How to Chalk Paint Furniture

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If you follow us on Instagram, you have seen our journey picking a new coffee table for Savannah’s living room. We partnered with Behr Paint to find the perfect piece for the space. You guys voted and it shows the round, yellow coffee table for us to paint with BEHR® Chalk Decorative Paint.

Coffee Table Makeover with Chalk Paint

Using chalk decorative paint is one of our favorite ways to paint furniture. Painting furniture has been a part of our DIY journey since way back in 2010 when we started our business. The best thing about BEHR’s chalk paint is that it’s incredibly easy to use and that it’s available at The Home Depot® in a variety of colors.

Decorative Chalk Paint

For this project we chose “Tin White BCP08”, which is a beautiful, crisp and clean, white finish. used BEHR® Wax Decorative Finish in Clear . We purchased this coffee table at a local antique store. We wiped it down really well and began painting.

TIP: if your furniture has a glossy finish you can sand the piece before you get started. Since our furniture was already painted, we did not have to do the step.

How to Chalk Paint Furniture

Time needed: 2 hours.

How to Chalk Paint Furniture in just a few easy steps!

  1. Shake the paint really well to mix the paint and open up the can.

  2. Begin brushing on a light coat of chalk paint. Allow to dry 2 hours in between coats. Repeat coats until you have your desired coverage.

    We did two light coats of the white paint letting it dry for 2+ hours in between coats. We saved our Instagram LIVE of this process so you can watch it by checking out our IGTV.

  3. After the paint is fully cured, apply a coat of wax using a soft cloth or an old T-shirt and buff in a circular motion to a shine.

This project was super easy and we love how it turned out! If you’ve ever been nervous about using chalk decorative paint or about painting furniture this chalk decorative paint is the way to go for beginners and experts alike!

Coffee Table Makeover
Easy Chalk Paint Tutorial

If you want to try BEHR® Chalk Decorative Paint for yourself, you’re in luck! We are giving away a $100 e-gift card to The Home Depot!

To enter for a chance to win:

*UPDATE* This giveaway is now over. Congratulations to the winner, Jessica!

Chalk Paint Colors

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Chalk Paint Furniture Makeover - Click for tutorial!

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    1. I’ve been wanting to go paint my bedroom furniture. And I think the farmhouse white would perfect with the dark wax!

  1. I love all the color names- I’ve always thought it would be fun to be in charge of naming colors! 🙂
    I am drawn to the grays & blues- loving Antique Blue. So hard to pick! I don’t think you could go wrong with any of these! I’m saving this post- I have a bunch of miss-matched furniture that I want to bring together- once the weather is a bit warmer I will have to tackle this!

  2. I have a corner shelf in my dining room that I am seriously wanting to chalk paint, as it is boring ‘wood tones’. I am all about the greens / teals lately and for this project I am leaning toward BCP18 Caterpillar Walk. Thank you for the opportunity to win an e-gift card to Home Depot – I LOVE Home Depot!!! I got my foster son’s mattress in a box, window AC, 2 ceiling fans, and microwave all from Home Depot!
    Dawn Pinnataro

  3. It is too hard to choose just one favorite! I liked surf, salmon coral, and green silk. behr has a beautiful color palette.

  4. I’ve got a custom oak tv cabinet which I love. But….. it’s an orangey oak color (thank you 1998!) that I’m sick of seeing. Farmhouse white is calling my name! I’m wondering how this paint would hold up on kitchen cabinets. Any idea?

  5. Behr chalk paint in “Deep Thought”. Very hard to decide because so many of them are beautiful and fun! I love you guys, your blog really gives me so many great ideas!

  6. The table looks great! Gives me hope for some Goodwill furniture! I love the classics! Tim white and classic noir. But all of the colors are great, love that they have lots of different ones, I’m thinking surf in my girls room, they are loving the turquoise colors as of late!

