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Sew Your Own Reusable Snack Packs

There are no words for the joy and enthusiasm that accompanies Back To School with a houseful of young children. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE summer. I love the sleepy mornings and the sprinklers and the berry picking and the belly flops. But I need my house back, y’all. This place looks like a team of backpackers has been squatting in the playroom for the last two months. There are puzzle pieces in the microwave and stuffed animals in the driveway. It’s time for some organization, routine and maybe a hint of peace and quiet. Next week, I’ll be responsible for packing three lunches every morning. I’m not perfect by any means, but I *try* to use reusable items as best I can. The thing is…reusable snack packs are sneaky expensive. I’m terrible at sewing, but these DIY reusable snack bags were so easy that even I could whip them up in one afternoon!

Reusable snack packs

Materials needed:

• Sewing machine OR needle and thread

• Laminated Cotton

• Velcro… look for the sew on style vs. the adhesive kind

supplies for snack bags

Step 1. Decide how big you want your  snack pack and cut out one length of fabric 2.5 times longer than your desired size.

length of oil cloth

Step 2. Sew the loop side of velcro along one end of your laminated cotton. Fold under the edge a bit to hem it and at the same time, sew around your velcro.

velcro at end of oil cloth

Step 3. Fold your fabric into thirds (like you would a piece of paper to fit into an envelope) to determine where you want to place the hook side of your velcro. Once it’s lined up, sew in place.

hooked velcro sewed down

Step 4. With the right side of your fabric facing each other, fold the pocket portion of your snack pack and sew the outside seams.

sew the pocket of snack pack

Step 5: Hem the remaining 2 side edges of the snack pack flap but folding them over the tiniest amount, and sewing along the edge.

Hem the flap of snack pack

Step 6: Turn your snack pack right side out and… stuff with goodies!

finished snack pack

I’ve said it before… I’m no seamstress. I can *barely* sew a straight line, and each of these took me maybe 10 minutes. Snack Packs new can cost upwards of $8, so I’ll GLADLY spend the time to make a handful before school starts.

snack pack close up

snack pack with cookies

Grab some multigrain goldfish or some sliced carrots and you’re a GO for lunch boxes!

trio of DIY snack bags

sew your own snack packs with oilcloth

Reusable Snack Pack

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Louisa's boho bedroom

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  1. Just out of curiosity, how do you wash them? Straight through the machine or do you hand wash in dish liquid?, If the laminate layer was inside I guess it would just be wipe clean…

    1. I am also curious about how to wash these! My youngest of 3 is about to start school soon and I am already dreading the amount of sandwich/snack baggies we will go through. This idea is GENIOUS!

  2. Hi Mallory and Savanna. I hope I spelled your names right. So happy to find your blog on Pinterest and FB. I so heart this project so I included it on my round-up post about sewing projects you can make for your kids.

    You can see the post here, http://sewuber.com/make/things-to-sew-for-kids/

    Please let me know if I missed something about your blog and do let me know if you want to change or add anything.


    P.s. I’m a new fan 😉

  3. Your snack sack is a lovely idea but never heard of laminated cotton. What do I look for? Also how to do you wash them? Any information you offer will be appreciated. Thanks

    1. The fabric is available at fabric stores. It is kind of like oil cloth but check to make sure it’s food safe because some oil cloth is not! It is best to ask the fabric store how to wash that particular fabric! Let me know if you have anymore questions thanks xoxo

  4. Hi saw your post listed somewhere and am checking out your instructions but (maybe it’s my phone?) None of the pictures are coming up for me and says they are broken? Thought you might want to know.

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