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  • Gold Glitter Christmas Printables

    Hello! It’s Courtney again from Paperelli. I hope you have being loving your fall season. Have you started thinking about Christmas yet? It’s totally coming … and in only 6 weeks! Being in the paper business, I have been designing Christmas cards for months now. I am definitely ready for the gingerbread houses, hot cocoa, Christmas lights, and the smell of fresh pine. One of my favorite things to decorate with at Christmas time is gold and silver and glitter! Today I have two free printables to match your sparkling Christmas décor. The first one is a Merry and Bright printable, designed to fit in your favorite square frame. You can choose between an 6”, 8”, or 12” print. Wow your friends and family by adding metallic glitter accents and this printable to your Christmas décor. Any of you who have been following me on my Pinterest may have noticed my slight obsession with gift wrapping. I have an entire board dedicated to gift wrapping ideas. Who doesn’t love receiving a beautifully wrapped gift? That is why I have another…

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  • Inexpensive Craft Room Shelving

    I’m super excited to give you all a little peek into my basement craft studio today. Today I’m revealing my cheap storage solution for the craft room. It’s totally not done but I’m made a ton of progress from what this dungeon basement used to be. Unfinished basements are usually scary. It’s like no man’s land down there. Like any space, I thought maybe it had potential. One day I thought I was being a genius and I cleaned up the space and put all the 80 gazillion toys in the basement. Let’s just cut to the chase.. it was total mayhem. Always a mess. Always yuck. I didn’t want to be down there, the kids didn’t want to be down there and the toys ended up making their way back upstairs. BOO! Then, I actually had a genius idea and decided to switch the playroom to upstairs and to move my craft room downstairs. I could clean up the space again, right? If you follow us on instagram (@classyclutter) you may remember how excited the boys were on moving…

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  • DIY Glittered Clothespins

     Not sure if you knew this or not but Savannah and I have glitter running though our veins. We can’t help it. These DIY Glitter Clothespins are straight up life changing. It may seem like an over-reaction to most but I assure you, it’s not. I’m head over heels obsessed with them. I am in the middle of constructing a memo board for a command center-ish thing in my kitchen and I had this epiphany that I needed glittered clothespins to clip on memos, photos, invitations, what have you and thus, these babies were born. They’re ridiculously easy to make and like I said, will instantly change your life. Here goes nothin’…  First, I sprayed them with gold spray paint. I’m in love with gold right now so it was an easy choice.  Then, I added regular ole school glue.   Then, spread it out with your finger like a boss.   Then, we dip! I used German Glitter Glass (obsessed with it!!) that I bought on eBay. Just search German Glitter Glass and tons of listings pop up. You could use…

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