DIY Decorative Hot Air Balloons for $5

DIY Hot air balloons
I wanted my Valentines Day Party to have a theme and like I shared last week, the theme of the party was “Love is in the Air”.  I knew I wanted some kind of hot air balloon involved in the party. I searched high and low for a cheap hot air balloon that I could hang from the ceiling above my fireplace. The cheapest I found was $60 for a 7in one. I did not want to spend that. So I decided that I was going to try and make one. 
After ALOT of thought I came up with this. Use a $1 store beach ball, paint it and get a small basket (which I found at hobby lobby), fishing line, jute, and a small piece of white fabric.  Since the hot air balloon was around $5 in total I made two. The outcome was perfect! 
I painted the two beach balls one pink and red and the other yellow with white/cream color.
I hot glued jute/twine inside the basket.
With a small piece of white scrap fabric I made little sand bags,  tied with the jute. (I did not put anything into the little bag because I did not want to weigh down the balloon)
I tied fishing line around the balloon and the tie the jute that was tied onto the basket around the fishing line. Then, I tied fishing line to the part of the balloon that you blow into and hung it from the ceiling with a thumbtack.
DIY Hot Air Balloon tutorial
Finished! I was more then excited about the outcome! I love cheap but great decor!
What do you think? Do you LOVE it or what?
Savannah Sig

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