The list goes on and on….

I’m here! I’m home! I’m in New York! 
It is very strange to move to a city 2,000+ miles away from “home”.  I feel like “Home” will really be Mesa, Arizona for a long long time in my mind but I am doing whatever I can to make Buffalo, New York feel like home to me! (hey, that’s a song! haha!) 
We moved without “a stick of furniture” as my Great Grandma said to me and we are slooooowly furnishing our house. Starting with the big stuff and eventually decor items will follow!  I’m trying to find inspiration for all of the rooms in my house.  I am still loving my inspiration from The Old Painted Cottage for my kitchen and master bedroom!
Anyway… I feel like I have ten badillion projects to do! Let’s be honest… I AM TIRED! I feel like I’ve been going a million MPH for weeks! 
I did get my dining room table done! I’ll share VERY soon! But for now, I’m going to go outside and play with my boys and enjoy this 80 degree summer weather while it lasts! 
Enjoy your Sunday friends,

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