DIY Bud Vase Centerpiece

DIY Bud Vase Centerpiece

It’s always great to be back here at Classy Clutter… greetings from the Ciburbanity Tundra! This is the time of year when spring bulbs start showing up in the grocery stores, summer clothes appear in catalogs and yet… 20 inches of snow still taunts us from outside. My mind is on greenery and fresh flowers, but it’s way too soon to be outside… unless dodging frostbite and testing wind chill is your cup of tea. For $5, our table is now one step further to flowers and pastels and spring!

DIY Bud Vase Centerpiece

It all started when I saw these 5 little glass containers at Goodwill. (If I’m being honest, lots of things actually start at Goodwill…)

goodwill glass containers

To give the jars a little color, I started by taping off the top portion and giving the lower edge a coat of Rustoleum’s Key Lime Green Gloss spray paint.

Rustoleum's Key Lime Green

In an ideal world, I would have foraged some beautiful raw piece of wood, sliced it into the perfect size and used that for the base. But… my world is snowy. So I looked in my wood stash and grabbed a board that looked like the right size.

scrap wood for centerpiece

I used my sander to really take down and round the corners to soften the whole thing. And then I reached for my go to ‘stain’: white vinegar and steel wool. It’s a flat aged gray that I love and it’s a fraction of the cost/ hassle of store-bought stain. There’s not a technical term for it, but ‘leaving well enough alone’ is not something I’m very good at. So I painted the sides of the board with Antibes Green Annie Sloan chalk paint.

stained and painted bud vase centerpiece

These jars are square so I didn’t even attempt to cut out a hole for them *in* the board. Instead I used the heaviest epoxy I had on hand. Following the directions on the package (being careful of fumes, etc.) these were sturdy and ready to go in an hour!

gorilla glue epoxy

I love the way that edge of color echoes the stripe of color on the vases. I also love that the green is a different shade… to me it adds some richness and depth.

bud vase from afar

bud vase from the end

bud vase detail

This is already one of my favorite spring additions around here. I’ve been staring at my new centerpiece trying to ignore the sounds of snowplows driving by outside.

bud vase in dining room

bud vase detail

bud vase plates in background

Wanna see some of my other odes to spring? Last week I shared this antique-ified dough bowl:

dough bowl with daffodils

This fun copper hose bucket doubles as an ottoman here:

copper garden ottoman

Or just make a beautiful grocery store flower arrangement (read: budget!):

grocery flowers

Stay warm!!

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  1. Spot on fresh flowers! Lovely little vase arrangement.
    I see the project as a paint brush, drawing pencils and pen holder.
    Thank you for another great and useful the idea

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