What do you think I should do?

A few months ago I said that I was wanting to change up my master bedroom a little bit. I started with paint on the walls I changed it to a airy blue color. I do love it and I also got new bedding that I sooo happy with. Although I have made a few small changes my room still does not have that light and airy feel about it.

This is a room from before I painted and my new bedding…
The BIG question I have for you is…..
Do I paint my bedroom furniture?
I have had this set since before I was married and it was a BIG purchase for us at the time and it also has a huge matching armoire. 
Before I painted I started to pin different bedrooms that I loved and in looking back most of the bedrooms have lighter furniture.
Here are a few I pinned and loved
Honestly, what should I do?!?!?!?
If my furniture was second hand or was cheap then I would not give it a second thought.
But because it was so much money I have doubts and I don’t want to regret it when the dark furniture comes back in style.
What is your opinion?
Thanks for the help

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  1. From an interior design course I went on, very dark furniture absorbs light from the room. You have quite a few pieces of dark furniture so that will contribute to the lack of light. I understand the reservation about painting expensive furniture, I can’t even bring myself to paint my Freecycled night stands because I’m scared of messing it up! With the fashion thing, it might come back in fashion, but it seems like you want a light and airy bedroom, so that might be more important to you.

    Good luck with the decision!

    Linda @ makingthingsbeautifulagain.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I didnt see your room since its been painted or if I did- I’ve forgotten- so sorry. ya know how it is in blogland ,, I see so many rooms:)

    I like your dark furniture but you know the phrase, Its Just Paint.. so try the new color you want and if you cant get used to it- paint it back in a darker tone.

    Its a bit of work but you wont know till you try it.. You might LOVE it and wonder why you ever asked this question..

    I wish you happiness with your room, whatever you decide to do..

  3. I say wait until the day comes that you can’t just stand not painting it anymore. There have only been a few pieces of furniture that have meant so much to me thatthe thought of painting them actually made me feel a little sad, so I had to wait until I felt really good about it. Honestly, it looks great the way it is (I do love the lighter furniture myself) but you have to feel good about it.

  4. I understand not wanting to change furniture that you put an investment, I’m with you on that. To me, more what blocks the airy feel of the room is that the bed frame is quite large (I’ve never been one for a full bed frame, just headboards). Maybe a change-up is in order – a simple padded headboard, similar to one of your pinned rooms, and painting some second hand end tables. Pack away your darker furniture, and when the style comes back around, or if you end up not liking the light, no harm done!

  5. I say paint it! I think you’ll love the difference it will make in the room! And if years from now, you want the pieces dark again…just pull the paint back out and switch it up!

    I have painted so many pieces now {although I admit they are all Craigslisted}, but they were all high quality pieces that many would have shamed me for painting. But I never regretted any of it…I love my painted pieces! 🙂

    Good luck with your decision!

  6. Based on the pins you included, you clearly don’t want dark furniture. So you should paint it. Or sell it. (But I would paint it.) As said by other commentor’s if you change your tastes and want the dark look back again, there’s always more paint. WHat did you do with the black thing above the bed? I also liked the comment about painting the ceiling fan blades. I did find it a little weird you didn’t include a pic of your room with the new changes.

  7. I vote yes, paint it! I think it will look lovely and brighten up the room, achieving the light and airy feel you desire. 🙂 Looking forward to before and after pics! 🙂

  8. If you really want to paint it, you should go for it. But if you’re worried about it, what if you made light colored panels to fit in the insets (or whatever you call them) of your headboard and footboard? It would take away a lot of the “darkness.” Just an idea…

  9. I had a large expensive dark bed and I wanted to paint it soooo badly but my Mom talked me out of it because it was such a nice piece of furniture. Sooo I ended up selling it on Craigslist and building my own headboard and I’ve never been happier with my decision! I don’t think dark furniture will be making a come back any time soon 🙂 Good luck!

  10. I wouldn’t paint your dark furniture if you are having a hard time with the idea. Maybe get rid of the bedframe? Add a lighter colored headboard, and add lighter colored accessories to your nightstands. There are many “pins” on pinterest with dark nightstands and the room still feels light and airy. Good luck!

  11. If it was stained wood I would be super nervous but since it’s black I say go for it. Your skills would totally get ya back to black if in a few years you are sick of it and want it black again but I think it’s great and bet you’d love it.

