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Hi!  I’m Mallory and I blog at Classy Clutter with my best friend Savannah. I was so excited when Aimee emailed me asking me to participate in the Dreamy Dwellings series on her blog! She’s awesome huh?

Let’s start with how we got here. My husband is a dental student at University at Buffalo. We are Arizona natives but we packed up our little car and relocated from Mesa, Arizona to the great state of New York!  We are renting our home from a fabulous family that just finished their dental school journey.

We moved in July 2011 with exactly what fit in my car. THAT’S IT! Not a “stick of furniture” as my grandmother said. We basically had our clothes, toiletries and a few personal things. PS. we have a Nissan Rogue (a small crossover SUV) that my hubby drove across the country so most of my clothes didn’t even make the trip!

We’ve been here a little over a year and we’ve come a long way! Let’s have a look around.
When you walk through the door, you step right into our living room/family room!

  We removed the old carpet in this room and refinished the hardwood floors hiding under the carpet. You can see how I painted stripes on the wall here and how I refinished the coral tv console here.

I have a tutorial for just about EVERYTHING in this room so check out the Living Room post here. We spend the majority of our time in this room. It is the perfect space to play and relax with the kiddos!

Next you walk through the striped hallway.

Turn left and that leads you to my craft room! This is the only girly space in the house since I live with 3 boys and I’m expecting another little boy in March! This space gets the girly decorating out of my system. 🙂

See the full Craft Room Reveal here for all tutorials ‘n such! Then, right next to my craft room is our bathroom.
Behind door #3 in the hallway is our master bedroom.  I love black and white and I LOVE mustard yellow! This just fits my personality perfectly and my hubby loves it too! I mean it’s his room too after all. 😉
Master bedroom reveal post here. You can also see how I made the capiz shell chandelier out of wax paper for under $10! Check that out here.
Down the other direction in the hallway is our kitchen and dining space.  We obviously spend lots of time in here too! I have a couple more little projects for this room but it is one of my favorite rooms for sure!
 I updated the kitchen with paint and accessories to make it match my style and vision. I really love how it all came together. I couldn’t be happier! The full kitchen reveal post can be found here.

As you can tell, this is a teeny little space so I created this DIY Canned food organizer and spice cabinet to help with storage space.
Then, of course, our little dining room space. It took me some trial and error to see where I wanted this space to go but once the kitchen cabinets were painted, I found my inspiration and got her done! See the full post here. Learn how to make the ruffled burlap curtains here.
Finally, I’ll take you upstairs to spy on the kiddos! hehe! Juuuust kidding! Kind of. Let’s check out their airplane inspired room.
My boys love their airplane room and I do too! Its such a great place to play and go crazy! But it cleans up nicely! I love that. You can find my little boys’ bedroom / playroom makeover here.

Since baby boy #3 will be joining the room in the spring, I have been working on adding baby’s things into the room. I started with this Stenciled Biplane dresser and I just love it!

Phew! Did you catch all that?  I am so grateful to have a home that I love and fellow bloggers like Aimee, to inspire me to make this little rental house feel like home for the next 3 years at least.

I’d love if you’d pop over and say “Hello!” You can also check out my blog partner, Savannah’s home, room by room here.

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  1. I love you posts and style. I’ve seen your photos all over pinterest and always loved them but never clicked over i guess. You coral and mint decor was a source of inspiration when I did my baby girls nursery. Love it! Beautiful work!

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