The Notebook Inspired Wall Art

I did this project over 2 years ago, before Classy Clutter was born, but even though I did it so long ago I thought I would still share it with you because I still love it!
In my last house I had a large and awkward wall. I wanted a large piece of artwork or a quote for it. The artwork was too expensive and I did not want to use vinyl on the walls because I knew we would be moving soon and I did not want to waste my money.  
So instead I… 
1. got a very large piece of canvas from Micheals 
(and used a 50% off coupon of course)
2. I taped off the canvas to add stripes 
( I love the chevron/zig zag pattern.. it would look awesome on canvas)
3. Used paint I had around the house and a foam brush to paint the stripes.
(make sure the paint is still wet when you pull off the tape)
4. Ordered a quote from one of my favorite movies the Notebook.  You can order vinyl through Mallory. She does custom vinyl designs! Check out her etsy shop or for a custom order, email her at  
5. Applied the Quote after the paint was totally dry.
Project Complete!
This DIY artwork now hangs in my bedroom and 
it is a very nice reminder that good things are worth working for!

Don’t forget about our
Lots of Love,

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  1. Oh, I just love this. I was on bedrest with our first baby and my hubby and I watched this movie. This quote has so much meaning. Must steal your cute artwork idea. Thanks!

  2. Loving this idea! One other tip – I found a store clearing out canvas wall hangings for $1.50 each, and I snagged them up – not even caring if I liked the prints on them or not, because I figured it nothing else, I could cover them with fabric! Love your hanging!! Following your blog and hope you drop in on mine too! Hugs & smiles

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