Handpainted CREATE sign {& tutorial}

So.. I needed something fun and cute to put on my new (to me) desk (that post coming REALLY soon) and I didn’t want to buy anything… Don’t you hate that?!  So I came up with something I could make with things I had lying around the house.
I had this kitchen drawer front that had fallen off of the front of my drawer at my old house and instead of throwing it out, I held on to it thinking as usual “I can make something out of this someday..” My hubby just rolled his eyes and tossed it in our garage. We’ve moved 4 times since then, yes 4! … and somehow this random piece of wood never got thrown out.. Anywho… Here’s what I did!
First I painted it black… then changed my mind and painted it Ivory…
See my little helper sticking his tongue out back there. 🙂 Love that kid.
Next I found a font I liked and printed the lettering out on my printer. I printed it using “fast draft” and grayscale to save ink. {I HATE replacing ink cartridges}  I, meaning my hubs, used my Xacto knife to cut out the letters to create a stencil. I tried first but he has a much steadier hand than I. Perhaps why he will make a good dentist (He’s applying to dental school right now – hehe!)
Next, I used spray adhesive (I like Elmer’s Craft Bond)  and sprayed the back of the paper stencil. 
Then I placed the (now sticky) stencil on the board and lined it up so it would be straight and everything. 
Finally I was able to paint the lettering on… I used a foam sponge brush and cheap acrylic craft paint for this. Don’t you love my fine china??! 🙂 Paper plates are the best when you have toddlers! 

I also painted around the edges to tie in the black. 
(some paint is still wet in the photo)

It’s far from perfect there a lots of imperfections in the lettering but I love how it turned out. The best part was it was FREE! Sa-weet!! 
Now go paint something!

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