Back to School Essentials

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When summer vacation comes to an end, Back to School time can be super overwhelming; but it doesn’t have to be. Every year, we take our kids shopping for school supplies, a new backpack, lunchbox, some toiletries and grocery shopping for lunches. One thing that is easily overwhelming is school clothes shopping. We’ve partnered with Abercrombie Kids to make school shopping a breeze! Check out their 40% off sale happening now!

Denim is always a hot topic for back to school. My boys want comfort and style and let me tell you, that’s hard to come by. Abercrombie Kids has so many options from size 3/4 up to 15/16 so all of my school aged kids found a pair of new jeans that they loved. My oldest two boys are a long and lean body style so we went with Abercrombie Kids’ Skinny Jeans and they both chose the dark wash. These jeans are their favorite because they’re made out of sweatpant stretch fabric–they look like jeans but feel like sweatpants. We snagged them each a leather belt in “brown moose”. I love that its casual enough for school but dressy enough for church.

The boys chose the classic button-up shirts in Navy Blue Check and the stretch poplin icon button up shirt in Navy Check. The boys chose the super comfortable icon crew tee for under their button up shirts. It gave them a little more of a casual feel for school to show the tee underneath.

My little new Kindergartener, Tanner has a more bold and colorful style so he chose black skinny jeans and a few colorful t-shirts!

Logo graphic tee (white) | Logo graphic tee (black with shine) | Icon Printed tee (white check)

He absolutely loved the bright colors and comfortable fabric on the tees.

Mallory’s boys looked so great in their back to school clothes and my kids are loving theirs. I have three kiddos off to school this year and they were all so excited. My oldest girl picked out two different pair of denim jeans. She picked the girls ripped pull-on jean legging and the girls pearl pull-on jean legging. She LOVES these because they are so comfortable.

My middle daughter also loves denim and she picked out the ripped pull-on jean legging. I love these jeans because they have an elastic waist they are comfy and they are quick and easy to put on. She also picked out this cute cold shoulder tee in navy.

My little guy is starting Kindergarten this year and he really does feel so stylish and ready for school to start. I love these t-shirts he got because they alway look so nice and can be paired with anything. To help him get started this year he also got some new denim. He got these skinny jeans and also these ripped skinny jeans. For his t-shirts he picked out logo graphic tee because he wanted to match Tanner, Mallory’s little boy. He also picked out this red sporty tee.

My oldest also got two darling t-shirts she picked this cute graphic grey tee with a cute embellished rose (now sold out but here’s one that’s similar). She is also loving tie dye right now and she picked this pink tie dye shirt. I love these cute and comfy shirts.

My middle daughter also picked out this yellow dot t-shirt and these girls lace ripped jeans. I love this outfit and I love this color of t-shirt on her.

My little guy also got this cute green tee. I think he just looks so handsome in this outfit. We love that we can get all of our back to school needs in one place at Abercrombie Kids. Even better, right now they’re having a 40% off storewide sale!.


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