How to make a Felt Flower Pillow

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Have you ever fallen head over heels in LOVE with a pillow? Be honest!  Well, it happens to me all the time. I had a full-on, head over heels, obsessive, CRUSH on this little guy! Savannah and I might have had a full on brawl fighting over this guy! UNTIL….
We looked at the price tag. $49.95. WHAT???? ARE YOU STRAIGHT SERIOUS?? ITS A PILLOW!???!!!!! Shame on you Z-Gallerie!!!! Let’s just say, it was like the biggest turn off ever! We left the store, pillowless. Still, I couldn’t get him off my mind.
I made up my mind. I was going to ATTEMPT to make Sav a pillow to match her bedroom (in Grey) and me my very own in black! That way there was no cat fight! I surprised Savannah with my own version on Saturday and she called me 2-3 times after I left her house to thank me! What are besties for right!???
Here’s how I did it….
First I recovered a very eh… just okay looking pillow that once sat on my couch.
If you don’t know how to do a basic pillow re-cover its about the simplest thing ever and there a zillion tutorials out there. Google it! If you can sew a straight line, you can make this pillow. PROMISE!
Next I cut out about 1,000,000 petals. Not really, more like 100 but it was A LOT! I did about 30 large, 30 medium, 30 small probably. I honestly did count them….
But like I said… A LOT!
Then all I did was arrange them how I wanted them on the pillow to make sure I made enough. I was so glad I did and I had 4 left over – haha!
Then I did my center a little different than Z-Gallerie’s… I kinda like the way I did it better. Just sayin… haha
I cut out 3 circles using a cup and a sharpie as a pattern.
Folded it in half….
and in half again…
Finally, I HOT GLUED everything on! I could’ve sewn it but the hot glue worked magically and it was super quick and easy and lets face it, I was getting anxious to get it done.  For the center, I glued 3 of these (above) “petals” in the middle in a cluster to make the inside of the flower.

It looks even BETTER in person and even BETTER perched on Savannah’s adorable bed!
Classy Clutter mallory
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  1. says

    Yes, do a giveaway! I would totally enter! Great job. 😉

    I’d love it if you stopped by my blog for a fun Scentsy giveaway! Have a wonderful week.

  2. says

    Yes! Please make one for a giveaway because I saw this pillow online too but couldn’t afford it…also, I’m worried I’m too lazy to cut out so many petals.

  3. says

    SOOOO Loving this!!! Way to go, girly!! I’d love one…or 9! 😀 I’d also love to host a giveaway! This is just darling! I’m happy to be your newest follower of your delightful blog and I’d love to have you as a friend at Frou Frou Decor! I’d also like to invite you to link up at my weekly Fabulous Friday Finds party! Hope to see you there!
    ~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~

  4. says

    LOVE THIS! If you don’t do a giveaway, I think I’m going to have to make my own. But, my finger tips are all burnt up from my last hot glue related project so pretty please do a giveaway : D

    please please please

    <3 your newest follower

  5. says

    Oh, yes…unless you would prefer to just make it for me alone!!! Would you like my mailing address?!?!? LOL…it looks great!!! I’m your latest follower!

  6. says

    Wow, that’s awesome. I did a small felted flower on a pillow that I was trying to copy from Pottery Barn and it looks ok, but I wish I’d had your tutorial then. Great job!!

    ~ The Speckled Dogcccnbv

  7. says

    I saw this pillow in Pier One and thought the same thing…crazy price! I came home thinking I would make my own, but I’d rather try to win one from you! Great post~

  8. says

    hermoso hermoso , el almohadón es muy original, gracias por compartirlo , lo vi en un blog de amigas que ya lo han hecho con distinto materiales , pero este me encanto , dejo saludos de argentina……..

  9. says

    Yep, head over heels for this! Thank you so much – I’ll be making a bunch of these myself, now that my girls have seen them. You rock!

  10. says

    I totally love this pillow. Very, very beautiful :) I haven’t even finished mine and i feel that i too will be obsessed once I’m done!!! Thanks for sharing and for inspiring me to make one!!!

  11. says

    Thank you! I love the pillow! I had to go try it myself this weekend. I posted it on my blog and linked back to your tutorial. Thank you again!

  12. Lisa says

    In your tutorial you didnt give us the size of the various petals you cute out, i am a beginner in crafts.

  13. Poojitha says

    Please can you tell me where can I get the material and what type of material for flower felt pillow, thanks for sharing this pattern , you inspired me :)


  1. […] Mallory & Savannah are the brains behind Classy Clutter and they are showing us how to create these felt flower pillows.  Make these for gifts for a grad that will be going off to college in the fall in their school colors or decorate your home with these in several colors. Mallory saw these at Z-Gallerie’s and had to make some and I like hers better.  She made her center a little different and it adds so much.  She used hot glue rather than sewing because it is fast and easy to use. Thanks Mallory for this stunning tutorial. TUTORIAL HERE! […]

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