  12. Well good Monday morning girls! 🙂

    Okay, so here is what I am thinking {we are in the EXACT same boat} I too am wanting to “freshen up” and “lighten up” our master bedroom. However, we spent ALOT of money on our first bedroom suite together, which at the time, we loved. {Dark cherry wood, sleigh bed, etc.} I too, am very nervous about painting it, for the same reasons you stated above.

    So, for the time being, I added in a few white washed pieces, a vintage vanity, etc. It has helped ALOT with brightening up the space. But, the mismatched look is starting to bug me! Just being honest here! 😉

    The one thing that stands out to me in your master bedroom. The bed. I think it pulls down the “weight” of the room {if you will} Being it is dark and large also adds to that because your eyes focus directly on it.

    I personally think if you added a lighter shade upholstered headboard, it would make a HUGE difference!

    Next, I would paint the fan blades. YES! You can do that! Hubs and I have done it and it changes the look of the fan and the room!

    Then switch out your ottoman for something lighter as well! 🙂

    Okay, hope that helps. I swear I rarely comment on others blogs {especially this long} However, I love deorating and decorating tips from others!


  13. You could try removing the nightstands and the ottoman from the room and see if that lightens up the room enough. You could tie the dark bed into the room by using dark frames for art, etc. If that doesn’t do it for you, you’ll know it’s time to paint! I’m bucking the trend and actually painting my new-to-me headboard and footboard black, but it’s a conscious choice, since I like a nice dark bedroom. Good luck with your decision- I’m sure it will be beautiful!

  14. I say paint it! As I was scrolling down to leave my comment I did notice the “how to paint furniture like a pro” button so we know you can do it! If you want…start small and paint the nightstands first and see if you like it. Plus removing the dark bench, and painting the room all on color will help achieve a look closer to your inspiration photos. Good Luck!

  15. i say dont paint the furniture… it’s never the same once you do and try to take it off later. Your furniture is beautiful, but you are right.. it does not look light and airy right now. You might consider doing some kind of slip cover for the bench, and/or temporary tuffed cover for your headboard and footboard (leave the side tables as is). Also, lighten your walls and drapes (both color and fabric textur) to the lightest shade in your bedding and add lots of silver/mirrors/crystal (remove all dark accessories in the room). Here is a good examples of dark furniture in an “airy” room…imo 🙂



  16. I love the color,I would first add air havana style netting over the bed between fan and wall, I have my great-grandmothers bed so I could never paint that so I add mesquitto netting that has a hoop and drapes down on sides of bed,instant light,might even develop a phony window to the left of your mirror with additional light breezy curtains, I think this would give your room a light breezy look, I and also added mirrors above both of my endtables,added a bench like you did and covered it with a long pillow in my lightest colors with palm frawns (tan and yellow). This might be the easier way to add an airy look to your room. Everyone that goes in my room says it looks like a french caribian retreat. I also have white bedding as you do. If yo dont like it mirrors,curtains,and canopy are an easy return

  17. I happen to like dark furniture (I have a dark cherrywood sleighbed) but it is true that it can feel a bit cramped.
    In order for the room to feel airy, the trick is to ‘show the legs’ of the furniture and let the light flow under the bulkiest pieces. For instance, I would place that ottoman somewhere else and remove any unnecessary bulks from below the bed, such as frilly bedskirts. Also, I would either replace, paint and/or put framed mirrors above the sidetables to reflect light and enhance the space; shiny vintage trays on top of the side tables may also look interesting while adding light.

  18. First and foremost, you should do what makes you happy!!! But, from what I see in your photo, your furniture is beautiful – and in my opinion, won’t ever go out of style! We have very dark furniture in our master and I make up for it by having all light accents. We have pale grey walls and pops of pale pink. It seems to even out the darkness.

  19. Maybe just do something to some of it. Like just the nightstands? Or get a new headboard? Or something like that.

  20. I’d start shopping around for lighter furniture and sell it. We’re in the same boat right now and I’m trying to convince my husband how much better lighter, brighter, airier, rooms would be.

  21. Savannah, PAINT IT!! when/if lighter comes back in, you can paint it dark again. You will be so much happier with it lighter. this is a no-brainer…..

  22. How about buying an inexpensive header/footer, painting that to your delight, and then storing your current furniture? There’s lots of cheap ones at thrift stores or craigslist, or you can make a tufted one with plywood? That way you don’t “ruin” the furniture you have and still get your light and airy feel? I’m in the same boat, I have a cherry colored bed, but found these nightstands for $15 each, so I repainted them white & pink. It helps but still doesn’t give it that airy look

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