Spring Cleaning -My secret weapon for cleaning your sink, toilet and bathtub

Hi friends! I hope you’re enjoying our “Spring Cleaning Week”. I’m in the process of planning a little kitchen revamp so I have been organizing and cleaning like crazy. The first step to my kitchen makeover is to deep clean, sanitize and declutter the entire kitchen. That is quite the task I tell you!
The BEST secret to a shining sink
Today I thought I’d be super nice and share with you my super secret weapon for cleaning. *winks* For reals though. I love this stuff. PS this is NOT a sponsored post, I just really love it! ๐Ÿ˜‰ This stuff is amaaaazing! It is my “go to” cleaner for tough stains, rust, dirt, grime, you name it. This stuff will get it out/off! Drum roll please…
This is the.best.cleaner.ever! You can use it on tons of surfaces and the results are amazing. Just to prove it, I’m gonna let go of a little bit of dignity and show you my previously grime caked, gunky, dirty sink. Every couple of weeks, my sink has to get the Bar Keeper’s friend treatment because it gets yucky fast with all the food and dishes that go in and out of it each day.
Told you. Gross! This sink definitely holds on to the grime from dish soap and food debris if not cleaned often and like any enamel coated sink, it scuffs easily with cookware going in and out. You can see those black squiggly scuff marks all over it. The amazing thing is, they virtually wipe off with Bar Keeper’s Friend. Guys, I am obsessed with this cleaner. Check this out…
It’s like a new sink!
Honestly, they should pay me to promote this stuff (but they don’t even know I exist!). I really do love it and it works so well on so many different surfaces. Buy some and use it ASAP. Your home will thank you! Be sure to wear gloves and store it out of reach of little ones because the container is definitely not child proof.
So those are my tips for the day! Happy Spring Cleaning!
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  1. I have a similar sink and that is the only thing that gets it squeaky clean. It’s so satisfying! Question for you: how do you get your sponge holder to stick OR does it fall off constantly?

  2. I’ve seen this in stores but had no idea if it worked well or not. I have to admit I went for the less expensive brand/item. We have exceptionally hard water where we live (west of Grand Junction, CO) so I have to scrub myself silly on my shower floor in master bath. Our kitchen sink isn’t too bad but it could probably use this stuff too.
    So glad for the tip. Thanks for sharing

    1. Vinegar (any white vinegar will do) works well for hard water and limescale stains, and is non toxic.

  3. If you are like me, sometimes I write posts and think, “is this really helping anyone today?” Well, I am here to tell you YES!!! We built a new farmhouse in October and since then I have enjoyed my white enamel farmhouse sink… EXCEPT for the track marks that cookie sheets leave on it! Just yesterday, I was second guessing my choice of sinks because I wasn’t sure if it would ever look clean again. YOU MADE MY DAY with this post! Yippee! I can love my sink again! Thanks so much!

  4. This is the second time this week I have seen this recommended. I had no idea where to get it. Thanks soooooo much.
    I let my husband make one final decision in our remodeled kitchen years ago and he wanted a white sink. No, no I said but he really wanted it. It is disgusting. It has crackled from the hot water from draining pots. It has also blistered. I have tried bleaching it and peroxide and baking soda but is is almost black in the cracks.
    I can’t wait to try this now that I know where to get some.

    1. yes, it works amazing. You can find it at Target or your local market. I have to say it is much cheaper at Target than the market. Once you use it, you will not know how you ever got by without it LOL I use it on both my kitchen sinks-I have a full kitchen in the basement, one is stainless the other is porc, it works breat on both, no scratches and it takes out marks on the porc sink, looks like new !!!

  5. I love Bar Keepers Friend and am SO excited that the liquid kind is now available in the stores in my area! It’s funny that we both swear by this AND have the same liquid soap pump! Great minds! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I have used bartenders friend for quite a while but one day in the store I decided to try another cleaner that I had used a long time ago. Well give me back my bartenders friend as nothing can compare to it

  7. Been using this for years. It’s everything Mallory says. Hard to find in most stores, but Target has it. Go get some then start wondering why you didn’t know about this before.

  8. What does the label say about abrasiveness? When we built and picked out our tubs and showers, I remember them saying something about not using Comet types of cleaners because it would scratch the coating. I’m sure I could look next time I go to Wallyworld, but ha! I can barely remember to get the stuff on my list , and shopping with my 2 year old nearly ends in jail time

  9. BKF is a wonderful product for cleaning! But, if some have trouble finding it, it is worth the trip to go back to Grandma’s day & get the 20 Mule Team Borax! Talk about cleaning power & non-toxic & safe! It is the best for dissolving soap scum in tubs that I have ever used! Anything you clean with it sparkles! Truly BKF & Borax are a housekeeper’s BFF!!! Happy cleaning! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I’ve been hearing a lot about this product lately, but probably won’t try it because it’s a chemical cleaner and I’ve reduced the use of chemical cleaners in my home. Of course products like Comet and Ajax are the same.

