Spreading Holiday Cheer this season with True Value

Spreading Holiday Cheer: Meet the Rector Family.
This beautiful family has been on our minds and we felt like they could use a little extra holiday cheer this season. Lindsay and Jim are wonderful parents of 3 beautiful children and this year, they’ve added two adorable twin girls into their home. One of the twins was born healthy and strong while the sister has had to overcome many, very serious health problems and remains in the hospital with a long road ahead of her. The sweet baby girl has been transferred from Arizona to Texas where she can get the help and treatment that she needs at this time. Lindsay and Jim have willingly faced the challenge of flying back and forth between Arizona and Texas to spend time with the baby girl and children at home.

She has a rare disease called Pulmonary Vein Stenosis where the veins connecting her lungs and heart overproduce cells closing off the blood flow the oxygenated blood flow to her heart.  One week before they went to Texas Children’s, she coded and was resuscitated for 3 months. It was very scary. After flying to Texas she received emergency care where stents were placed in the veins to open them up. As she grows, the stents must be enlarged. This can be as often as every 3 months. She also has Pulmonary Hypertension. She was not expected to make it past 9 months because her disease is so rare. Only .1% of kids are diagnosed with it. The life expectancy for this disease is one to two years. But we believe she will live a full life thanks to the amazing care of Texas Children’s and Dr. Justino.

We are all praying for this miracle baby girl to heal and would love if you would join us by sending any love, prayers, good vibes and positive thoughts her way. This has been challenging for their family for many reasons and we hope to have lifted their spirits and help bring joy and comfort to their family by this small act of service by spreading holiday cheer.

We took advantage of True Value’s Black Friday deals this year to create a gift basket surprise that would lift their spirits throughout this season. We chose a variety of products that they could use throughout the rest of the year (and beyond!) including holiday decorations, baking and cooking supplies and even gingerbread houses for their 3 older children to decorate.
In the gift basket we included:

We decided to hand deliver the gift basket to the family to show our love and support for them. They were so touched and they were so sweet and thankful. It truly put us in the spirit of giving and service for the season. You can check out a little video of us Spreading Holiday Cheer and delivering the gift basket to the family HERE.


Huge thanks to True Value for partnering with us and helping us a little Spreading Holiday Cheer to this sweet family at this difficult time. We challenge you to think of ways you can spread joy and love this holiday season and be sure to check out True Value’s Black Friday deals thru 11/28.

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