  7. O.M.G. This is a total game changer! I painted our “new” old farmhouse with Behr paint and a 2” Wooster brush: Wheat Bread walls, Polished Pearl woodwork, Ashwood doors. Had to use a different brand for chalk paint on kitchen cabinets and furniture pieces; always asking Harvey at Home Depot when Behr would come outwith chalk paint. No other quality than Behr in my mind. My first can will be Adored Blue…so serene. Yippee! Your coffee table looks fabulous in your room.

  8. I am in ♥️ With the new Behr Vhalk paint! i cant wait to use Caterpillar Walk on a project for my sons room.

  9. I plan on going to Home Depot to pick some up soon so winning would be amazing! I want to re do my guest room furniture with the Tin White! ☺️

  10. Egg Blue looks amazing!! My husband and i are remodeling a 1959 camper and have white shiplap inside, so I want to pop some color somewhere. 🙂 the coffee table looks great!!!

  11. Hi Mallory and Savannah! You ladies are amazing. Thank you so much for inspiring me to taking on so many of my home improvement projects by myself. I am a single mom so I can’t always afford to pay for a professional to do it. You have saved me so much money and given me even more confidence. My favorite Behr color is the May Iris. So beautiful.

  12. I have to choose one only OMG I love tin white, farmhouse white, miniature rose, powder pink, ugh, pale sepia, trellis grey …. the list goes on if I had to choose one I’d sayyyyyy POWDER PINK I have a couple bar stools it would be perfect on. I bought a can of “chalked” in blush but it’s just a lil more pink then in wanting sigh

  13. Surf is one of my favorite colors. It would match my curtains in my otherwise mostly neutral living room. Might need to find an old coffee table to refinish myself. Thanks for the tutorial! Yours turned out beautifully ?

  14. I love Timeless blue!. Coffee table turned out great! I’m currently painting my Ikea Hemnes dresser and I think I am officially obsessed with painting things now! I could use a gift card to paint my bathroom! I moved in my condo 1.5 years ago and it needs some tlc!

  15. I love the adored blue. So pretty! This project inspired me to paint my kitchen! I used Behr chalk paint in tin white as well. I love it! It was my first experience with chalk paint. It worked so well! Thanks for the inspiration and confidence!

  16. After watching you paint this on Instagram, I ran out to Home Depot and got me some! Loving it so far!! Egg blue and Farmhouse white are my favorites right now.

  17. I am getting ready to paint a coffee table for my in-laws and they wanted chalk paint! This came in at a perfect time! I love it! I will be using grey for theirs but I love the surf & wave color ♥️

  18. I love surf, and I’m thinking about painting my cabinets that color as my first phase kitchen remodel. Y’all are so inspiring!

  19. I had a piece that I meant to chalk paint but I accidentally bought and used an interior paint! That piece is looking dumpy and needs another makeover. I will definitely be using this tutorial and the Behr May Iris chalk paint. Thanks!

  20. Oh goodness! I’m terrified to paint furniture! Now I wonder if maybe I could actually do it! That Green Silk is gorgeous. I have a table that might be just the thing!

  21. Oooh, pick me!! I want to paint my piano (?) and I’m crushing hard on some of those grays… trellis gray or lazy days… ?
    But ooh, now I’m leaning green.. ice water? Grecian garland??! ?
    Can you get sample sizes of the chalk paint?!!

  22. Thanks for the fun tutorial, you gals make it look fun and easy. I am loving the color, Surf! It would be a fun pop of color!

  23. Tin White is also what I would be drawn to for most of my furniture but I also really like Tweed Coat and some of the other brighter colors! I have used chalk paint for some projects but haven’t used Behr’s, I’ll have to keep it in mind to try next time.

  24. My favorite is memory lane perfect for my accent wall that someone who lived here before decided to paint this hideous green forest with paint spashes lol .

  25. I wish i would have know about Byers chalk paint 2 months ago when i painted my stools. But it is so hard to pick a favorite color but I am loving blues and grays so I would pick Lazy days.

  26. Green Silk! I’m tempted to do green in the piano room with all the white wainscoting and black piano! ?

  27. Memory lane would look so amazing on all of my mismatched storage cabinets in my living room! Love you both!! This would make my year if I won- I never win anything!!!

