15 necessities when you have a Newborn

I had a baby a few weeks ago and there are a few things that I have loved in the first few weeks. I consider them all must haves! Not everyone needs all of these things but these are the things I had/used that made my life way easier when I brought my little guy home from the hospital.
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1. Getting a house cleaner while in the hospital.
I hated cleaning the last few weeks of pregnancy, its was nearly impossible with a huge belly. My mom is amazing and as a gift to me with every baby she has had a cleaner come in and deep clean my house while I am in the hospital. I loved coming home to a clean house!

2. Crafts or “busy” work for other kidsIf you have other kids, stock up on crayons and coloring books packed in their bags when they stayed with family (while I was in the hospital) and I took some to the hospital in my bag so when they came to visit they had something fun to do.

3. Pads of all kinds. Popsicle pads, nursing pad, maxi-pads, and a heating pad.
Have you heard of popsicle pads?? Oh my gosh, you HAVE to have them after delivering baby. They are so soothing for a sore mommy. If you have a c-section, these won’t really benefit you but if not, they’re a MUST! This is what you will need Maxi pads, Aloe Vera Jelly, Witch Hazel, and Lavender Oil. To learn how to make the Popsicle pads go HERE (I made 15 but I only used like 8)
Popsicle Pads
Maxi-pads are a given to keep you clean postpartum and nursing pads are helpful whether you plan to breastfeed or not. You will likely experience some engorgement and you’ll need pads in your bra to catch any leaking milk. Heating pads are really helpful for your sore back as well.

Suave Dry Shampoo

I am hair stylist and I have tried many, many different dry shampoos and this one by FAR is my favorite! It costs under $3 and works better than any expensive brand. I love it!  Doing my hair was the last thing I wanted to do, this stuff came in handy the first few weeks of my baby’s life!
5. Onesies or outfits with cuff mittens. I had mittens to put on but they were always coming off. The gowns are great for diaper changes too because there are no snaps or anything. So easy!
6. Pantry stocked with quick and easy snacks for you and other kids and visitors.

7. Paper products. Toilet paper, paper plates and plastic cups.Disposables are so much easier to deal with than dishes in the first few weeks until you feel up to it.

8. Beanie Bed for babyI got a bean bed for my first baby and I LOVE it! This bed can be taken from room to room and we put it in our bed.
There are a ton of great brands of little bean beds but his one can be purchased HERE.

9. Swaddle blankets by Aden and Anais Found Here or at Target. They are so soft andswaddle really well! These are my favorite blankets EVER! They are big and they are a perfect cover when nursing!

10. Button down pjs for Mommy. I got button down Victoria Secret Cotton pjs for Christmas and these are the bestpjs ever! Worth every penny. Button Downpjs are the best thing for nursing and are great when you don’t want to wear a bra.

Newborn props



11. Meals from others and/or Freezer Meals

This is a must! If you don’t have people bringing in meals (some friends, family members or church groups may arrange this for you!)  then prepare a head of time and do some freezer meals on your own. Also have frozen meals, such as chicken nuggets, lasagna, pot pies, sandwiches etc. Check out our Freezer Meals Pinterest Board for more ideas.

12. Stuff for newborn pictures Hats, Bow ties, blankets, headbands, backdrops, outfits etc. Try to find props or matching outfits for siblings too! Love these pictures that were done by Tyson French at tysonfrenchphoto.blogspot.com Love his style and if you live in Arizona I would totally recommended him! I have some pretty cute kids if I do say so myself !

13. New movies or tv series to watch or a good book. Netflix is a new mom’s best friend! I did not have a ton of time to sit around but this came in handy during the late night feedings.

14. Other kids schedule worked out/written down. My two older girls went back and forth between babysitters, family members and my husband. I had carpools all worked out, I drove a few extra times the weeks before I had the baby and I had extra help from family and friends so I did not have to drive anyone the first 2 weeks ofmy babies life.The schedule was on the fridge and in the bag that was packed for them. That way it stayed as normal as possible for them. It was nice for me when I got home to have it on the fridge because I was too tired to think about anything!

