Curtain Bangs: My Best Tips and Tricks!

I have had bangs for several years now and I am feeling very cool that curtain bangs are vert cool these days! Although I LOVE the look of bangs, they can definitely be tricky to style and maintain. I have been a hair stylist for over 15 years so my tips and tricks are very well tested!

With that said… is where I cut my bangs!

Are Curtain Bangs For Me?

If you want to have curtain bangs, then YES! They are for you!

You know that I don’t believe in design or style “rules”, but there are some ways to tell if curtain bangs will give you the change you’re looking for.

Do you have time to style them and wash them each day?

Having hair pressed against your forehead means they will get oily! I find that I have to wash them every single day – even on the days I don’t wash my hair. I wash them in the sink and lightly towel dry.

Do you have the proper tools to take care of them?

If you want curtain bangs, a great blow dryer is an absolute MUST! I cannot live without my Dyson hair dryer because it truly makes such a difference in my hair.

When I’m blow drying my bangs after washing, I dry them in the opposite direction I want them to lay. I quickly move the blow dryer back and forth from right to left to make sure they don’t dry flat on my head.

TIP: Make sure you’re not pointing the dryer straight down on your forehead. If your bangs dry flat to your face, they will stay that way all day!

On most days, I curl my hair with my favorite long barrel curling iron for a loose wave look. It is the best curling iron I’ve tried!

Will you be able to get them trimmed every 2-3 weeks?

This is a big one! I get my bangs trimmed about every 2 weeks. If I go much longer, they don’t have the same look! Have someone readily available to help you get trimmed frequently! I actually cut my bangs myself (don’t recommend that!), but if you can get on your stylist’s schedule you’ll be good to go!

Do you like the way they look with different hair styles?

On good hair days, bangs are amazing. However, sometimes when your hair is in a ponytail or a different style, you may not love them as much. I would think about how you style your hair each day now to make sure they fit into your everyday hair routine. If you don’t like the look of bangs and ponytail and you where a ponytail frequently, they may not be for you!

Here’s my final thought…

Don’t be scared of change! If you want to try something new, I hope you go for it! My bangs grow out SO fast and I’m sure yours will too. Although, I bet you’ll love them so much you won’t want them to!

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