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  • Spotlight Saturday LINK PARTY

    Welcome to another week of Spotlight Saturday! I hope you guys all enjoyed our Spring Cleaning week. If you missed the posts, you can check them all out here. Also, remember to enter our giveaway going on now for 12 vinyl chalkboard labels and a $25 Target gift card! Head over here and enter!…

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  • Totally Inspired Tuesday by Mallory

    source So it’s a new year and a fresh start! I know a lot of people have organization on their mind as the new year begins. I know I do. Savannah too! We have talked about this very thing.  I’m a good organizer when I actually do it. I am pretty organized but I get overwhelmed VERY easily. If I’m tired or hungry (lol!) things are 100x harder for me! Seriously.  It makes me cranky and overwhelmed.   I decided I needed to start somewhere and take one step at a time. If my home is organized, that will transfer to organization in other aspects of my life. I LOVE BEING ORGANIZED but we all know, it can be tough to STAY organized! I’m starting this week with a cleaning schedule. I found a bunch of great ideas on my “Clean up, Clean up, Everybody do your share” pinterest board.  Quite the name I know! hehe! Check it out! You can also ! Blooming Homestead A big part of organization for me is scheduling. I haven’t been very “scheduled” lately and it…

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