DIY Hanging Macramé Chair

DIY Hanging Macrame Chair


This chair was not my easiest DIY. Only because there was no tutorial anywhere to follow which means there was A LOT of trial and error which is always hard. I did this chair after Mallory and I were selected to compete in the Creating with the Stars 2014 contest. We were very excited but nervous. The very first round was knock-off and with the help and guidance from our amazing star, Mandi from Vintage Revivals.  We were so excited that we were able to work with Mandi. She has always been one of our favorite bloggers out there and we were totally star struck the first time we even talked to her. Anyways, after searching everywhere on the web we decided that we would knock off THIS chair that was from Urban Outfitters. Macramé is big right now, and I was totally up for the challenge to create this DIY Hanging Macramé Chair . To start the chair I used this chair from Target. I spray painted it white and I had to cut off the legs. I thought they would unscrew but I was wrong so using a little saw I cut off the tabs which removed the hoop part of the chair legs.

The Chair

The clothesline I used for the project was from the Home Depot and I used over 8 packages of this rope. I believe I used 8-9,  200 feet packages plus another 100 feet package. That amount including the rope that I used to hang the chair which is braided as well. This is a large chair and it used a lot of rope. The biggest thing I would say is make sure you have enough rope and that the rope is long enough.  I started out by cutting 60, 10 feet pieces of rope, that was not enough. I lost count after a while but I believe I ended up using around 120, 10 feet pieces of rope for just the walls of chair. But before you just cut away, use plain tape and put it around the rope and cut on the tape that way you don’t have the rope unravel.


I started with doing a Basic Square Knot around the hoop. I then did Alternating Square Knots around the whole chair. I started on the left and I worked my way around.

At this point I was feeling very excited and hopeful that I was going to be able to pull this chair off. After quite a few hours, I started to get closer to the seat part of the chair and this is were my first bit of trial and error happened. This failed because I just kept on making my way down to the seat using that same knot.

Fail Chair

1st attempt


So I had to take that apart and I was left with the picture above.

After thinking about it for a while I figured out I needed a second hoop but I also needed it to be a bit lighter.So I used a smaller Hula Hoop and after I sprayed that white I placed it where the seat would go and to make sure it would fit.



After I made sure the hoop would fit I then took it out and did the seat as a totally separate piece. In order to do the seat I used a piece of Poster board and I Pinned the a piece of rope on to it. The only reason I did this was because I wanted to be able to make just a straight piece about the size of the seat to be able to then tie it on to the loop. The poster board helped.


To do the seat I just used this rope on the poster board to help hold the shape I wanted. I still did the Alternating Square Knot. I tied the seat knots a bit more spaced out because I wanted to have a different look on the seat.  After I finished the seat I tied of the walls of the chair by doing a basic knot around the small hula hoop then I did another basic knot to tie the seat onto the hula hoop as well.



After the seat and walls were both tied to the hula hoop I then tied the tails from the walls and the tails for the seat together just so I could have a bit more support. The tails needed to be cut.  Just like when I cut the rope for the chair I had to tape off every piece before I cut it.


I just did a simple braid for the ropes that hold the chair up and I using a few piece of wood I had around my house I cut 4 pieces of the same length and drilled holes where the rope would go. The hardest part was making it level and tying around the wood evenly.


This chair is a lot of work. But I will say it’s not that hard and it can be enjoyable. It just takes time. Hopefully you will learn from my mistakes. It looks hard but once you start knotting it’s easier then it seems. Before I started this project I watch different videos and I looked at many different tutorial but STOP reading all that stuff and just start knotting! It makes WAY WAY more sense once you start.






I do want you to know before you commit to this chair is that it took me about 40 something hours but that is with my different trial and errors. Please email me if you have an questions! I had soooo many during this project, don’t be afraid to ask.

If you love the Macrame look but don’t want to do this chair, check out the cute planters that Mallory made while we worked on the last and final round of Creating with the Stars.

DIY Macramé Hanging Planters |

DIY Macrame Hanging Planter

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  1. says

    Shut up!!! That is so AWESOME!!!!i have been looking for one for my daughters room but they are so pricey! I will def give this a try:) thank you for the direction although I have a feeling I will be emailing you with questions.
    Stopping by from baycreekboutiquehomedecor.wordpress .com

  2. Nina Pasta says

    Thank you for posting this. It motivates me. I have been dreaming of it. I just need to stop dreaming and make it happen. Your chair is amazing.

