Burlap Halloween Wreath {Make this for $5}

I decided I needed really would like a Halloween wreath on my front door. Being a full-time college student & married to a full-time college student, we are on a major budget… especially when it comes to Holiday Decor. BOOO! I got the idea to make a budget friendly wreath to help make my home festive! 
Burlap is SUPER cheap! I got 2 yards of black burlap at Joann’s for around $4 using a coupon.  They had 50% off any reg-priced item this week! YAHOO! 
Got the spool of Orange and Black Zebra ribbon at Wal-Mart for $1. LOOOVE this ribbon btw! 

Here’s how I did it:
1. I unwound the hook of the hanger so it was one long wire.
2. I formed it into a circle shape.
3. Cut my burlap into 3″ strips. I used about 1 3/4 yards of burlap.
4. I folded the strips back and forth as I threaded it through the wire.
5. Once I had a full-looking wreath, I spaced out the fabric and secured it in random places, using hot glue, to the wire hanger so it didn’t slide around.
6. Finally, I rewound the wire to close the hanger. I ended up keeping the hook part of the hanger so I could hang the wreath from it on my door. 
7. Made a quick bow and glued it on! Voila! DONE! 
It seems like a lot of steps but the most time consuming part as cutting the strips.
It looks super cutie on my front door! 
PS. My hubby gave in and let me put up the decorations a few days early when he saw how excited I was about it all! What a sweet man! 
Like it?  Do you have your Halloween Decor up yet? Leave us a link and show us what you’ve been up to!
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  1. Wow! That’s really cute! I also made a wreath- mine used felt sheets and was under $6! You can check it out on my blog. I’m going to university full-time and so is my husband so I know exactly where you’re coming from money-wise. I love Joann’s & their coupons!!!


  2. I’m the crazy girl that put up decorations Sept 1st. I think you can blame this heat wave on me. I swear, cool down already!
    Anyways, I’m more of a Fall lover than a Halloween lover (don’t hate me)
    I’m also a cheapy with no money and this is all I have done around my home. (it’s pretty much all handy-me-down stuff and $1 scarecrow finds)

    LOVE this wreath and I totally want to do it. My leaves on my door are pretty dinky.

  3. That is precious, and so easy, like you said. But looks like a million bucks! I’ll be doing this come thanksgiving & christmas, although I may start with a linen colored burlap and just switch out the ribbons on top for the holiday 🙂 THANKS!

  4. Mallory! First, I love your name! Second, I adore your wreath! Isn’t burlap fun? I kinda want to take mine down and replace it with a version like yours! I love the texture of the folded burlap! Gorgeous! The ribbon totally makes it though – might have to make the trip to Walmart just so I can play copy cat!
    PS – Excited to be your newest follower!!

  5. That turned out great! I too made a wreath on the cheap courtesy of my Magnolia Tree. You can see my Fall and Halloween decorations on my blog. I might have to use your burlap wreath idea to make small wreaths for my stairwell(I have cats that like to eat leaves). 🙂

  6. I have been looking for a simple idea for a wreath, and this is perfect! I love it!
    Love your blog too! Now a follower!

  7. It is gorgeous – not frightening at all!! And the price is even better. Must find my burlap and steal your fab idea. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Hopping over from Sarah’s Before and After party. I loooove anything having to do with burlap! 🙂 Such a cute Halloween wreath idea!!

  9. I really like this..gonna have to make me one..Would love for you to share at my Link party “Creative Halloween Ideas”http://jeana-marie.blogspot.com/2011/09/creative-halloween-ideas.html

  10. I made this in orange and glued black silhouettes of a tree, cat and moon on it. Looks cool!! Thinking about making it “reversible” and gluing Thanksgiving stuff on other side to use all through fall. Thanks for the terrific idea!

  11. I love this wreath! I didn’t even know that they made black burlap! I guess I’m going to have to make a trip to JoAnne’s! I found you at I Heart Naptime. Thanks for sharing!

  12. What a GORGEOUS wreath!!! I’m featuring you tomorrow…thanks for sharing at my party! XO, Aimee

    it’s overflowing | simply inspired home living

  13. I LOVE this wreath! Super cute+super cheap=my kind of project! And I <3 Joann's and their coupons. I featured it over on my blog, if you want to check it out.


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