Mommy Survival Kit in a Jar

How do you feel about our mason jar series? Day 3 of the cute series of gifts in a jar is something I could use every single day of my life. Its  a mommy survival kit! This gift can be give to anyone, a new mom, soon to be mom, a friend, or just anyone that needs a pick my up. Most days my kids have different places to go, I have many loads of laundry,  dishes to do, my baby is teething and I am running on about 5 hours of sleep. In this jar it has a little bit of everything that could make my day a little more doable.

Here is what I put into the jar. Everything I found was at Walmart and I put it all in quart size jar.

Wet Ones and Sanitizer (always a must have around kids), brightening under eye cream (for those lack of sleep eyes), Listerine strips, Mascara and chapstick (so you feel somewhat put together), Crystal Light Energy and a bit of chocolate (because those two things can help just about anything).

IMG_2134 edited.jpg

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Just like the rest of the jar series we have this easy printable that can be printed and cut out, then attached to a cute ribbon with a little glue. I honestly want to keep this in my car and give to a friend that is having a rough day at home with the kiddos!


Mommy Survival Kit Printable 

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Spa and Pampering Kit,  DIY Sugar Scrub and Warm Cocoa Bath Soak

Much Love,

Savannah Sig



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  1. Leah says

    Good morning
    What a great idea – one of my son’s teachers is due to have her first baby and this would make the perfect addition to the quilt I have for her new arrival. Thank you for the idea – but I am writing to enquire as to whether I could access an ‘Australian’ Mum version….ie. Mummy Survival Kit Printable? Thanking you in advance.

  2. Kirsty De Roach says

    I absolutely love this Mummy one and the idea of having it in the car ready to hand out to a Mummy in need. I’m in Australia so it’s Mummy not Mommy – any chance you could do a printable suitable for us Non-US residents who spell it differently :)

  3. says

    Do you have blank labels? I do childcare and would love to make these for the dad’s or grandparents/etc… as Christmas gifts. Also would make a great first of the year teacher gift! (I have 3 of my own and we try to get on the teachers good side ASAP :) ).

  4. Trudy says

    Going to put together a “Mommy Survival Kit” for my daughter-in-law. She’s the most amazing full-time mom. Great idea for an “I love you” gift for her.


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