  28. Memory lane would look so amazing on all of my mismatched storage cabinets in my living room! Love you both!! This would make my year if I won- I never win anything!

  29. We are in the process of finishing our basement! I want to buy an old table and do something like this. Such a good idea and it looks amazing!!

  30. I really love the Green Silk! This post was definitely just in time for me since I just purchased a can of Behr chalk paint and brown wax… no idea what to expect, but trying really hard to be more sustainable and use what I have by giving it a makeover. I’d use the Green Silk on my dining table.

  31. I’ve been wanting to refinish my old dining room table. I would love the Tin White. I’ve used the Behr Chalk paint on a bench and I love their paint!

  32. I’m going for tin white to redo my dining room shelves! This has finally inspired me to get my butt in hear and do it!!

  33. I think Fossil Grey and white wax is exactly what my orange-y oak hutch needs! The table came out amazing and I’m on the hunt for a round coffee table as well!

  34. I’m not usualky a blue girl for my wakls but that Timeless Blue is really speaking to me 🙂 Salmon coral is a favirite and what I would likely gravitate towards. They actually would
    make a pretty combo!!

  35. I’ve been dying to pain this little desk my grandfather made and use it in my daughters room. The egg blue color would be just perfect and since the process looks so easy I may just have to make it my weekend project!

  36. I love the table you bought and it looks amazing painted in white. I have been trying to find one just like it. You would not believe how many garage sales I have gone to and also checked various for sale listings. I think my favorite color is SURF. I love the beach and the color reminds me of times spent looking for sea shells. I live in Utah so I can only do that on vacation. Great job on your table.

  37. I’ve always wanted to try chalk paint, and this gives me the courage to try it! Thank you! I’m loving the tin white that you guys did!

  38. I’m always down for a good navy so I like the timeless blue?! But I’ve been looking up dressers all over and want to head to Merchant Square to find something to paint for my kids room! Thanks for the inspiration!

  39. Surf is my favorite! Tho it’s followed closely by electric lime. I’d love to try chalk paint, and i’ve got the perfect end tables for it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  40. That is SO cool that these are tintable! I like Easter Morning for my daughter’s bedroom furniture, but I’d like it to be a creamier yellow. Looks like that’s possible now!

  41. Egg blue is so pretty! I just inherited a beautiful entertainment center that my dad made for my mom and we had as the centerpiece of our home all growing up. The only thing is that I want to change the color (its just stained or something so you can see the wood, I call it Blah Brown 🙂 ). But with not knowing how the wood is sealed, I haven’t know what paint to use. Hoping this works!!

  42. I couldn’t wait for the finished look. I looooved it ALL, and I’m totally trying the white that you girls used. You could never go wrong with white!!! Loved it!!! 1st timer and I’ll be doing my desk?

  43. Trellis Grey or Tin White for a diy project to makeover my parents living room oak wood furniture… Perfect update to show off my mom’s thrifted dish treasures of milk glass, bauer pottery, & fiestaware decor!

  44. Loving “Deep Thought”! I have a few projects that need to get done in the house, since I can’t talk you girls into coming and doing it for me…. a gift card would be great!

  45. Tackle those Behr of a job painting projects with Behr Chalk Paint! Would love to try the “Tin White” color on my coffee table.

  46. Love the Timeless Blue! I want to update my kitchen table with this color ? Thanks HomeDepot, always a fan of all your products especially the selection of paint you always have!

  47. Such a beautiful table and fits the room perfectly! My favorite color would have to be CLASSIC NOIR!!!! Yay giveaways!!!!!!

  48. Pacifica!! I want to redo my kitchen cabinets! Can I use this paint to paint them?! I want Pacifica on bottom cabinets and tin white on my upper cabinets! I can’t wait to see you whole kitchen Savannah! I want to do open shelving just like you girls!!

  49. I have been obsessed with Whites (tin white ?) and greys lately! We recently (finally…..) moved out of a tiny apt and into a house! It’s been so much fun decorating and finding my style again! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  50. I absolutely love the pale moon and the surf color, I would love to repaint my desk the pale moon and give it a little antique look!

