Crosstown Classic with Elkay Chicago

This post is sponsored by Elkay. All opinions are our own. Crosstown Classic with Elkay

There are times in life when you look around and realize how blessed you truly are. Savannah and I are literally working our dream jobs. A job no one heard of less than 10 years ago. Being a blogger is a weird job. When people ask what we do, they look puzzled when we reply. That being said, we had one of those “pinch me” moments a few weeks ago when we attended the Crosstown Classic with Elkay in Chicago, Illinois.

Elkay wanted to give us a true Chicago experience and boy, it did not disappoint. It started with us arriving at the most unbelievably unique and gorgeous hotel we have ever stayed in. For real.  Elkay really outdid themselves with the hotel alone. We stayed in EMC2 and it was literally a designer’s dream come true! It was absolutely breathtaking with the coolest view of the city!

The next morning we attended a tour of their Broadview Plant. We had a yummy lunch and watched a presentation with all of the nitty gritty details of the company and a preview of the process of creating Elkay’s famous stainless steel sinks. Fun fact: did you know that Elkay only uses their employees and family members for their advertising? They are the most family friendly company we have ever worked with, truly.

Following the presentation, we donned our hard hats, eye wear and ear protection and were taken through the entire plant and got to witness first hand how stainless steel sinks are made by Elkay. The process is quite unbelievable and we could not get over how incredibly friendly and generous every-single-employee was!

Elkay is paving the way for a modern looking stainless steel sink. The contemporary design and the way it is crafted is quite remarkable. Elkay’s  Crosstown sink line has modern lines, square corners versus the traditionally round corners that take up a lot of that coveted space in your sink. These tight corners also allow for a flat bottom which helps prevent your dishes from tipping over in the sink. They have extra deep options and can even create virtually anything custom!

Check out this incredible custom sink Elkay created for food blogger, Marge Perry of A Sweet and Savory Life

Elkay has mastered the “Perfect Drain” so no more gunky, gross rings around your drain. We’ve all seen that!

After the Broadview Plant tour we visited the Crawford Supply Showroom where we had hors d’oeuvres, checked out some of their products on display and watched a mixologist work his magic and show the benefits of Crosstown, Elkay’s modern stainless steel sink portfolio. It was so fun! Afterward, we went to the most delicious (and gorgeous!) restaurant, The Dawson!  Let’s just say, their coconut lime ice cream is what dreams are made of.

The next day I called “Chicago day!” haha! We woke up and went on the Architectural Tour on a cute little boat and learned so much about Chicago’s famous architecture. It was fascinating and the weather was just unreal. Each building is unique and gorgeous.

Next up, Cubs VS White Sox game at Wrigley Field. This was a bucket list moment for both Savannah and me. Elkay had a section reserved for us with food and drink and front row seats! We tried to get Ben Zobrist to throw us the ball but he picked a cute little boy near us. Fair enough! Haha! The cubs won and we sang “Go Cubs Go” like true Chicagoans.  We even made it up on the jumbotron! Our kids thought we were the coolest when we sent them the video! The atmosphere at Wrigley Field is unmatched and we can’t wait to take our families back someday!

The next step in our partnership with Elkay is our makeovers! We will be working with our favorite products in our homes (both of us will be working on our kitchens!) and we cannot WAIT to show you what we have in store. Thanks again to Elkay for truly spoiling us and showing us around Chicago. It was an unforgettable experience to say the least! Stay tuned for our makeovers in the coming weeks!

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  1. Hey Mallory and Savannah,

    It’s good to know that Elkay is a family friendly company. Thumbs up as well on how they value safety of their employees and guests. Some of this types of industry nowadays forget the importance of hard hat, eye and ear protection.

    Thanks for sharing your Crosstown Classic with Elkay experience 🙂

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