How to paint burlap {dining room chairs!}

How to paint burlap / how to paint fabric!

So, I finished my dining room table and I knew it wasn’t exactly done…. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but I knew I wanted to do something!  

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I LOVE the french feed sack feel so I figured I could make a faux feed sack by painting the stripe on my chairs. 

Turned out to be one of the quickest, easiest projects and it made a huge impact!
I went out and bought some black paint and some painter’s tape.
(come to find out, I already HAD black paint and I’m sure there’s painter’s tape around here somewhere but running into Wal-Mart and buying them both for $5 was much quicker than searching in my still not unpacked house!)

First, I came up with the style of stripes I wanted. I decided to do 3 stripes in 2 different widths to create the “french” look.

Then, all I did was tape it off with 3M’s Blue Painter’s Tape. I took my sponge brush and put a blob of black craft paint on a paper plate. I accidentally bought “outdoor” paint but realized it was probably a good mistake because things marked “outdoor” are usually able to withstand a lot of use and wear.  

Probably good because these seats will see a lot of little boys climbing on them and lots of bootays sitting on them!

When I finished painting, I pulled the tape right off and it dried in about 5-10 minutes! Start to finish, this project took about 45 minutes! My kind of project! 

I’m much happier with them now!
Don’t you think they look more finished? 

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  1. I have a similar table that I totally ruind yesterday doing my nails ( the polish went right through the black paint ). Now I was wondering if sanding and re-painting would fix the problem, but what kind of paint should I use. Spray or house paint I was kind of thinking leaving the chairs the original color just adding a seat cushion maybe…. Any advise would be helpfull thank you

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