Winter Activities for kids

Confession: my little dudes have been watching WAY too much Phineas and Ferb. The screen time per day is at an all time high during these crazy winter months. Polar Vortex anyone? What is UP with that!?

Winter Activities for kids

I mean, it can be exhausting to entertain 3 little boys (all 5 and under!) for the entire day AND run my etsy shop AND work on our blog. Then, throw in working out, meal planning, grocery shopping, housework, naps, errands, etc. and kill me now. It is seriously draining at times, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Tell me I’m not alone.

BUT, there is something incredibly fulfilling about getting it all done and doing FUN things with your kids instead of plopping them in front of the tv all day. I’m vowing, right here, right now to make a serious effort to do more creative, fun things with the boys before they both start school next year. My 3 year old will be going to pre-K and my 5 year old will start Kindergarten. I don’t wanna talk about it. *tear*  Who’s with me?

I’ve come up with over 25 Winter Activities for kids that will have your kiddos convinced they have the best mom ever.

Homeade GAK

1.  Homemade Gak! I love this stuff!

2. Bake Cookies

3.  Do puzzles

4. Play board games

snow paint5. Snow Paint – Boy, oh boy do we have some snow to paint!

6. Build a snowman

7. Color

8. Make and send homemade cards to family

9.  Do watercolor paintings

Painter's Tape Spider Web10. Painter’s tape spider web 

11. Write a pen-pal letter

12. Use tape and make a hopscotch court

13. Have a play date

14. Have a “camp out” in the living room

Mess Free Finger Paint15. Mess free finger painting –  My kids loved this one!

16. Go to a children’s museum

17.  Play legos

18. Make a snow volcano 

Build a teepee

19.  Build a teepee or a fort

20. Make and play in a ball pit!

Balloon Ping Pong

21. Balloon Ping Pong

 Velcro Sticks

22. Velcro sticks – have fun making them and making shapes and letters out of them.

DIY $1 Book Ledges23. Read to your kids. Read with them. Teach them. Love them.

24. Make Ollieblocks and play! These have been on my “to do” list for a long time.

Tape Race Track25. Masking tape race track – source unknown.

If anyone knows where to find the original source, please let me know in the comments! Love this idea and my kids had a blast!

Jello cookies

 26. Jello cookies – this recipe makes DIY colored play dough AND colorful Jello Cookies!! FUN!!

Okay wow! Some of these ideas obviously require more effort and planning on your part but can you even imagine how much fun your kids would have?! Super mom in their eyes!  Which one is your fave?

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  2. Cinnamon and I just wanted to say thank you for linking to our page. We have had a huge response since you posted this! We never expected so many people to like the idea of a ball pit in the house. We just got tired of only finding really tiny ball pits at the store, so we figured it would be better to build one on our own. All the pics on our site are actual pictures from our home, we want to share what we do in hopes that it will inspire others. Have a great day!

    1. I would love to make this ball pit by our home for our 5 grandchildren. How GREAT would that be to have a ball pit by gramma & PaPa’s home? I think they will love it!!! Would you be willing to share a material list with me? I would appreciate any help you can give me in getting one done at our home!!!

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