Meet the NEWEST member of my family

When you saw the title of this post you probably thought I was talking about Mallory’s brand new baby. He is the cutest little guy ever but I was referring to MY newest baby. I have lost sleep over this sweet new addition and I have also missed meals, and neglected house work because it.

Meet our Trailer! {Name is still undecided}


Here are some of the before pictures of the inside….














Our family has been in the market for a trailer for quite some time now. And we finally found one that fit the bill and that was in pretty good working shape. If you remember way back when I introduced you to a different trailer, which became a BIG Big FAIL! It was so hard for us to find parts that would work for that model and we soon realized that it would cost an arm and leg to redo it. So this time around we did it a little different. We got this from a family friend and it is a 1991 trailer and everything is in pretty good working order. Which means a lot of what we will doing for it will be the fun stuff that makes it look pretty and looks/feels more updated.

We are refinishing the cabinets, and floors and the recovering the bench, redoing the bathroom. We have a few different tricks up our sleeves and I am so excited to share every bit of the journey with all of you. We are teaming up with Home Depot for this crazy adventure and we soooo excited about it.

I really do want to find a good name for this beauty…. if you have any good ideas… Let me know!! We are going to share this beauty on Instagram ( I really hope you are following us…. @classyclutter) and ask for name suggestions, Join the conversation!

Much Love sign-2


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  1. That one looks very well-kept for a 91 model. You got very lucky on that find! Our family hopes to resume camping (I say resume because my husband and I camped a lot and had an old, fixed-up motor home before we had kids) in the next couple of years. We want to wait until our youngest is about 2 just so it’s easier to manage. Our old motor home was painted a plum color and had a face painted on it (think Cars movies) and we would get so many people that would stop to talk about it at the campgrounds. It was definitely a conversation starter. We loved it and it was painted and fixed up by my in-laws that had it before us. That motor home’s name was Annabelle. 🙂

  2. I am sooo excited to see you take on this project. I am going to refinish the cabinets in our 5th wheel this winter, even though it’s only a 2006, the cabinets definitely need attention!! Looking forward to see what’s up your sleeve!! 🙂
    Our RV is Means’ Manor Mobile Unit! 🙂

  3. Wow this looks great for a 91 camper!!! I cannot wait to see what you do with it. We have a camper on our river lot that has been completely gutted, insulation put in and panels put on the walls so we have a complete blank canvas to work with but I cannot make my mind up of what I want to do with it!!!!

  4. Oh my goodness – this is almost a carbon copy of the trailer my mom had! I think hers was just a little longer but the interior colors & patterns and layout are identical!
    Great find. My hubby and I are in the market to find a trailer for our family. With football season being in full swing it would sure be nice to have our “own” bed to crawl into after an away game.

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