  51. I love the salmon coral, but I think for the project I have in mind I would use egg blue or surf to add a little color to my very beige apartment…

  52. Surf or lazy day feel like my jam right now. But really you can’t go wrong all the colors are gorgeous!

  53. if you’re not sure about doing all white in your home… go with Trellis gray… so warm yet crisp enough to give that clean vibe!

  54. I used this exact paint to do some cabinets in our sun room! It’s awesome!! We did white as well, and now it’s making me want to paint everything in my house ? So the egg blue would look great in my little boys bathroom ? ?

  55. I’m loveing adored blue! I’ve been wanting to paint my dresser and nightstands for a while and adored blue would be perfect!

  56. I feel like adored blue would be the perfect color for my vanity in my all white with shiplap and natural wood about to be finished (*hopefully* 4.5 months and counting! currently under renovstion) bathroom! So perfect!

  57. I am in LOVE with vinette and it would be absolutely gorgeous on my vintage French provincial dresser for my master bedroom!! I hope I can win a gift card so I can afford to paint all the things! My daughters dresser would be darling painted tin white!

  58. Electric Lime and Dusty Laurel are so pretty!! But as I look at the colors they are are so pretty, I guess it really depends on the project. That white looks so classic!

  59. Lazy days or tin white. My home is very dark, I would like to brighten up. I just need motivation to tape up the room…

  60. Gingham would look great on an end table in my guest room! We just bought our first home and we are getting married 6.15.19 so a $100 Home Depot cats would be awesome!

  61. Tim white for me, and miniature rose for my little miss! I just tried chalk paint for the first time after seeing you girls use it in your stories!

  62. I think antique blue would be perfect to top my dining table. I’m thinking of leaving the base the natural wood color and painting the top for a farm house update.

  63. Tweed coat for me! I think it would totally look good on my entertainment center that I’ve been planing to paint!

  64. I just bought my first home and can’t get all new furnitures so I’m going to repurpose some of the furniture I have. I’ve been nervous about painting it all myself though and this looks so-able. Thank heaven! I just want it to look/feel new and fresh, you know? The Tin White is going to make all of my not so new furniture makeover dreams come true ? Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. Deep Thought would be a good color to refresh my inherited dresser set. Love the update to the coffee table!

  66. We love BEHR paint! Its the only paint we have used in our entire house for all kinds of projects. I especially love “deep thought”! DIY barndoors are on our home improvement list & would love to paint them in deep thought. Maybe if I win the barn doors will go to the top of the DIY list!

  67. Timeless Blue because Mallory said it was great in the Live on Ig. Y’all are my Regina George. Mallory says I need Timeless Blue. I buy Timeless Blue

  68. This is great! I’m wanting to do 2 headboards white and an entrytable timeless blue. You made painting look so easy.

  69. Wave is such a beautiful color! It definitely goes with my home decor. Plus I always use Behr paint. I never knew they had chalk paint until now! Ever since the live video you guys posted about the table I instantly bought a desk and I’ve been sanding it & the $100 gift card would be awesome so i can go buy that chalk paint!! OMG it would be so cute… my first #classycluttermademedoit post hahah

  70. Because of your inspo we just painted our daughters bed in surf! I love that color! I was surprised by the ease of it all!! Thank you ladies!

  71. I have an old dresser i painted forever ago that is in need of a pick me up and the timeless blue would be amazing!
    And that coffee table turned out so great!! Love it!!

  72. I love using chalk paint! I think it’s great Behr has so many color options. I’d snag timeless gray to repurpose the hutch in my front room.

  73. I love the egg blue! It matches my little ones’ play room perfectly!! Y’all are such rockstars! I love seeing all of your projects!

  74. I love the color antique blue! It would be perfect to repaint a piece of furniture in my sons room. All those colors are super pretty though!

  75. I’m not sure what I would use it for but I am loving red ochre! I have been dreaming to do an accent wall and headboard in my master bedroom. Don’t think I’m brave enough to use that color on the wall but I would love it for some smaller accents! Love watching what you do and so excited Home Depot is doing this chalk paint. Tried a few and I’m extremely excited for their product and convenience.

