Totally Inspired Tuesday by Mallory

So, I am so glad I have my blogs to turn to when I’m in so much pain from the dentist this morning. 🙁  I definitely need to find me some Advil or something.

My goodness today’s inspiration is soo…… inspiring! ha! Creative huh?

Anyway, I was browsing A bowl full of lemons’ Parade of Homes she hosted in May and I was in love with just about every single home!

One that REALLY stood out to me was The Old Painted Cottage. Every. Single. Room. in their home is jaw dropping! Her kitchen and bedroom are a few of my favorites so I thought I’d share them!

That “Bakery” sign is awesome! I’m loving it!

and I am LOVING her bedroom too…

The bedroom in my new house is not too big and not too small, it’s just right! =) Just like this one. I LOVE the cozy feel and the Pottery Barn meets vintage cottage! OH my goodness I love it. I am dying over those Silhouettes and the mantel headboard! 
I think I need this bedroom with a French Crystal Chandelier like this!
If anyone wants to donate $595 to my pretty bedroom fund, that’d be sweet.
PS. I am done with all the squares I just need to sew them together and sew the duvet to the quilt top and then I can show you my version of the tutorial 😉 
**Updated to add: My quilt is done! You can see it here!
What do you think friends?! I’m loving it!

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