DIY Stenciled Pillow {with fabric paint and vinyl)

After revealing my little boys’ airplane room, I had several inquiries asking for tutorials on various things in the room so I’m going to try to take you through a few of them. I’m going to start with how to stencil a design on a pillow using fabric paint and vinyl. The cool thing is, you can stencil ANYTHING! Pillows, rugs, furniture, wood, canvas, anything! 
You will need:
Item to stencil a design on (I used muslin fabric found at Hobby Lobby)
Vinyl cutter (Silhouette or Cricut)
Fabric paint (I used Tulip brand fabric paint)
Stencil brush or sponge brush
First, you’ll take your fabric, or whatever you’re stenciling and place a “negative space” vinyl over top. The negative space is the outside area of the design.
Next, you’ll take a sponge brush and lightly dab fabric paint into the empty space. They make stencil paint brushes but I didn’t have one and I wanted to use all materials I had on hand for this project so I just used a foam craft brush. Easy enough huh? 
Repeat until you’ve got the area covered really well. TIP: I placed a piece of cardboard under my fabric to prevent any bleeding onto unwanted surfaces. 
Let it dry and voila! DONE! So simple!  PS… to make the pillow, I sewed 2 rectangles together and stuffed it with Polyfill from JoAnns Fabrics. You can find another way to make a throw pillow case here.
See the full bedroom reveal post here.
 I used freezer paper instead of vinyl to stencil the airplane. If anyone is interested, I can share that method as well! 
Happy Stenciling,

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4 Responses to DIY Stenciled Pillow {with fabric paint and vinyl)

  1. Sonya Sosa says:

    Very cool! Easy and turned out great. Now, Yes Please…I’m not the smartest cookie with freezer paper projects. Heard a lot about it but not sure where to really start. Would love a tut on it.

  2. Cute pillows! I prefer the freezer paper method as it is so cheap and works great! I use screen printing ink though as it really soaks into the fibers of the material instead of looking like it is just sitting on it.. if you haven’t tried it you might want to.. just a thought! Thanks for sharing! – Susan

  3. Yes, please do tell how to do it with freezer paper (and maybe even what is freezer paper?). Is that pathetic? I ordered my first vinyl-cutter-machine-thingy so hopefully I’ll be able to attempt this soon:)


  4. Shannon says:

    The pillows look great in the bedroom — how nautical/spirited/boyish…love it! I used to (try) and sew pillow covers for each season to update our living room, but now that I have a Silhouette, I guess I could do fabric stenciled ones instead.

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