    For every day use I use Bon Ami, and for serious removal of metal marks and rust stains I use a polishing compound. It may be a little more work, but it isn’t nearly as toxic.

    For those who can’t find Bar Keepers in their area, it is available through Amazon.

    1. I’ve always used Bon Ami for my sink. It gets the rust out really well, but I haven’t been able to find it anymore. Anyone know where to buy it now??

  11. I discovered bar keepers friend in college and it’s been my go to cleaning product ever since! I’m living in South Africa now and it’s one of the things I always bring back with me when I visit America ๐Ÿ™‚ love that stuff!
    Bethany – browniesandbroccoli.com

  12. I used Bar Keeper’s friend on a set of copper kitchen bins and it worked miraculously. However, it doesn’t seem to work on my toilet bowls. I have a ring in each toilet from hard water (we now have a softener so these are older stains, not new). I’ve tried everything — vinegar/baking soda, Comet, Bar Keeper’s Friend, CLR, The Works toilet bowl cleaner — and I mean EVERYTHING to get out the ring stain. Nothing will take it out. I’ve used a lot of elbow grease too so it’s not for a lack of physical effort. Any suggestions as to what else I could try??? Any help is much appreciated!! (I also have white hard water stains on the granite counter top in one of my bathrooms that won’t seem to go away no matter what.)

    1. Heather – try a pumice stick! We have very hard water that leaves rings and these pumice stones are the only thing I have found that works. I love that it’s not a harsh chemical and it works PERFECTLY with a little elbow grease. You just get the pumice stick wet and rub off the stains- it’s amazing!

    2. Get a pumice stone…should find it in with cleaning products…$1.25 or so. Let the end sit in water about five minutes and then use the end to scrub the hard water stain. It is the only way I am able to get rid of our hard water stains in the toilet.

    3. I know this is sooo old but I wanted to comment because I used to have the same ring problem no matter how often I cleaned my toilets and it made me so mad! What Prevented the rings were: the drop in tablets that you put in the back of your toilet- I use the blue bleach ones. Those will prevent the ring from forming pretty much no matter what. And they are really cheap! So if you use a pumice stone to get the existing ring off then put the drop in tablet in the back and you will be good to go. (At least it works for me!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I recently got duped when I bought the My Cleaning Secret product on TV. It didn’t work at all! I found this page and decided to give bar keeper’s friend a try and it worked just like you show in your pictures. Just wanted to say thanks! PS I found it worked best for me when I let a thick layer of it, mixed with water, sit on the stain for approx 10 minutes.

    Heather, I got it to work on my toilet bowls, but like you it wasn’t perfect. I find the trick is to let is soak for awhile.

  14. i love BKF. The powder is stronger than the liquid version. For tough stains let it soak awhile. The instructions on the can caution you to only let sit for a specified time. I’ve let it sit for an hour or longer on really tough orange rust stains in a shower. I tried everything else and nothing worked except BKF. I tried scrubbing bubbles, Formula 409, Comet, bleach, a paste made of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. BKF is the only thing that worked. I used a pumice stone on a toilet and messed up the ceramic finish. Be careful with pumIce stones. (Yes – I kept it wet.) By the way – the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide paste is my “go to” for most tough stains. I try it first. If it doesn’t work – I get out the BKF. BKF works because of the specific acid ingredient.

  15. This is the best cleaner I have ever used. I have hard water and cleaning my shower with a rough surface would never get completely clean until I used BKF. Now it looks like a brand new shower.

  16. I love the liquid Bar Keepers Friend. I use it to clean the top of our glass smooth top electric stove. I ev n purchaseda bottle for our daughter to use on her stove top.

  17. I use the Bar Keepers Friend on the glass top of our electric stove. It is amazing how easy it is to clean up the messy spills. I loved the liquid Bar Keepers Friend so much that I purchased an extra one and gave it to our daughter to use on her stove and she also loves it. It cleans the stainless steel kitchen sink and makes it shine just like new.

  18. My Grandma swore by this stuff. I’ve always been a scrubbing bubble fanatic, till I inherited my roommates bathroom when he left. It’s full of tile from floor to ceiling! I tried everything today, then found your blog post and its genius! This stuff is a blast from my past, but it really does work insanely well! Thanks for the photos, you’ve inspired me to give the bathroom another go with Barkeepers Friend!

  19. Sinks is the most important part of a kitchen or home. But after using this it were dirt. So we should to keep cleaning the sink. There are many kinds of thing such as vinegar, dish washing power, super soda using for clean the sinks. But here I see the BKF. I never using it before. Where to buy this? Thank you.

  20. I have used this stuff before and it works really well. It will leave your toilet and sink sparkling and super clean. I pile it on and let it sit for 10 minutes and then scrub and rinse. That’s all it takes.

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