Recovering a Rocking Chair and Cute Nursery!

Eliza's Nursery
My brother Stetson and sister in law Holly recently had a sweet sweet baby girl, Eliza Mae Banks She is the cutest thing ever!
A few weeks before Eliza was born, Holly found a rocking chair on craigslist and I helped her recover it.
First, we took the nasty padding off the chair
Then, we measured out the fabric to start stapling.
I used an air compressor staple gun to staple on the fabric.
Make sure to pull tight around the whole cushion but not too tight or else the fabric will ripple. After stapling around the whole chair we cut off the extra fabric.
Then we laid the top piece on top and started to staple around.  We had to stay very close to the edge so that when we popped the cushion into
place the staples would not be seen.
It turned out perfect!
Here is the cute chair in the nursery. The nursery turned out really really cute. There is one wall that I did not get pictures of because it was a photo collage wall and it is not finished yet but it will be very cute. The changing table is on the that wall and Holly painted it a coral color.Love it!
All the furniture is second hand and was painted by Holly!
P.S. did you notice the cute “Eliza” sign… I made that cute banner for Holly’s baby shower. I used German Glass and old school white glue on chip board letters from Hobby Lobby. Loved how it turned out! If you get the really German Glitter Glass it will age perfectly around the edges! Everyone needs to get there hands on some german glitter glass!
Now go get a cute chair to redo!

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7 Responses to Recovering a Rocking Chair and Cute Nursery!

  1. morgan says:

    Love the room, but honestly it scares me to death that they have that big huge mirror right above the crib…so scary! Wish they’d move it….

  2. Jenna says:

    So funny thing just happened… I was reading this and I’m pretty sure Stetson is my husband’s cousin. Is Elizabeth your mom? That’s SO funny. What a small world!!

  3. I have never heard of German glass before…you have peaked my curiosity! And what a fantastic job you guys did of the whole room. I can’t get over that dresser…it’s gorgeous!!

  4. What a GORGEOUS nursery!! And what a DOLL of a baby! She is precious! Good work on the rocking chair, Savannah! Looks like your whole family is talented! :)


  5. I am seriously coveting that dresser, Beautiful! and was that pouf a DIY project? Or where did she get it? I want that too. Love your blog and all the creativity that abounds here. I’d be flattered if you checked out my brand new blog,

  6. Jen says:

    She is precious & love the room!

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