  3. says

    I love the chair, I too have been wanting to make something like this. Honestly, I don’t even know how to do Macramé but you did such a great tutorial and it looks so wonderful that i’m willing to learn now. I appreciate your offer to answer our questions and I do have some. I’ll try and ask them all now so hopefully I wont have to bother you again. (your laughing at me saying yeah right aren’t you? :-) First, I’m making (going to attempt anyway like I said I don’t even know how to Macrame yet) this for a tiny preteen girl. If I can find smaller hoops do you think I should go smaller or is it more comfy big? Also, how comfy is the chair? My daughter loves to read, would you think she could comfortably sit there an hour or so? I guess what i’m trying to ask is how stable is it? Does it tend to “sag” the longer you sit in it? Or if say, a heavier mom size person wanted to relax in it while she was at school, would I umm… I mean that mom stretch or ruin it? Is there anything that you would do or use (material) differently such as make the walls shorter to allow for stretching or use thicker rope or even a different material to macrame it? Lastly, would you be willing to share a picture of someone or even better two someones sitting in the chair? Preferably a small person and a mom size person? You know just in case a mom size person was to see that gorgeous chair calling to them from her bay window and decide to break in my house with a book and a cup of coffee and sit in my daughters hanging chair while she was at school and I of course wasn’t home. 😉 Darn, that wasn’t the last one, OK Lastly, If you have any other Ideas, comments, wish you would have’s etc… I would love to here them. About the chair that is. HaHa :-) Wow, I’m playful today. Thanks so much!!!

  4. Lindsay says

    WOW! this is amazing! looks harder than what I can accomplish! Ever think about selling these, I would be on the waiting list! it looks so comfy!! I NEED ONE!

  5. Heather W says

    I LOVE THIS!!! I’ve made very small versions of this for plants/fruit basket but a chair would be utterly divine.
    You can also do the rope work in the way you would do a dream catcher, it works fantastically and switching colors of rope is pretty too. (You can dye the rope if you can’t find a color you like or make it completely then do a ombré deep dye. 😉 ). Another way is to do a decrease in your rope work, like in crochet. It is a great method of getting it smaller as you work toward the seat bottom.

    Off to find the supplies to make my son a new reading knook chair. I may add one to our living room for myself a crochet corner. 😉

  6. Samantha says

    Im curious what you used to hang it from the ceiling. That kind of dead weight is certainly more than a planter or a TV

  7. says

    Shut the front door! This chair is one of the most amazing things I have seen on the Internet lately. I know I could never make it myself, but I have a hanging chair from Pier I and it is so comfortable. More than you would ever thonk just to look at it. Incredible job on the macrame chair.

  8. Ashleigh says

    Where did you find the hula hoop? I’ve looked all over and the smallest one I could find was 34″ and I feel like it’ll be too big for the chair frame I have.

  9. says

    i have been looking for a chair for my room and i am in love with this one is there any way u could make a vedio on ow to make it or could u email me and maybe u could make me one u dont know how much i would lovvvvvvvvveeeeeeee that email me @ plz i would pay u to make it if it will be cheep

  10. Chloe Allen says

    Hi there,

    My name is Chloe Allen, i am a year 12 student living in Perth, Australia. I am trying to create a chair using the steps you have posted here and am wondering if you can help me to understand when to attach the second hoop. I would like to know if you braided the rope evenly the whole way round before adding the small hoop, or did you leave one side longer than the other to give the chair a tilt?

    Thank you kindly for your time and i look forward to hearing from you.,


  11. says

    Hey there ladies! I absolutey adore this chair. I was wondering how you attached it to the ceailing and if that would be possible in a rental apartment. I’ve thought of trying to create some sort of stand but I really like the idea of it hanging. Thanks!

  12. pamela says

    is the chair comfortable to sit it?? I wouldn’t want to go to all this trouble and then find out it is not really very comfortable. :(
    Thank you.

  13. Nancy says

    I love it, appreciate your effort!
    Do you have a pattern for the seat bottom? I have a small rectangular outdoor metal frame foot stool that I want to paint turquoise and bought white marine grade thin rope to do a cute macrame top on. I really like the pattern you created for the seat.

  14. Emily says

    Approximately how long did you make the walls? And what is the diameter of the hoops that you used? I really want to make one i just need all the measurments. Thanks!


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