Getting Organized!

Let’s face it, when you’re a Mommy/Wife/Student/Whatever you may be… It is very easy to be unorganized especially in your home!  I am a total “list” person, I make lists for everything and one thing at the TOP of my list right now is to GET MY HOUSE ORGANIZED! I’ve been working on getting a few things done but for now, here’s a start…. I’ve been working on my kitchen because things seem to run MUCH smoother if I can find everything quickly and honestly, when I see pretty organized things, it makes me giddy! Is that weird? Anyway… here’s what I’ve been up to!

That streses me out just looking at it…
Whew!  Okay so I’m not crazy about the labels… I’m after something a little…. cuter? {Can labels be cute?? I say absolutely!}  I will think of something…. .Any suggestions? I’m thinking maybe some vinyl with a cute font…  I do LOVE that I know where everything is though! I think those shelves need some pretty contact paper… I need to dress them up a bit.
Suggestions/Comments welcome!

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  1. Yes Vinyl would look great. I have a cute font on all my craft drawers. I also cut out cool boy font for my sons toy drawers. Guys, Legos, Cars, and other boy things.

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