Summer Traveling Essentials

Are you going on a big vacation soon? Check out this post for my top MUST HAVE traveling essentials for this Summer!

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After traveling so much over the years, we have found our tried and true products that make our lives SO much easier! This weekend we are headed to Disneyland – but these favorites are always on our list when we head out of town! Check them out!

1. Fanny Pack

  • Fanny packs are super in style right now and for a very good reason! They are affordable, cute, practical, and the perfect size for traveling. You can wear them around your waist or across your body which is the new stylish way to wear them! These are great for traveling also because they can hold all your main essentials and are perfect for hikes, long shopping days, Disneyland, or exploring on your trip! Here is the one I got:

2. Sunglasses

  • Sunglasses are a must bring for vacation whether it is for a Summer or even a Winter trip! Everyone likes a different type of sunglass style and I like traveling with a few pairs for options. Am I the only one that loses sunglasses on trips? I purchase cheap ones from Amazon specifically for traveling so I don’t have to worry about misplacing them! Try them out:


3. Packing Cubes

  • Do you way over pack? These packing cubes have been saving me a lot lately! I swear you can pack way more then you usually could in your carry on suitcase. They also help to keep you nice and organized while you are on your trip instead of having your clothes everywhere! These are also great for kids if you are packing for multiple people in the same bag. Split them up per kid or even for your husband!

Packing Cubes

4. Makeup Case

  • One of my absolute favorite things to travel with is my makeup case! This makeup cube keeps all of my products nice and organized and nothing shifts after you travel because of the dividers it comes with. Every person needs one of these even if you do not use it for makeup! You can put your lotion, hair products, brushes, and all other hygiene materials in here. Try this out!

MakeUp Case

5. Battery Pack

  • My phone always dies when I travel because I love taking lots of photos! If you have this problem then I recommend investing in a good battery pack. This one I have linked can charge 2 phones at a time which is super convenient (especially for Disneyland)! They can easily be stored in your purse and trust me when I say you don’t realize you need one of these until your phone dies at the worst time!

Battery Pack

6. Travel Wet Brush

  • For all my girls out there, you know the power of the wet brush! This mini travel version is just the best! I personally don’t like bringing my big brush when I travel because it takes up a lot of unnecessary space. Try getting a mini brush and you won’t regret it!

Travel Wet Brush

I hope you enjoyed this short list of Summer traveling essentials! Enjoy all of your Summer vacations and check out some of my recommended trips:

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