Inspired Monday and Classy Cookin’ Kickoff!

Good morning!! So glad you stopped by today! We’re so excited to kick off Classy Cookin’ this week on our blog! We’ve got some awesome recipes lined up for you from some amazing food bloggers! 

It’s Monday and you know what that means! (or you should anyway *wink*) It’s time for me to share my inspiration for the week! Since we’re all about food this week, I’m sharing some fabulous grilling ideas! Is it Spring at your house yet? We’re on the tail end of what ended up being a mild winter and looking forward to a fabulous Spring! 
Here are some of my favorite grill ideas!
I don’t have the source for this photo but don’t these Shrimp-kabobs look fantastic! Especially on the beach!? YUMMM!!!
Seeing a trend here? I love grilling and I love Mel’s Kitchen Cafe! 😉
Oh man! I hope it doesn’t rain tonight so I can try one of these babies out! YUMMY! 
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