Master Bedroom with Crane and Canopy

I am so excited to show you a few changes that I made to my master bedroom. The biggest change was my bedding. I am obsessed with my new bedding from Crane and Canopy. This bedding is one of the most comfortable bedding that I have ever had. This bedding is called the Cortland Grey Duvet. It’s made up of 100% cotton sateen and it is 300 thread count and it the best thing about it is that its machine washable. My last set of bedding was dry clean only and it was a nightmare. Better yet this bedding is very affordable.051

I love the texture of this bedding and it’s still really soft.071

The Color of this bedding is such perfect grey which is very hard to come by. 061

If you don’t remember my bed and night stands were once dark brown almost black and I repainted them. Check out the post HERE070

I also added this cute clock from Home Goods on my husband side of the bed. You can find the wallpaper from Wallpaper Direct here. I got it at a local shop in Phoenix but it is available online.055



The pillows are all from Home Goods. The the big white ones with the poms poms around it makes my heart oh so happy.063


I have loved this sign since the moment I saw it on HGTV Fixer Upper. This is such a great show and Joanna Gaines from the show has an online shop called Magnolia Market. I do love this shop and everything in it. I have purchased a few things from her shop. Her stuff is affordable and adds a great impact.060I am loving my master bedroom with its few changes. It all seems to be a bit more complete and has a calm and clean feel to it all. Check out Crane and Canopy they has such beautiful bedding for all styles with such a great price tag.

Much Love sign-2


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  1. Apologies if this is a repeat request. Where was your wallpaper purchased from. My daughter is in love with it!

  2. Hello i kindbif obcessed with u wall paper. Whats the name of it? I went to website coudnot find it. Tks

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