15. Other kids clothes picked out/ laid out for a few days. In my case I had a bag packed for them. I went into labor at night and so I was happy to know that whoever came to watch my kids would be all set to take them somewhere and I knew I would be at the hospital for a few days and I knew my kids would come visit and I would want to take pictures so having cute/ matching outfits was a must! (My girls hair was done by my hubby and it looked like a hot mess so if you crazy like me, have your hubby practice hair ahead of time) I had about a weeks worth of clothes laid out and ready. It was nice to have outfits ready, it made the week I came home easier. I am so glad I did this… My kids would have looked homeless if I would have had my husband pack their bags.

16. Lots of diapers, wipes, bath soap, formula, bottles, pacifiers, nail clippers etc. I did not want to have to go to the store for stuff I knew I needed a head of time.

Three kids was a big adjustment for me. A new baby is always a big adjustment no matter what but these things really helped me out. Not getting sleep is hard too so rest whenever possible.
Enjoy your new bundle of joy and good Luck!
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  1. Congrats! I’ve had two grandsons “placed” with me as newborns in the past 19 months (the boys are 12 months apart) so I didn’t have to recover from pregnancy and delivery but you’re exhausted all the same. I subscribed to Netflix and got caught up on all the tv shows and movies I never have time for when I’m working. I love the swaddle bags from Walmart….they’re little sleeping bags with wings attached. Enjoy your new little one.

  2. Lots of good suggestions here that you wouldn’t necessarily think of :). The thing about older kids’ schedules is a big one. When my others were born, there siblings were still so little that they didn’t have much of a schedule. Now I have a baby and older kids, and it’s a lot more complicated. Last Friday night I realized that 5 of our 6 family members were in separate places. I constantly feel like I’m forgetting to pick someone up from some activity!

  3. I love all of your suggestions! I would like to know who you bought the beanie bed from in Mesa. My email address is erin(dot)linford(at)cox(dot)net. Thanks so much!

    1. You have to shake it really good and don’t hold it to far away from your head. If you have blonde hair you won’t really see anything but if you feel your hair you should notice that you have more texture to your hair

  4. Congratulations! You know all too well that the time goes so quickly – you are half asleep through much of it, but enjoy it none the less. I have a niece who is having a baby and I’d love the name of the person who sells the baby bean bed. Please send the info to squiregm(at)yahoo(dot)com.

  5. I *love* Suave dry shampoo!! I discovered it about a year ago, and it is SUCH a lifesaver for when I’m too lazy to wash my hair the night before! Plus, it seems to make my hair more….manageable? And congrats on the baby boy!! Boys are SO fun and wonderful. There is a special place in your heart that only a little boy can reach, it is so wonderful 🙂 And I love the whitewash fireplace. We’re looking for a house to buy, and seeing those orange brick fireplaces can be kind of a turn-off, but I love seeing options for what they can become!!

  6. Interested in beane bed for baby. The item has been removed from the link. I need 4 and the baby shower is this weekend. PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP where this can be bought. It is better than the boppie pillow I used with my kids. So excited and can’t wait to find out where I can buy it!

  7. I really loved this post! Thanks!

    Also, from one blogger to a other just a little feedback: the floating social media buttons make it pretty hard to read on a mobile device and near impossible to comment. Just an FYI 🙂

    1. Hi Jamie!

      Thank you! We’ve actually been trying to remove them for months but had technical issues but thankfully got them off today!!! It’s a Christmas miracle!!! haha! Thanks for reading!!!

  8. I remember thinking I’d need so much stuff for my first baby, and then for my second I kept strictly to the minimum. Car seat, clothes and that’s pretty much it. He slept with us, used our blankets and breastfed. It was SO much cheaper than the first and we enjoyed it much more.

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