  76. I love the color Wave, and it would match my peacock theme bedroom perfectly. But Salmon Coral is my favorite color!

  77. I been loving dark colors with a lighter color I did a wall in my daughter room black and love love how it turned out, so I’ll have to say classic noir ?

  78. Your IG live gave me the courage to paint a piece in my home that has been needing it for a long time. I’m agonizing over trellis grey, lazy days or antique blue. Thank you for your tutorial!!! ?

  79. I love the adored blue. I can’t wait to try this paint! I’ve had an old china cabinet in my basement for over a year just waiting for me to build up the courage! I need to just go for it!

  80. I love the table! Would like to try the Beth chalk colors for a couple small projects at home. I’m digging the gingham, also like the onyx gray

  81. I’m loving the color wave. I’m in the process of updating the 1970s finished basement and would love to make it look beachy- Wave would be perfect!

  82. I am pretty boring, but when painting furniture I would gravitate to something simple. I love tin white or farmhouse white ??‍♀️. If I had to use color I would use antique blue. I just want my furniture to be pretty timeless, I can always accessorize with accent pieces to add a pop of color when needed.

  83. I’m really into White right now! I love the 10 white. And I really really need a Home Depot gift card! We’re in the middle of a remodel project and it is sure expensive ! Thanks!

  84. I love Timeless blue or deep thought! I’m thinking of painting my pantry door a different color and those two seem to be what I’m drawn to right now!

  85. Miniature rose stood out to me because i am short and kind of love it, plus my favorite flower is a rose. So this one kind of just jumped out at me❤️?

  86. Love me some good chalk paint! I usually use farmhouse but I’m loving all these colors ? if I had to choose just one I would have to say the tin white. White goes with everything.

  87. That ? wave ? color has my ❤️ ! Suddenly I want to paint everything I own. Love you ladies and thanks for sharing all your tricks! ??

  88. Summer Porch…I am a sucker for anything yellow! I was actually sad to see her paint over the yellow coffee table.?

  89. First off such an amazing transformation!
    I would love to do the same with these two tv stands that I purchased from target. The current color is brown and I’d love to add a pop of color to our living room by painting the stands a light color to brighten up the space!

  90. I love the timeless blue. I’m getting ready to paint my kitchen island and some nightstands a navy color and that blue would be perfect!

  91. Green silk! I just ordered an entry table from Home Depot that should be delivered the end of this week and I would love to paint it a hunter green like that!

  92. Picnic Table would go so well with the color scheme I’m working on in my new house. Working on so many projects over here and I love getting inspiration from you guys! ❤️

  93. I love the tin white color. I have a coffee table I would desperately like to paint. It has many car tracks from my kiddos on it.

  94. I bought Tin white couple weeks ago, just scared to paint but now that i saw your tutorial I’m going to do it tomorrow, THANK YOU

  95. It’s a toss up between Tin White and Antique Blue! I finally think I found an affordable way to paint my builder grade kitchen cabinets! Thank you!!

  96. I’d have to pick Timeless Blue. Well, because it’s timeless lol My plan it to paint my bottom cabinets the Timeless Blue & the top cabinets Farmhouse White.

  97. I have a shelf that I am repurposing that I would love to paint Trellis Gray! All of the colors are beautiful!

  98. Pantone color of the year surprisingly my go to color for everything (specially when everything in my wardrobe is black and grey) so salmon coral it is.

  99. So hard to choose but….classic noir for my bathroom cabinet that is in desperate need of a facelift!

  100. Today I’m loving Dusty Laurel or Tweed Coat – would need to see them in person. Tackling an office redo in our house and thinking I may need to paint a few pieces. Love your table redo.

  101. O M G ! My husband & I are breaking ground this year on our dream house! (Finally!) I am so in love with the tin white + classic noir!

