Burlap Fall Wreath for under $5

Today I’m going to re-share a tutorial I posted a two years ago for my Burlap Halloween wreath. I used my own tutorial and created a Fall version. I thought I’d include the tutorial for those that may have missed it!
Burlap is SUPER cheap! I got 1 yard of burlap at Joann’s for around $2 using a coupon. I also got the Fall ribbon from Joann’s. The “N” and other fall embellishments I had on hand.
Here’s how I did it:
1. I unwound the hook of a wire hanger so it was one long wire.
2. I formed it into a circle shape.
3. Cut my burlap into 3″ strips. I used exactly 1 yard of burlap. You could use up to two yards for a more tightly folded look.
4. I folded the strips back and forth as I threaded it through the wire. Super easy.
5. Once I had a full-looking wreath, I spaced out the fabric and secured it in random places, using hot glue, to the wire hanger so it didn’t slide around.

6. Finally, I rewound the wire to close the hanger. I ended up keeping the hook part of the hanger so I could hang the wreath from it on my door.
7. Made a quick bow and used wire to secure it in place.
8. Finally, I added the gold (spray painted) “N” and a few Fall embellishments to dress it up a bit. The “N” and the Fall foliage were originally from Hobby Lobby but I had them on hand.
Start to finish you’re looking at about a 30-45 minute project for under $5! Can’t beat that! No excuses for a wreath-less door this season!
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  1. Love this as a wreath – I did something similar for a garland, but I’m really liking how your wreath turned out! The monogram is the perfect touch!

  2. Love your wreath. I’ve not seen one with a pattern like you did. Very unique! I purchased a wire wreath and burlap from Hobby Lobby but still haven’t made a wreath yet, so many fabulous ones in blogland, it’s such a difficult decision which to go with. Now yours has added to my dilemma. :0)

  3. So I just made this wreath- definitely more than 5$ when you have to pay for the add-on decor (ribbon, letter, pumpkin, berries). My question is how did you secure the letter to the wreath since its on just a thin wire? Where did you purchase your letter? I checked michaels, hobby lobby and several other local craft stores… None are as unique as yours. Thanks so much!! My email is lilotisme@gmail.com

    1. Hi Cheryl!

      Using embellishments that you have on hand is key to making it under $5! I got my letter from Hobby Lobby last year but you can find great, inexpensive wooden letters on Etsy.com!


  4. this is such a fantastic idea! i love burlap and i have piles of it in the basement! i just blogged about wreaths and will have to incorporate burlap into my on design- thanks for sharing!

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  7. My mom and I just made one and it came out great. Thanks for sharing the idea. I haven’t added the letter yet but was wondering how you attached it to the wreath?

  8. Ijist put this together today. Thank you for the great idea. I haven’t added the letter yet but was wondering how you attached the letter to the wreath?

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