“Survival Kit” A Fabulous Teacher Gift Idea

“Survival Kit” A Fabulous Teacher Gift Idea

It’s time for back to school which means to time to meet the new teachers. My mom ALWAYS sent me with a little gift on the first day of school or on meet the teacher day. And I know without a doubt that it would give me the edge even before school started. I came up with this cute teacher gift / teacher survival kit that is easy to put together and that is very fun.

Teacher Gift Edited

Materials needed are:

  • Jar
  • 2 boxes of Colored Pencils or crayons
  • hot glue gun
  • goodies for the inside
  • Cute label or tag

Inside of mine I had…

My favorite crystal light energy packets, gum, Advil, lotion, gift card (for a few extra supplies) Tide to go pen, Wipes, Sanitizer, and chapstick.

You really could put anything you wanted in here. I think its the thought that counts. I started by hot gluing all the colored pencils onto the jar. I went through almost two boxes of the 24 count colored pencils. I finished in only about 10 mins. Make sure that the labels are either all facing out of in so that it all matches.

Teacher Gift 1

Teacher Gift 2


Teacher gift 4

Don’t you think it turned out super cute!?!? I just think it’s so darling!

Teacher gift idea 5 Much Love sign-2

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  1. That is super cute and so simple! I like how bright and cheery it is, and how it could be used to keep and “hide” all of that stuff, or be repurposed to hold something in the classroom.
    Nice one!

  2. This is really cute, but be careful if you include Advil or such. In some districts, students may get in trouble for bringing any pills into school. If included, it would be best for a parent to hand the gift to the teacher at open house.

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