Pink wins! …as usual! {My sewing desk}

Thanks so much for the feedback on color choices for my little sewing station! Remember my desk is now my computer desk! It’s working perfectly for what I need in my craft room.

Well my friends, pink wins. As usual… I always battle with myself, kinda fighting the pink (because I don’t want to dress/decorate like a little girl having everything pink!) but I can’t help it. I love it. Every little bit, almost every shade of it! I love pink. There, I said it. And yeah, I have a Victoria’s Secret sweatshirt that says that. 
Yep. Wore it to Hobby Lobby today. 

Side note: I am thrilled that I get to wear sweat shirts in September here (in New York!). I would still be battling the 100+ degree “Fall” in AZ. I miss AZ, bad…. but I don’t miss the heat. I miss just about everything else but I’m loving NY so since I’m here for +/- 4 years… it’s a dang good thing I like it here. 
Okay, yeah, back to the desk!
I gave it a good sanding and two coats of light pink “oops” paint that I used on my chalkboard for my craft room and it looks perfect! It is super super hard to get a picture in that room showing the actual color because the lighting…well… sucks in that room! It kinda looks “Pepto Bismol” pink in the pictures but I promise its not! It’s like a soft ballet slipper color! 
I used Folk Art Metallic Pearl White to hand paint the details to make them have a subtle pearly metallic finish. I really love this stuff!

I used my little table tonight to finish reupolstering a chair and my friend taught me how to do zippers and everything! I’m kinda proud of myself! lol! This table is so perfect for my very limited sewing skills! 

I’m really happy I chose pink! Thanks to those who commented! I was torn between the pink and blue but as the blue dried, I wasn’t loving how dark it was. It went from a pretty dreamy blue to like a cloudy blue color (?). Weird. 
Sooo… wanna see what I did next in my craft room? Big reveal coming soon! 
Eek!! I love it! 
Where do you do your sewing? Do you sew? Do you “love pink”?

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  1. I just adore the pink. It’s perfect for a table that size…and I am loving the pearly details. Now I am feeling inspired to tackle a project of my own!

  2. I love it and I say bring on the pink if it’s what you love!! I love aqua and it makes me happy so it’s everywhere in my home! And I don’t have a craft room 🙁 I bring my sewing machine out of the garage and sew at my desk!

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