  102. The second I saw Savannah effortlessly slapping the paint on that coffee table I knew I had to do my master headboard!! The next day I went to Home Depot and bought the “farmhouse white”. I couldn’t believe the girl at the paint counter said you can tint this chalk paint any color!! To be safe I stuck w a color in the booklet;) Surprisingly it really was as easy as Savansh made it look!! And it looks SO so good!!! Thanks for recommending this! I now need to perk up the rest of my bedroom by doing my side lamps and armoire! Oh and I got the shorty brush you guys like! It was such a sinch to paint with!

  103. Oooohhh! Can I pick all of them?! Definitely not easy to pick just one, but their blues are gorgeous. I’m loving the May Iris color.

  104. I am feeling all the dark colors lately, so I’d have to say timeless blue or classic noir. Either of those colors would be amazing for the dresser project I have been planning. Did you find that the chalk paint showed a lot of brush strokes? I’ve only ever used chalk paint for small craft projects and I feel like it left a lot of stroke marks. Granted, it wasn’t Behr Paint (which is by far my favorite paint out there.)

  105. Absolutely love how this turned out!! ? I would use the gift card to buy this paint obvi! I need to paint all the things. I have a dresser, night stand, and headboard that need some love. I’m in a rental so I’d also use it for some home decor!!

  106. I just bought a small table for my daughter’s new apartment. It is begging for a splash of color and Salmon Coral is perfect.

  107. Oh Gosh! So MANY Great colors to choose from. I got an upright piano in the summer that I’ve been dying to paint. I haven’t been able to pin point a color yet.
    So no with this pallet I LOVE Miniature Rose, Tin White, Farmhouse White or Classic Noir. I haven’t painted with chalk paint yet. I loved how easy the process looked when you painted your codffee table white. Thanks for the inspiration!

  108. Hmmm, I’ve never used chalk paint before. But I’m dying to try it. I think I want to paint the kitchen table the “deep thoughts” grey. Though I’m drawn to the blues. I don’t think I could choose a favorite. But “wave” is really pretty!

  109. My favorite is wave and vignette, however, they are all beautiful! My niece just had a tumor removed she has had since she was four last week. She is 11 now and doing better but has a long road a head of her. I was planning on redoing a piece of furniture to put in her room using one or both of the colors. She picked similar colors out for t-shirts and bracelets people sold to show their support so I know she would love the colors. #AbbyStrong

  110. I have a bench from my great grandmother’s house that needs to be painted. The egg blue would look adorable!

  111. Farmhouse white has me swooning but if I am going bold and brave then Salmon Coral is where it is at. I have a few pieces of furniture to refinish and I am excited to try chalk paint and even better that it is a paint company I know and love!

  112. The table came out beautiful. I have been wanting to paint out dinning table but chickened out:( I think I need to start small. I have a bench I think I’m going to paint in Tin or maybe if I have the courage, ladybug. But, Tin is my fav!

  113. I’m loving the color Ice Water! Perfect grayish, bluish, greenish! Haha Would be the perfect color to paint my bathroom cabinets! ?

  114. I am working on getting my hands on my grandmothers hutch. They had the hutch & a matching table my entire childhood (probably longer). Lazy Days is calling my name! ?

  115. Trellis Gray for sure! We are moving into our first house this weekend and I have some project pieces I’m dying to do. This tutorial post is perfect timing!

  116. I love the only gray color! We actually painted our front door that color over the weekend because I saw your post! Love you ladies!

  117. I’m all for the Classic Noir! I want to paint the hideous orange wall in my classroom with some chalk board paint so my Student Council kids can write important/ uplifting messages to each other.

  118. I love the color lazy days! I love blue/grey and this seems to have the perfect mix! The coffee table y’all did is beautiful!!!

  119. Tin White and Deep Thought are my two favourites! I have a couple pieces of furniture I want to repaint, but wasn’t quite sure on the best process…. watching your Live video on repainting this table and this blog post have given me all I need now! Can’t wait to get started. Thanks for all the tutorials and DIYs!

  120. There’s so many good choices! I’m really wanting to paint over my kitchen cabinets and am drawn to the adored blue for that project!

