M Spray Adhesive and I added moss onto the letters. I used two different kinds of moss only because that is what I had. Each letter used a bag of moss that I got from Micheals. These letters were very easy to do. They only took about 15-20 total to do.

The W-I-L-D letters were the hardest part about this sign. It’s not like they were hard but they were more time consuming. First, I started with the cardboard letters from Micheals. I used an knife to cut of the top of the letter. By the end I realized that you can just peel back the top of the letter and it comes right off.

Wild Letter 1

Then, I added the floral foam into the letter to prepare for the flowers. I used scissors to cut the foam to fit into the letter.   Wild letter 2

Wild letter 4

In order for these letters to look really good and full you first start with the greenery. Place the greenery around the perimeter of the letter and a few in the center to make sure it all blends together  Wild Letter 3

I then added moss onto the letter so it would fill in the gaps by gluing the moss on. After the moss placed the flowers on the letter. I finished the letters with the tall sprouted floral stems. I like the sprouted ones because they add a touch of whimy.  wild letter 6


wild letter 5

To attach the letters onto the wood I used a nail to hang the LOVE letter on. The GROWS letters I had to use finish nailer and compressor to nail on those letters and then to attach the WILD letters I used the 3M mounting tape.

This sign turned out great. I love it. It was easy to do. I love that the sign is such a great focal point and everyone loved the sign.


Diy Floral Letters