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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey hey friends! Has Fall arrived where you live?!  Some of our friends are reporting Fall-ish temps and some are still battling 90 degree weather… cough cough…. Arizona! In most parts of the country Fall means raking leaves, cute boots, pumpkin everything, and you guessed it, cooler temperatures! 

Speaking of tempertures, we are super excited to tell you about this friggin amaaaazing thermostat! Say what?! “Amazing” and “Thermostat” aren’t usually words that go together but holy COW they do now! Honeywell is launching their new Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Controll and yes, it’s amazing. This insanely awesome gadget is voice activated and you can tell it commands for what you want it to do in your home, temperature-wise… 

For example, to activate it you just say “Hello, thermostat!” and then tell it what you want it to do like “I’m feeling cold, make it much warmer!” and… hello, it listens!  I mean, I dunno about you but I’m pretty psyched about something that will listen to what I say and do what I ask, the first time (without back talking! *winks*) Isn’t that awesome!??!

Oh, did I mention it’s a touch screen and totally customizable so you can choose the color scheme on the screen to match the decor!?? Fancy eh?

This thing is amazing! You can do so much with it. You can schedule when and what temps you want throughout the day, customize it, and YES, “there’s an app for that!”

You can set the thermostat even when you’re not home using your smart phone app! My husband will love this in the winter… chances are he’s going to keep it at a brisk 60 degrees in my house in the winter to “Save on the gas bill…blah blah blah!” Not cool. I mean, I’m all for being frugal but I’m 100% against freezing my buns off in the winter. 

Isn’t that amazing that you can talk to this thing!? I’m seriously pumped about it. Who knew I could be so excited about a thermostat! Now only if we can get it to listen if I say “Hello, thermostat, clean my kitchen!” or “Hello, thermostat, scrub my toilets!” haha!! That would be awesome! Head over and check out the website. It is seriously cool. Pun intended. 

 photo HONEYWELL_STRAIGHT_FINAL_zps1dc03c54.jpg

Leave a comment and let me know what command YOU wish your thermostat would fill and you will be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card! Comment now if you wanna be $100 richer. Ready… GO!  (Psst… Link to leave a comment is at the top of the post!)

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  1. I would say, “Hello Thermostat, vacuum my carpets please!” That’s my very least favorite thing to do!! I love that you can set the thermostat using your phone – brilliant!!

  2. I’d say “Hey there thermostat did you get the dusting done today?” or sorry “Would you pretty please do the dusting today?” Lol. Thank you for the opportunity of a giveaway!

  3. “Hello thermostat, please wash my windows!” Love them clean but hate doing it.
    I totally need a thermostat like this in my house, we are desert rats and I’m not very good at regulating the thermostat. Seriously the phone control is even more awesome, you could cool your house before you get home from vacation!

  4. I would love to ask the thermostat to do the laundry. I’d wash and dry, it would just have to fold πŸ™‚

  5. Definitely, Please fold the laundry. And I love that you can set it for different temps throughout the day!

  6. Oh, Thermostat, honey, would you mind terribly cooling off the bedroom? And while you’re at it, darling, kindly take away all this Houston humidity? I love you!

  7. Ha, I love the “vacuum my carpets” comment, but I would really like that thermostat to have a command that would “warm up my floors”. So much hardwood is beautiful, but it’s getting cold down there!


  8. I’d love it if my thermostat could know how the weather was outside, so it could prepare to make the home either warmer or colder based on that!

  9. Whew…wouldn’t it be nice if it could do some laundry? πŸ™‚ But the option to control it from anywhere makes me happy.

  10. For me it would be “Therm (my nickname for the thermostat), please let the dog out!” I don’t know why, but letting the dog out is the biggest chore!

  11. I probably don’t spend enough time with my thermostat, except when the temperature changes drastically and I’m really, really hot or really, really cold. But if the air vents could suddenly suck in dust and dirt from the carpets when the heat or air conditioning turns on, that would be amazing. I wouldn’t ask it to actually connect to a vacuum and clean the floors, but sucking up all the pet hair and dust on a regular basis would seriously cut down on our dust bunnies.

  12. “Hello thermostat, please sweep my floors!” And if it also could safely get a cozy fire started just before I arrive home for those cold winter evenings, that would be great too!

  13. I personally wish my thermostat would listen to a special request to monitor the temperature in a particular room during certain hours. In other words if i know the family is in the living room during the evening watching a movie for two to three hours I would say. “keep temperature in the living room at 68 degrees from 6 to 9 pm today only”.

  14. thermostat, move yourself to a better wall in my house πŸ™‚ It’s in a very, very bad place right now for regulation πŸ™

  15. I would love to just be able to say to make it colder or warmer, because I think I’m on that thermostat about 10 times a day.

  16. Boy that thing is AMAZING! Now, I am starting to go through pre-menopause (I’m guessing because I’ve always been the person who is cold when everyone else is hot) & am just miserable all the time. It literally feels like someone crawled up my nostril & started a forest fire inside my body!! That being said, I wish I could say to my thermostat, “Put it on SNOW & then do the dishes!” (because it seems that EVERYONE in my house is allergic to doing dishes…little boogers) that way I’d be nice & cool & wouldn’t have to stand sweating over a sink full of dishes I didn’t use! Thanks for the opportunity to win this bad boy!! It’s awesome!!

  17. We love to see all this enthusiasm! Thank you to everyone who contributed. I can’t say we’ll get to all of these wishes, but we’ll do our best πŸ˜‰

    – Zoe @ Honeywell
    Honeywell Blogger Relations

  18. The app control is awesome!!!! we were just about to replace our out of date thermostat control – fingers crossed

  19. I live in AZ, this would be AMAZING…. our a/c bill in the summer is killer so we keep the house around 80 degrees (YUCK)… it would be awesome to be able to cool the house down remotely so that it’s bearable when we get home from work! πŸ™‚

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