  121. There’s so many good choices! I’m really wanting to paint over my kitchen cabinets and am drawn to the adored blue for that project!

    (My posts aren’t posting, or at least from what I can see on my end. I’ve tried a couple of different ways, so I’m sorry if my name keeps popping up)

  122. Caterpillar walk! I’m loving all things green and am currently starting a huge project to fulfill my green dreams!!

  123. Deep thought has me in deep thought! I am really loving Gray lately. I am currently painting basically every room gray. Now I need to find a beautiful antique piece and try out this chalk paint!

  124. It turned out so good. Your projects ALWAYS do!! I really want to repaint my living room. The previous owners left us with a yellow based tan color… need to brighten it up!

  125. I’m so into the navy’s and blush pinks right now so I’m loving the Timeless Blue color! I would totally use the Home Depot gift card on new hardware and knobs that I need for a cute chest that I just finished up today. In fact, I used the Behr Chalk paint on it and I love it so much! I’d also use the gift card on some Behr clear wax because I completely forgot to buy it when I bought the chalk paint lol! Thanks Classy Clutter!! ❤️

  126. I am loving the Salmon Coral & Wave ! But they are all beautiful. 🙂 love the table redo. You ladies are amazing!

  127. Timeless Blue! All my hand-me-down furniture can finally match and look good in my house! I’ve been too scared to try other methods.

  128. I am in love with the Antique Blue! It is perfect for a nightstand I am painting as part of a makeover for my son’s room. He is finishing college and moving away ? I’m hoping a project will distract me from being too sad.

  129. I’m a sucker for Teals and Mints but gray is classic and dark/navy blue and black are so dramatic! I can’t choose one.

  130. Just painted our front dinning room with Pale Sepia.. LOVE this color for our modern farm house look. Also, I DIY’d my own farm house dinning room table that was costume fit just for this room! #ClassyCultterMadeMeDoIt

  131. I would have to say Trellis Gray looks to be my favorite… but then again so does Tin White… but really I love behr paint so I can’t really choose my favorite… they make amazing paint… I mean who can choose a favorite color when all of them look AMAZING!!!

  132. Ohh I would definitely pick Timeless Blue, because, it’s timeless of course. I’d love to paint my kitchen cabinets & table. I’m so happy I got to watch your live video, when you painted the coffee table.

  133. I’ve been in the market for a great paint to update my kitchen cabinets. I’m definitely going to check out Pacifica. It’s the perfect shade of subtle turquoise!

  134. That’s a HARD decision — Timeless blue & Farmhouse white are both amazing!!! I just used both to refinish a dresser for my daughters & I’m in love!

  135. I love the trellis gray! I want to repurpose a buffet piece we have and turn it into a book /toy storage piece of furniture for my sons room! Plus I love behr paint! That’s literally the only paint we used when we repainted every room in my first home!

  136. I would love a chance to try Timeless Blue BCP38. I’ve never painted anything navy because I live in the safety of neutrals but this year I want to stop playing it safe and this blue is classic and elegant enough to break me out of my comfort zone!

  137. So many beautiful colours! I love egg blue, surf and Caterpillar walk. I also love all of the grays, fossil gray & tweed coat are gorgeous. Too many amazing colours to choose from!

  138. Loving the onyx grey! We are moving to a fixer upper in one month and I’m so ready to paint all the things! ?

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  140. We’re in the middle of home renovations that Savannah’s Kitchen inspired and I feel like Home Depot has become second home to me I’m there so much. I picked up the pamphlet for the chalk paint and am LOVING the Timeless Blue. Can we also take a moment of bragging about that brush!!! Its absolutely amazing ?. Thanks girls for all you do and the inspiration you give – congrats on whomever wins!!

  141. I love the color ice water. It would look amazing on our bathroom cabinets ? and thanks for the tip on the wax layer, I wouldn’t have thought of that step!

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  147. I would love a chance to win this contest and do a large piece for my bathroom in the color surf. It would go perfect considering my bathroom is ocean themed I absolutely love the color. Keep up the GREAT WORK! It’s inspiring!

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