How to Put Your Music on Instagram Stories! [How I Got My Music Feature BACK!]

I’ve been googling “How to Put Music On Instagram Stories” for weeks! Recently, I was getting ready to post a time lapse to my IG stories when disaster struck — my music button was gone from Instagram Stories!

If you know and love the music feature on Instagram, then you also know how devastating it would be to have it missing! Here is why this was such a big problem for me…

Why I Wanted Music on IG Stories

I post a lot of time lapses.

Because I’m a DIY & design blogger, my projects take hours. I record the process and speed up the less engaging parts with a time lapse video. What I realized after losing my music is that a time lapse without music just isn’t as fun to watch!

There are no alternatives.

The only way to post a video with music to Instagram is through the music feature. If you upload a video that has music in it, Instagram will take it down.

It’s fun!

Music makes stories much more fun to listen to! I noticed more of a drop off when I posted time lapses without music.

Here is what I tried:

  • Logging in and out
  • Updated the app
  • Making sure that my team (who has a set of logins) also logged out
  • Updated my phone software
  • Deleted Instagram and then re-installed
  • Changed my IG password

Nothing worked.

But guess what? After two weeks, I finally made a change that worked!

How I got my music back on Instagram Stories

Here is what I tried that ultimately got my music on instagram stories.

My account on Instagram is setup as a Creator account. I switched my Instagram account from a Creative account to a Business account for 24 hours. When I switched back to a Creator, my music setting was back in my stories!

Looking for instructions on how to switch? Click here.

I hope this helps if you’ve suddenly lost the music feature on Instagram! I know it can be so frustrating to not have full creative control of your content!

If there is another solution that worked for you, please tell me in the comments! I know this may not work for everyone, but I’d be happy to update this blog post if you have more tips!

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