FULL REVEAL: #MallorysClassicColonial Laundry Room!

This post is sponsored by BEHR Paint Company. As always, all opinions are our own.

We always say that paint is one of the easiest ways to transform a room. And it is!

But it still requires thinking of an idea, going to the store, choosing paint samples, testing them at home, and then going back to the store once you’ve made your decision. That’s a lot of work!

For my laundry room makeover, we took a whole different approach thanks to BEHR® Express!

I started by checking out all of their color options online. They have a curated palette of 55 can’t go wrong colors to choose from and a super handy quiz to help you narrow down your color choices based on the room and style.

Once you choose your color options, they send over peel & stick paint samples! No painting required! I just stuck them up on my wall to make sure the color was exactly what I envisioned! I’m hooked and never going back!

TIP: Paint can look very different depending on the space and lighting in the room, so you always want to get a sample!

Here are the colors I chose to sample:


I spent some time with the paint samples on my wall and based on the size of the room, I thought going light, bright, and airy would be the best choice. Can you guess what I went with?

Once I decided on a color, all I had to do was add a paint gallon and the All-in-One Painting Kit to my cart and checking out was so easy. The box arrived with a gallon of BEHR ULTRA™ Interior Paint , a brush, a roller, and a paint tray in just a few days! I had everything I needed for this project without ever leaving my house which is win for me haha!

Are you ready for the final reveal?!

I am absolutely thrilled with the end result! I love the paint, but I loved the process of picking my samples, ordering my paint online, and having all of the supplies delivered to my door even more! BEHR® Express for the win!


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