Organizing FAQ and answers!

We are SO THRILLED of the response from our post on the Kitchen Pantry Makeover! We had lotsa questions regarding the organization so we thought we’d tackle them in a post!  Leave a comment if you have any additional questions!

OH! Send us a pic of your pantry re-organized (or another space in your home) and we’d love to feature you! Maybe we can start a Feature YOU Friday or something fun like that! Who wants to be first!? 🙂

Q: Where did you get the black and white baskets?
A: These little cuties came from Michael’s about a year ago! They have one similar in stores now! Maybe even the same ones if you’re lucky!

Q: Where did you get the Cereal Dispensers, Jars and Baskets?
A: The cereal dispensers came from Target here, the jars and baskets came from Wal-Mart but I couldn’t seem to find them on the Wal-Mart’s site! You can get them from Amazon here

 I looooove the double dispensers! These are from Target too! Love it! They come in so many cute colors! Black, White, Red and Silver are the ones I saw! They might even have more!

Q: Where did you get the labels for everything?
A: We made them all! We made the hanging tags and ALL of the labels using my Silhouette! We’ve had so many people ask so I decided that I would sell them too! I will be adding them to my etsy shop this weekend! I’ll keep ya posted on that!
Anywho…. Comment or email us if you have any additional questions! We’d LOVE to see what you have been organizing!!!

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  1. Light bulb moment! I need tags for some organization. I have been reading all of these blogs and have bookmarked inspiration here and there. Never thought to cut those babies with my silhouette!

    Isn’t funny? I can think of a thousand things to do with that sucker. Not once did it cross my mind to make the tags. Hello!

    Thank You!

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