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8 Adorable Easter Breakfast Ideas

Everyone wants to wake up to an amazing Easter breakfast! Here are 8 delicious and adorable breakfast recipes ideas! Check them out!

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We love Easter at our house. We have so many Easter traditions. My kids love waking up to Easter breakfast, bunny prints inside our house, and their Easter baskets. Every Easter I do a fun Easter breakfast before church. My kids can’t wait to see their bunny breakfast. They look forward to see what breakfast food I have changed to the shape of a bunny! These are a few of my favorite Easter Breakfast Ideas. What are you making for your Easter Breakfast this year?

Scrambled Egg Bunny

 The cutest egg bunny dish I have seen! If you haven’t checked out this blog you are missing out I love all of her food recipes and this one is just too adorable.

Pancake Peeps

I love this bunny pancakes they are so easy for the kids to just dip in syrup. They love that the pancakes are in the shape of bunnies. They can’t wait to eat them.

Easter Fruit Kabobs

Adorable fruit Kabobs that are easy to make and add fruit to a fun breakfast!

Easter Bunny Waffles

Isn’t this bunny just so cute! I love everything about this waffle. Not only do my kids love to eat this my husband and I do too! It is the cutest!

Super easy Easter egg breakfast pops for kids - fun and healthy Easter treat idea

Easter Breakfast Popsicles

Yummy Yogurt popsicles that are adorable!

Easter Egg Fruit Pizza

This fruit pizza looks amazing! I love all the fun colors fruit add to make this fruit pizza fabulous.

Bunny Pancake Tutorial 1

Bunny Pancakes

Pink bunny pancakes that make me so happy! These fun bunnies are so fun to eat.

Easter Bunny Rolls - Cinnabunnies for Easter Breakfast

Easter Bunny Cinnamon Rolls

Easy and delicious cinnamon rolls you must try!


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