Totally Inspired Tuesday Water Fun by Savannah

Here in Az I am having a hard time getting anything done besides sitting in the pool all day!
Also our AC went out on Saturday and today it will finally be fixed! 
So I have been on the search for cheap and fun things to do to help stay cool
This is what I have found….
To this day I have GREAT memories of having POOL BABIES! Which were big helium balloons filled with water… my friends and I would play for hours…pushing the HUGE balloons in the pool and trying to keep them from popping! Those were the days…
I also came across….
this would be life changing for my 2 1/2 year old and 18month old…
 I am tired of hearing..”my towel is falling… help..” as I battle to the car in 110+ degree weather!
this is a must make asap craft at my house this week!
Love these dresses… 
which P.S. there are so many great prints on towels these days!

I HOPE I have inspired you to do a few fun things
 that may make your summer a little easier!

Let's be besties!

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xo, Mallory & Savannah

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